061015 + 061115: blonde hair blue eyes

I never really liked blondes that much, just for that reason. When I’d hear a song that mentioned green eyes I would always be like, “yes! I win that one, suckas!” to the no one in my car.
But in the last 5 years I’ve grown to really love a blonde girl. And I am in no way jealous


Her long tangled locks and her eyes full of wonder make me so joyous that there is no room for jealousy.


She’s got so many questions and she’s so full of curiosity I’m glad she isn’t a cat. But I’m sure she’d make a cute one if she was.



She doesn’t let me take her picture much, but when she does, sometimes I can catch that thing about her that makes her so precious. Today I did. She warms my heart.

And I love her blonde hair and blue eyes, even though I know she’ll grow up having more fun than I did.