062815: Lucy Bea

Yesterday was Lucy’s Birthday. The actual day of her birth, five years ago. She was so small when she was born. Such a tiny thing.

Lucy Bea

Then she was one.

One became two.
Lucy Turns 2!

Two turned into three.

Three into four.

And four into five.
Lucy Bea

She’s sensitive and sweet. She’s got a huge heart for animals and wants to take care of them all. She cries if we leave without a bye hug and she jumps with excitement when we come back home, even if we’ve been gone for 30 minutes. She’s inquisitive and will ask questions for hours, or as long as I’ll keep answering them. She drives her brother crazy and she is so independent. She wants to do everything herself and rarely asks for help. She asks me to hum to her every night before bed. She makes me understand the love my mom had for me growing up. I am so glad I get to raise a girl of my own.

Lucy Bea makes my life better, every single day.