060916 – 061216: The Weekend

We had a fun last week with VBS and everything. We didn’t make the commencement service because we had a wedding rehearsal to go to, so I forced my kids to take a nap with me. 

This was their nap attire. 😂😂

And we had a nice evening at the wedding while the kiddos had fun with Mawmaw. 

And then Sunday we were supposed to have a big family time thing at the lake with our church, just a get together with everyone, but the rain chance was a little high, so we postponed it. 

We did a movie night at our house instead. 

We watched Zootopia. It was very cute. We all enjoyed it! I even heard Wes laugh a few times. 

And that’s been our weekend! 

I’ve got 3 classes this week so I’ll be super busy, and Wes wants to start on the Trailduster body so we can get it painted and be rolling in it. We’re hoping to take it to Cruisin the Coast this year. We aren’t sure if it’ll be ready just yet. 

Alrighty! Off to get stuff going!