060616 + 060716: VBS and 100*

It’s hot. Not sure if you’ve been outside, but it’s terrible. And I know that it’s something we should expect, with living in South Mississippi, but when it gets here I’m still always floored at how hot 100* can feel. So we bought an inflatable pool. 

I don’t like my kids being inside all day, so I send them out. Then they come in, hot and sweaty, asking for water, and it’s hard for me to be like “take a sip and get back out there in it!”

So now, we have a small pool, big enough for me to sit in, and feel comfortable while being outside. 

Also, my kids have been going to VBS and have been loving it. 

Look at these sweethearts!

Every night after the kids go to bed, it’s mamma and daddy’s turn to play in the classroom. Wes leaves a drawing for them almost every day. It’s quite sweet. 

Judah likes pizza, but only when it’s a slice as big as his head. 
And we took our new truck for a spin around the block and learned a couple of things. 

Convertibles in summertime look super fun, and are, but are also super hot. 

And.. Long hair is a struggle. 

Love that girl. She’s so funny. And she’s growing up so much. And she’s growing up in different ways too. Her questions are less “why do birds fly?” And more like “how do birds fly and why can’t we?” Actual, real, wants a good answer types of questions. It’s fun and challenging. I love it. 

Off to tackle another day!