061715 + 061815: Happy Anniversary

Yep – throwing off my blog because today is an important day! Yesterday I spent most of the morning doing school work with Lucy. Still amazes me how fast she learns.

Then we played outside for a while, and Judah and Lucy played a little baseball. I don’t have any pictures of her playing, only videos. He did good, except that he always closed his eyes when he made contact.


And then after bath and before bedtime he had a pow-wow with all of his “Mon-tur trucks.” That kid loves his Monster Trucks.


And I’m breaking my blog-about-the-previous-day standard system that I know and use so well, because today is my 11 year anniversary! Now.. for a walk down memory lane. Wes – brace yourself.

A long long time ago I dated a boy. And we dated and broke up and dated and broke up, and dated. And he took me to my senior prom.

And then he proposed and it was before pinterest so no one was there and it wasn’t caught on video and we didn’t have any great ideas to pull from and it’s still a story I love telling. We were young and in love…

And so we got married.

And then we went about our lives as a very young married couple (19 and 22!)


We camped a lot, and always tried to find new places to visit.
Florida Trip



The picture below was taken 10 years ago today!*
red bluff
*I also have learned in 10 years how to properly hold a camera for a selfie.

We even started a church!

We went to Mexico together right after we started the church.
My sweetie

And then our lives were flipped upside down, by the birth of a little baby, 6 years after we said “I do”.
Lucy Bea

And we loved each other more and more, and loved this new little baby too.


And that love grew.. into a very large bump.

And then we had another baby…

And we were even more happy than we ever knew.




And I look back over the 11+ years I’ve had with the same guy… And I can honestly say that I am as happy as I could ever be. He is the best man, the best husband, the best father, the best preacher. He exemplifies what Christ is for the church with me in my life. I’m so thankful I have a husband who searches for the heart of God, and when he finds it, allows it to change him and allows himself to grow. Here’s to many many more adventures with you babe.



Mopars at the Battleship // April 24-25, 2015

Clarksdale, MS trip 2014