061515 + 061615: Lucy got her ears peirced!

I had told her for a while that when she turned 5, if she wanted to, I’d let her get her ears peirced. I mentioned it to her a few days back, and she said “well, yeah!”
So off we went, two weeks before her birthday, just to make sure they were healed up a little bit before her pool party. I told her ahead of time that it would hurt for just a second but then it would be over and she had to be very still. She practiced being still at home several times before we went.
She was so excited!

And she was very still right up until they clicked the earrings in.


She cried for a while, and then started crying again every time we mentioned earrings.  I think she thought every time we changed her earrings she would have to get them pierced again. Once we clarified that, she had a lot more fun shopping for earrings.


And of course we had to get a cookie to celebrate!

And now my almost 5 year old is even more grown that I ever dreamed. 😥


And Tuesday I worked all day and helped a few moms out and I loved it. It was sorta a great way to say goodbye to a job that I actually really love. It’s definitely something I’ll miss doing, but I’m also happy to be coming home.