073016 + 073116: Judah is Four! 

Goodness gracious. This little boy came in and wrecked us for the better. He was a surprise all around for us… We weren’t actually planning to have two kids so close in age, but now I wouldn’t do it any other way.

He surprised us, not only with his arrival, but with his humongous personality, even from the get go.

He was the sweetest, happiest baby you ever could find. 

And oh my goodness his CHEEKS!

He was always always always so adorable.

Even when he wasn’t! 

And the surprises… He’s so funny. Always been so funny. 

And his faces and gestures. Always so perfect for his personality. 

He’s pure goofiness rolled up into a dirty little boy body.

He has always gotten into some shenanigans. And it’s always been so funny. This little fumanchu he didn’t even realize he had on his face, which made it that much funnier.

And he’s so rambunctious, and inquisitive, and outgoing. He’s never met a stranger in his life. 

His name means Praise God and I can’t say those words without a smile and saying Judah does about the same to me as well. 

I am so glad God gave us this little surprise that keeps on surprising throughout our days. He’s one of the biggest blessings I’ve ever experienced and I’m so grateful for his life.

Happy Fourth Birthday buddy!

072616 – 072916: Last Minute NOLA Trip

I admit, I love that we live close enough to NOLA to plan a last minute trip to the city. 

And that’s what we did. We have a lot planned for Sunday, which is Judah’s actual birthday and so we wanted to go and do some thing as a family before his day. 

So we set off to the zoo. 

Gah, it was hot. 

But the kiddos had a blast. 

Then we went to our hotel and rode the trolley to dinner and took a nice stroll back to the hotel down St. Charles St in the garden district. We stopped at a local health food store and bought some imported and made in store candies. 

Then we all crashed pretty early at about 9pm. 

The next day we went into the French Quarter and I made my kids take a picture here.

It was hot this day too! 

We met up with Papa J and Nana and they have Judah his birthday present a little early. 

We got back on the road and headed towards home. We stopped in Slidell and ate lunch with my Aunt Mary and Uncle Earl which was very good and so much food! And we picked up my niece to get her back home too. 

Before we left I got to watch my nephew for a little while. His little sweet self climbed right up into the chair with Lucy to watch her draw. 

And in case you’re wondering, we did get the tree all cleaned up for the most part. Very little is left in the yard, so we are happy about the whole thing. And we saved about $1500 dollars doing it ourselves. We did have to buy little odds and ends, like chains and gas, but that was nothing compared to paying someone to do the job. 

Hope y’all have had as an exciting week as we have! 

072216 – 072516: The Tree is Down

We had a big tree in our yard that was hanging over our house quite a bit… And dead. Half of it was still alive but the other half- the half over our house- was not. It occasionally dropped the limb or two on our roof- and we knew it wouldn’t be long before a larger, much more damaging limb, would fall. So we asked around for prices on cutting down this tree that endangered our house. The cheapest we found was $1200. 

Well then. That just won’t work.

So, we did what we had to do. 

We did it ourselves with help from our family. 

You see all the dead limbs there? Yeah. You see the ones on our roof? Fell off the tree. No good. 

Our kiddos were outside to enjoy the whole thing. 

After a few hours of cutting down some big limbs to help the fall- we tied it to the machine we had borrowed and there she went. 

Then the cleanup came. That was the hard part! Chainsaws, machetes, rakes, the works. 

All in the hot sun. Our kids loved it. 

Then, like a hot Mississippi summer does, a little rain came.

And it helped a lot. 

We grilled burgers and celebrated the tree falling in the direction we wanted. 

Then I realized… I wore zero sunscreen all day. I was outside, from 8am until 6 pm. I was fried. Like I get. So I started using my essential oil blend that I believe in. And I woke up the next morning to a MUCH better burn. 

It works! I mean… Look at that! Happy dance over here! 
Alrighty… I’m off to get back out in the yard and start moving limbs. We’ve got quite a bit of mess to clean up- but hey- we’ve got firewood for a few years now! ​​

071916 – 072116: The Movies

Mawmaw treated us all to a movie! Secret Life of Pets was very cute. My kiddos definitely enjoyed it. Judah, also enjoyed walking around and talking with the movie-goers ahead of us. (Yikes, and I’m sorry!!)

We had lunch at Chickfila, which my kiddos always love. Then we had some errands at the grocery store. Judah always likes to be entertained entertain while we wait for the checkout. 

Mawmaw dropped me off after the movie and then took our little boogers home with her. She’s going to keep them for 2 nights. They will have a blast and I will too. (Ha! And by blast I mean a nap.)

And we cleaned out the chicken box and on their way back into the box, we snapped some pictures for reference. Here are their tiny little peeping mugshots. 

Peep, Chirp, and Quack all look VERY much alike. Almost no difference in those three. Ruby, Red, Rose are similar, but there are tiny differences in their faces and wing tips. The rest for the most part I can pick out pretty easy. Willie and Nillie are the same breed, but Willies wings are way whiter than Nillies. Pickle looks like Peep, Chirp and Quack on her back, but her face doesn’t have distinct lines.

We’ve spent a lot of time watching our chicks….

And then a friend of mine asked for a little help with a cake she’s making. So, more playing in fondant for me!

I’ve got class this Friday, and then I’m home for the afternoon to do a whole lotta NOTHING. Hope your weekend sounds like mine!

071516 – 071816: Weekends and our Named Chickens

Well, we got new fish…

All cichlids. All different species. Now, I know, I know- that’s not the best way to keep cichlids. I will say that all of my fish are super happy little guys (and gals) and some are even doing some mating routines- so they are comfortable with each other. Glad my fish aren’t racist! Haha!! We have 6 total. And they are so fun to watch. 

They chase each other and race for food. They swim up to see me when I sit to look at them. They are so fun. They are in process of being named. Except one- the first one in the picture- bright yellow? That’s Sunshine. Lucy named her. 

And I got new hair. 

Was NOT aiming for blond ombré, but once I got to this point I decided to stop because I really like it. I was going to try the grey again, but why mess with a good thang? Thank you Emily and Dusty for adventuring with me! 

And my chicks. We lost 2 of our Egyptian Fayoumis. One in the first 2 days, one the day after. I only ordered 3, so I’m really hoping the last one doesn’t die. 

And we’ve officially named them all. 

  • Meriweather, Dill, and Pickle (our americaunas)
  • Nugget (our Dominiquer) 
  • Cinder and Ella (blue Andalusians- cinder is dark and Ella is white, and they are going to look silvery blue like glass slippers)
  • Spice (our last Fayoumis… She looks like pepper now and when her feathers come in she’ll be black and white like salt and pepper!)
  • Red, Rose, and Ruby (our Rhode Island reds)
  • Willie and Nillie (our Silver Hamburgs)
  • Peep, Chirp, and Quack (our silver leghorns- these names are from a bird cartoon show. Yes, we’ll have a chicken named Quack.)

Money says I forget these names. Oh wait! I’ve written them on the box so we don’t forget! Haha! Fun times. 

This also guarantees we won’t eat them later on. I couldn’t make a pot pie using Willie or Pickle. 😂😂

Hope your week is going great!