061616 – 061816: 12 YEARS! (And a lot of pictures Wes hates…)

Today is our anniversary. Twelve years married. Gah, we were so young when we first got together. 

This was my senior prom. 

We were kids! Then.. Marriage. 

(Still just kids…) Then life. 

This was not long after we started our church. It feels like a lifetime ago. 

And then our first big adventure. 

Followed by some other adventures that were crazy and fun…

But nothing compared to our 2nd big adventure. 

Our first adventure took this picture. It may be my favorite of us. It sums us up well, I believe. 

Our lives get better and better every year we’re together. Kid you not. 

I am so glad I got to marry my best friend and I’m so glad that he loves me as much as I love him. 

He’s an exceptional person. He’s the most genuine person I know. He means what he says. He’s as honest as they come. He’s generous. He loves Christ in a way that you don’t see just every day. 

And I’m so blessed that he loves me the way a husband is supposed to. He prays that he’ll only see me, and when I’m in a room with a hundred other girls, he really does only see me. I know, because he generally makes a comment or two about me. 

Every time we go out somewhere I ask him, “so, if we weren’t together and you saw me there tonight… Would you try to pick me up?” And his answer is always the same. “Definitely. You were the best looking girl there. Not even worth my time to glance around the room. Only you.”

We don’t always get things right. We don’t always choose the correct words. We still hurt each other from time to time, but the thing we haven’t done… Given up. We haven’t given up on each other and we aren’t planning on ever doing that. We aren’t going to come to a place and be like, “well, we’ve run out.” He’s my one and only and I’m his forever. And we are happy with that. 

Wes, I love you always. You’re my one, and I’ll always be here by your side.