072616 – 072916: Last Minute NOLA Trip

I admit, I love that we live close enough to NOLA to plan a last minute trip to the city. 

And that’s what we did. We have a lot planned for Sunday, which is Judah’s actual birthday and so we wanted to go and do some thing as a family before his day. 

So we set off to the zoo. 

Gah, it was hot. 

But the kiddos had a blast. 

Then we went to our hotel and rode the trolley to dinner and took a nice stroll back to the hotel down St. Charles St in the garden district. We stopped at a local health food store and bought some imported and made in store candies. 

Then we all crashed pretty early at about 9pm. 

The next day we went into the French Quarter and I made my kids take a picture here.

It was hot this day too! 

We met up with Papa J and Nana and they have Judah his birthday present a little early. 

We got back on the road and headed towards home. We stopped in Slidell and ate lunch with my Aunt Mary and Uncle Earl which was very good and so much food! And we picked up my niece to get her back home too. 

Before we left I got to watch my nephew for a little while. His little sweet self climbed right up into the chair with Lucy to watch her draw. 

And in case you’re wondering, we did get the tree all cleaned up for the most part. Very little is left in the yard, so we are happy about the whole thing. And we saved about $1500 dollars doing it ourselves. We did have to buy little odds and ends, like chains and gas, but that was nothing compared to paying someone to do the job. 

Hope y’all have had as an exciting week as we have! 

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