061915 – 062115: New Phone // Happy Father’s Day

Friday night we went camping on Bouie River. We kayaked and then set up camp and had a lot of fun.  Sleeping on sand is not as comfortable as you would think. Sand is hard. 

Anyway, we got up the next morning and were back in the water. About an hour into it we came to a log across the river with one spot you could go through. And the water was swift

Sam and Kaci got piled up, she flipped because water went in her kayak. I tried following Wes over a different part, but the current pulled me sideways. I leaned over to try and catch myself on a log to prevent from crashing into Kaci who is trying to get the boats unstuck, and when I did, my phone flipped over into the water. It wasn’t secured on me, and it went in. 

We stayed at the tree, in the current, using tie downs as rope to help Wes and Sam look for it with their feet. Sam, who is like 6’3″ got in one spot that was neck deep on him and he could barely feel the bottom. 

Our camping trip cost us the price of the phone I lost, and then I had to finance a new one. I left the river, showered and headed straight to Hattiesburg. 

I had to pay off the one that fell in. Which was $520. And then I financed the one I’m on now. 

Lesson learned. The costly way. 

Here’s what I’m thankful for:

2. Our emergency fund which helped me know that I could get a new phone and not overdraft my little measly checking account. (I have my own checking account for my Avon selling.) It would have definitely over drafted. 

3. I had done a warranty replacement on my life proof case and then just left my old case on my phone. I AAAAAALLLMOST swapped cases and put my new one on my phone before we went, but got lazy and didn’t . I had a brand new, with warranty, $80 lifeproof case waiting on me when I got home. 

4. I cleaned my phone off before we left because I wanted to make room for pictures and videos, so that’s the only personal stuff I lost- pictures from that trip.

5. I got to the AT&T store and was helped by a very friendly guy who very helpful. I even “upgraded” and got the 6 with more storage so now I won’t have to delete apps all the time off my phone. That was frustrating. 

6. Because of iCloud, when I left the store, every app, every note, every contact, every calendar note was already on my new phone. I didn’t have to install or hunt down any of my apps, etc. 
And I’m sure you’re wondering where number 1 is. I started at 2. 
The absolute thing I’m most thankful for:

That man right there. Feeding my kids out of a stinky peanut butter jar (yes, I hate peanut butter).

He walked through 6′ strong currents, shook out snakey/spidery branches, put his head under water to try and listen for my phone. He did everything he could do to try and find it. And then when he wasn’t able to, he gave me half of what it cost to pay off my old one with his car/bike money so that I wouldn’t have to use my little bit of money. 

He teaches me to not freak out about money. “it’s just money” he says. I am not that way about it. 

I try not to be a girl that needs help. My mom, who was never married, tried to show me how to live without needing a man. I sure am glad that when I do need someone, I’ve got him. 

He is an excellent man, before all else. It takes that to be an excellent father. He’s a man who is true to his word, loving, strong, capable. 

I don’t know what I would do without him. 

Wesley, I am so thankful for you and I love you so much. I’m so glad we’ve made it to 11 years-old and hopefully we’ll see 99 more.  

And Happy Father’s day to all the other wonderful dad’s out there. Thank you for being there for your families!