010215 + 010315: My Birthday

Saturday was my birthday, so I got to choose what we did all day. I chose shopping in Hattiesburg with my family. 

We had fun and then met up with my sister (in-law) bff to shop and eat sleep lunch. 

It wasn’t anything huge, wasn’t even really planned out, but I had fun and really enjoyed my day.

That night we went to Mawmaws for birthday dinner and brownies (my favorite!)

On January 1st I posted my #2015bestnine picture. I realized my favorite parts of the last year had very little to do with what I did and much more with who was with me. 

My kiddos are awesome and so lively and fun. My husband is the best and so adventurous. I love my little family and I am so very blessed to get to dive into this new year with them. 

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