061316 – 061516: morph suit pj’s and a blessing

Not much going on at the Kirkley household as of recent. I went to Office Depot and got some of Lucy’s school work books bound up. I’m printing everything off now, so she’s one subject away from being ready! 

Judah found some old PJ’s in his drawer and INSISTED on wearing them. 

It looks like a morph suit. 

And he woke up too early the other day, and fell asleep on the couch. The sweet little angel. 

And I’ve been looking for a large size Moleskine journal that’s dotted online. Scanning Amazon, and many other places. Most, if not all, were out of stock.  

I stop by Hattiesburg BooksAMillion. 

And even in the color I wanted! Isn’t God good with his surprises?! 

I’ll let y’all get back to your week. My kids are leaving with their Papa J today to go to Louisiana for the next few days. We are now looking forward to our weekend even more! Haha!

I love my kids, but it’s so nice to have a long break. 

See y’all later!