061215-061415: the weekend

Can you say rainy?
It kept us indoors until evenings for the most part, and kept us all feeling cooped up. Friday I worked some and got caught in a downpour on my way home. 

We did school and then rode around later looking for a turtle (which we did not come across one). Judah made a “train” from playdoh.

And he was so proud. 

I am super corny and made up some sprays for my household cleaner, homemade window spray, etc with my new little spray bottles and my collection of essential oils.

  Yes, I made my own labels. 

Drop it, let’s move on. 

And Lucy and I got her party favors done… It’s a rainbow! So cute!! We also decided to get her ears peirced Monday- so that’ll be a fun post hopefully!!

Have a great week!!