060415-060615: Garage Sale

 We have been busy with the garage sale! We had so much stuff.   

And thankfully we had so many people come out to help sort through all of it! 


That was most of my day Thursday. 
Friday I worked at FGH, and was dropped off by Wes on his way to wiggins. Once we got home, back to potty training. So Judah goes naked all day. 
And Judah likes to lay on you.     

And that also means he likes to kick you in the face too. 

Lucy was tired and slept hard. 

And she got a guitar at the garage sale! She loves it. Which makes my heart so very happy!!


I only have 3 weeks of work left. I’m hoping those fly by, just so I can get my “new” life (new schedules new school) on track. Here’s to new!