062415 + 062515: not much to catch up on

Tuesday and Thursday weren’t  major exciting days. Just, kept to myself at home days… Potty training days… Schooling days… Getting ready for their birthday party days. 

Sorta waiting on Friday, days. Friday is the last day I can work. After that I’m officially just a stay at home mom again. 

I like knowing my life won’t be interrupted with a company anymore. 

I will miss working, as I’ve said before. I like my job, and I’m sad to see it end. 

But the past 3 weeks of homeschooling Lucy has shown me something pretty amazing. 

I’m teaching her how to read. 

And it’s working. 

And it’s amazing. 

Because, she’s reading- like actually reading. She’s not fast, but she’s doing it. And when we get mail in, she sorts through the ads to find her sight words (which that number is close to 150, so they are easy to find!)

It excites me watching her learn and grasp these new concepts and it’s amazing and tiring, and worth it. I’m so glad I’m given this opportunity. 

No pictures… She has been using my phone for her flash cards and so I haven’t snapped as many! 

Hope your Friday flies by and your weekend moves at a snail speed!