062915: the Sleepover

Lucy’s best friend, Mary, wasn’t able to come to her party on Saturday, so she came to spend the night with her instead!

These silly girls had so much fun.





Lucy and Mary were playing. I snuck in the room behind them and started snapping some pictures. Lucy turned around and said, “What are you doing?” I said, “Taking your picture. Y’all are so cute.” This is the face she made as she was saying, “No we’re not.” Gah, already acting like a teenager.

And of course, J-man had to join in. He can’t stand that Mary comes over to play with Lucy and not him. Every time he rounded a corner and she was there he’d say, “Hey Mary! Howya doing?” Haha!



They had quite a blast and I’m glad Lucy got to spend some good quality time with her BFF. I didn’t actually see them much the whole evening. They stayed in Lucy’s room most of the time. When I’d pop in they would be alternating wearing the chef gear that Lucy got for her birthday and the other would be at the dinner table eating… whatever it was they were cooking up. What cuties!