091915: Saturday

I had to finally get one day in. I helped Wes in his shop for…. Most of the day. And so did the kiddos.  

Lucy likes being outside more than Judah, and she “helps” daddy by bringing random tools to him, “in case you need them,” she says. 

But there are occasions where my little man does get in there and get covered in dirt too. 

After she “fixed” her scooter we came in and made a pot pie. I told Lucy we could write dad a message on it with the leftover crescent rolls. She chose this. 

And actually, she chose, “I love you, and I love daddy so much an-”  I had to stop her. I didn’t have that much leftover 

And Lucy drew me a picture of a Monster Surpise party. So ridiculous. And I love it. She can’t wait for my art classes to start. She’s giddy like me about painting and drawing! 

Have a good Sunday!

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