060915: AMAZING

So, I got up yesterday and I did my devotional. I really like the one I’m doing, and I’m not going to even lie – it had been a while since I had done it. Sunday kicked my butt back into gear and I really took time to stop and focus and pray, more than just a passing, “Morning God! Gotta get my day going!” The message was on “blessings” that God gives us – humility from losing a job, self control from a low bank account, etc.


So I prayed to God yesterday and I basically said, “I’m not going to worry about job stuff anymore. I know it will work out. I’m not going to stress out about it – I know you are our supplier.”

Then my heart was at peace and I went about my day.


I worked for the morning and came home. Lucy did her school work (she’s in summer school at Kirkley Academy) and then Wes suggested we go to the creek.

The water was cold and felt wonderful.




We had a nice time and even attempted to help pull a guy out of a stuck spot – but… he was way too stuck. You could barely see his tires. We leave, come home and I’m getting the kids all washed and clean and Wes goes to the mailbox.

A few of the things we ordered were in the mail, a little plug for a toy that I was given, some other stuff Wes had ordered for his bike/car/something. And then a bright yellow envelope from our mortgage company.

I opened it with a sunken heart thinking, “great, what do they want?” Did our online payment not go through, what is it now? You’re always kicked when you’re down right?


And it was a check. It was a cushion for when my job ends. It was an overpayment that we had made to escrow that they were crediting back to us.

I mean, God’s timing is so amazing!


It made my day, remembering that God fully shows his power when we are obedient. Don’t hold back. Jump in and follow him and He will make it great.