052616 – 052916: Family time

We’ve still been in a sorta clean up mode here recently. We’ve hauled so much stuff to our burn pile… But Saturday morning we were corralled into a coloring date by Lucy with the whole family. 

And it was actually a lot of fun! 
And then Lucy asked me to send her picture to everyone (Instagram) and see how many hearts it got. 

She said, “uncle Paul did it and it got lots of hearts.” Good gracious! I had to explain to her that Facebook and Instagram likes don’t mean much, but they are fun for us all to play with. She was mostly interested in the hearts…

And then Jasmine. Stretching her little bunny legs.  ​

You see why Lucy loves her so! She’s quite adorable! 

Y’all have a safe Memorial Day! 

052116 – 052516: Geez Loueez, time flies

I look up and it’s been days since I blogged! We’ve had a busy week so far- with summer being here. We cleaned our yard, and bush-hogged, and snake killed, and scrap metaled, and moved around. 

Since summer is here, we decided to give the kids their combined birthday gift a little early so they could be enjoying it. 

And boy have they been enjoying it. We cut them a trail through the field we just bushhogged and that’s their race track. We hear this thing going everywhere until we don’t, and then we hear “Dad! It stopped!” The battery runs down about 3 times a day. 

We did some furniture swapping with family,  for the back deck. Our kids can actually sit here and eat without the risk of falling now. 

I made a little brick pad for our school room door, which we will be adding too now that we got our brick laid on our house and we have tons extra!

We’ve been making the most of our hammocks. 

And I got my hair did! This is before. It was starting to get… Too crunchy. Wes hates that word when in reference to my hair, but you ladies know what I’m talking about. 
I had my hair stylist, the lovely Mooney, do some fancy stuff for me and now I get to play with color in my hair. First up? 


I have a sneaking suspicion it’ll get wilder as I feel different. Haha! I truly love it. And I love that I get to play in it myself again! 

We were also blessed by Wesleys aunt and uncle with a new weed eater! So helpful and we are so grateful for fantastic families. We are so blessed. 

Well we are off to make a brick pad and weed eat the yard! Yay summer! (Wow, I sound a lot like Olaf!)

051816 – 052016: Busy-bodies

We’ve been doing no school and it’s been weird. Kids have been playing and getting into stuff, just like they should. 

Wes and I got started on the outside of our house finally, now that school is out. 

My kids have been finding unique ways to entertain themselves. 

I do not know what they were trying here. I’m assuming she was going to leave him in an ice bath and have sold his kidney on the black market. Not 100% sure though. 

My mothers heart stopped… And daddy’s face. 

Yesterday we were all in the yard and we spotted something on the ground. 

A baby blue jay. 

I grabbed him because he couldn’t fly and was just hopping around the yard. He could fly well enough to scale me, though!

We stuck him in a tree and he made it back home. 

And today I get to go to Hattiesburg to get a teensy clip to fix our dryer… AGAIN.

I have dirty clothes out the wazoo in my house so I’ll be glad to get it running!

Have a good weekend!

051416 – 051716: late birthday post and kindergarten graduate!

My blogging skills have taken a turn for the worst… Since I’m not blogging every single day, (because life is moving on and I’m not sitting at a computer) then I’m forgetting stuff.

Important stuff.. like blogging about my hubbie’s birthday!

We didn’t really do anything for his birthday, given we just got back from a week long vacation and the day after he went and got a new truck, so I kinda group those in with his birthday.

The old man is 34!

And still loves being bombarded with his kiddos haha!

And the current big news?

Lucy finished her first year of Kindergarten!

I had to work at Michaels, so we had to celebrate late. I also didn’t expect her to finish! Her last lessons were a lot easier because she had a lot less writing and mostly reading to accomplish… I asked her if she wanted to finish today and she said, “Yeah!”

This girl did 16 lessons in one day to get done with her school! Sixteen!

We both survived the first year and now we have a little reader on our hands.

I found a cake and had them write “Kindergarten Crusher” on it and I spotted a little Koala named Kookoo so we got him as a happy since she celebrated passing the big K!

A whole school year worth of completed work. Every star is a completed lesson. 182.

Notice I’m fueled by coffee and washi tape? Haha!

Well, I’m off to start organizing next year’s lessons. She starts next year with every subject, not just reading. I do love the program we are doing. And I’m continually amazed that they offer it for free. It’s truly a blessing.  Read more about the curriculum we use here. I’m so blessed to have found this site!

051016 – 051316: Trailduster and Kindergaren

Me and the kiddos have been tying up the loose ends of this school year. Next year, Lucy and Judah will both officially be “in school” and I’m looking forward to it. Especially now that we have a classroom! 

Wes took Thursday and made a mad dash to Atlanta… Oh wait, you can’t dash to Atlanta because the traffic there is insane. He went to Atlanta and brought home another Trailduster

Do you remember the last one? 

A Trailduster was the Plymouth version of a Ram Charger. 

A sporty little truck with a removable top! 

It’s a convertible truck!

We got this one from a guy just this side of Memphis and it turned into way more work than we realized, and then sold WAY faster than we realized. 

They are popular trucks, when done well.

We hate that we had to sell it, but we were able to use that as a pretty great down payment on my jeep and I’m ever grateful for it. 

We always said we wanted another one. And we got one!

The last one, as you saw in the two pic picture, was originally a stinking yellow-stripe mess. We had no clue what it originally was so we went orange. 

This one? Originally black. Originally a Macho sport package. It’s gonna looked SO good when we finish. We’re hoping cruisin the coast this year we’ll be 4 deep, car seats and all hair blow in in the wind like crazy on the coast! 

The whole family is excited about getting this type of trick again, and knowing how good the other looked in orange… We can’t wait to see it in black! 

Lucy is allll-most done with kindergarten. She should be done by the end of May if she takes it easy and could be done by the end of the week if she hustles. 

I’m so excited for her to finish. First major milestone accomplished! She can read! 

Well, I’m off to get my day going. How your weekend creeps by!