060216 – 060516: lazy blogger

I’m horrible! I even have a reminder on my phone to irritate me into doing blogs and I just ignore it and go about my day. 

I have some excuses though. 

I started back at the gym. Friends help motivate!

We’ve been playing around the house and still cleaning. 

And I got Wes a late birthday/early Father’s Day gift. Even put the whole thing together myself (which took me 2.5 hours to do.) I also hand scrubbed my deck. You can see the wood again!

I’ve still been doing Michaels classes and that’s growing pretty well. I’m pleased with my students progress and I think they enjoy it as well. 

And That’s about it! I haven’t been keeping my phone on me as I have been enjoying the summer with my kids. I actually don’t have that many pictures on my phone. I need to start snapping more.

Maybe I’ll post again this week!