032616 + 032716: Happy Easter

Another Easter has come and gone. We celebrated at church with all of our DPC folks. It was fantastic to be around our church family so much this weekend. We really loved it. 

My kiddos were dressed all cutesy. 

Saturday we did a little cousins egg hunt. 

What a cute bunch of kids.

Then we dove into the egg prizes!


I love my front porch. 

We got our trim done on our cabinets and they look awesome. And I forgot to snap a picture of them…

And our kids got too many Easter baskets. 4 sets total. We’re so blessed. 

And Easter Sunday we ate at church. It was raining. Our poor dog, Kowalski looks so pitiful when he’s wet. It makes him look so sad. So when I went to cross into the sanctuary, I glanced down at him. He had some treats in his mouth.  

He looked so pitiful. But k know for a fact he got 2 dog treats and at least one biscuit. His big brown eyes make him irresistible. 

Hope you stayed dry this Easter. Let’s enjoy this gorgeous spring weather this week! I know we will! 

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