073015 + 073115: Judah is Three!

I took the kids out for ice cream for Judah’s birthday Thursday.

They enjoyed themselves to say the least!


Then we came home and cleaned and then Lucy and I wrapped Judah’s last couple of presents.


I’m doing backwards blogging. I’m blogging about today before it happens.. It’s Judah’s birthday! Lets take a walk through his little 3 years here.


To start… I wasn’t the happiest pregnant woman. But can you blame me?!


I remember the few days before he was here. I tried to relish in my Lucy. I had no idea that he would make me fall in love again.

(My bump was ALWAYS in the way).


And then he came after only a few hours of labor, just like his sister. Three hours of labor. And Lucy wasn’t a fan. He was loud. I wasn’t much of a fan either really!



This was one of our first pictures together and this was when I knew he would change my life forever.


And he did. He was the sweetest baby. He always smiled at the right times and only cried when he needed something. And he was SO stinking cute.


And then he turned one!

And I swear his cuteness grew. Those CHEEKS!

And then he got a little more mischievous and turned two!



And he still got cuter.

And now he’s three.
Brother and Sister: 5 and 3


He makes me test my patience more than Lucy on a daily basis, and he makes messes like I’ve never seen, and he is constantly getting into stuff and has endless energy and there are some days I swear I’m going to post him on eBay or Craigslist… but then he’ll come up to me and say, “Mom, can I hold you?” which means, “Hold me” and I melt and pick him up and kiss his little neck and his chubby cheeks. And then he’ll ask to rock and it’s so hard for me not to say yes to that.

Happy Birthday little man. I love you so much! And I will always let you hold me 🙂



072815 + 072915: mystery shopping again

I had another opportunity to do a “shop” and this one was just like the second one I did. But for $20 more. So, I took it. Brought my kids along and they did great. I’m actually enjoying doing these! 

Thursday was hot – I’m sure you didn’t notice- so we are some Popsicles on the deck.    
I’m not sure why they’d moved their chairs like that… Whatever. 

And then I gave them some spoon and fork sets that I found at dirt cheap for 33¢ each. They LOVED them. 

Some point in the day Lucy lost her shorts. 

Then we had church and got home late and bedtime was a rush. And that’s about it. 
Oh yeah, except that my baby boy will be THREE tomorrow. My day today (7-30-15) is planned as: clean up because my house looks like a bomb went off and possibly do a mystery shop. So I doubt I write about that. Tomorrow, expect some cute back in time pictures of my littlest cub. 

072615 + 072715: Sunday and Monday 

Sunday was church, then errands, then sawing a board to fit Judah’s new bed so if you got on it you wouldn’t slide the mattress through the tiny metal frame. That was a success.  

Judah had given me a goodbye kiss at church that I got a picture of. Little duck lip baby!

Monday we were lazy. School is over for now and I was exhausted from life in general, so we lazed about. Lucy found some sort of bug and had to take its picture so now my phone has about 8 blurry pictures of a yucky grub. 

And then I helped Wes painting and my kids played and drank out of hoses. 

And I allllmost finished a book I was lent. It’s so good and truly amazing what a human mind is capable of. 

Parents should read this book. It’s very good.