042116 + 042216: A class and a Wedding

I taught at a homeschool group Thursday. We did a class on Jackson Pollock. 

The kids got into it. And I was covered in dots. 

I had Michaels class Friday, which went well. I had errands to do before class and I managed to squeeze most in. I had to get some stuff for our upcoming trip. 

I got everything we needed and a little bit. I did my nails and toes. Had 2 in my class. 

I’m partially through a cleanse I’m doing. I eat very little and drink a special mix of stuff during the day, and then I eat a regular balanced meal at night. I’m loving it so far. I’ve always had a screwed up stomach, and so far it’s helping. 

And then we got dressed up for the wedding and that was our Friday night. 

Today I’m trying to get caught up on my house from the craziness of this week…

So I slept in! (Til 7, calm down). Ok, I’m off to try and get stuff together!

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