060915: Rainy mornings

We have been working hard on school the past week and this week, and when it’s rainy, it makes it easier to do, because there isn’t much else to do. Lucy’s reading pretty well. I keep double checking with her after she reads a sentance to make sure she knows what she’s reading. She does! I’m so proud.


And Judah sees her doing “schoo-wor” and wants to do it too – but then he gets super frusterated when he can’t trace the letters right or answer the questions perfectly. He’s struggling with some stuff and it throws him off. Numbers are his thing, he likes numbers. Colors? X. No way. Has a hard time sorting through those.


And then he whines and cries. And then he wants to get down, and I put him down and then he goes and destroys something and then I yell and thats our cycle. I want so badly to keep myself calm, but he definitely brings out the worst in me. I hate to even admit that – but he is constantly doing something he knows he’s not supposed to do. I’m going to try  my hardest to keep my cool today. We’ll see how far in the day I get.


No pictures. I’ll try and snap some of them doing their school today.