090516 -090816: cleaning out, school, and chickens

Chicken update: LilBit is doing good. Still follows mom everywhere and I setting some feathers in. 

We’ve been doing lots of school work. Judah on E. 

Wes caught a hummingbird in his shop. It literally fell from the ceiling. At some point, this little guy had gotten caught in some webs, and it wrapped up his wings. His dainty little wings. He laid in Wes’ hand while we gently pulled off the webbing from his feet and wings, then he took off, just fine and dandy! 

Kids were super psyched about seeing the teensy bird up close. 

And in between school I’ve been cleaning out. Like, a lot. This is some of the clothes I’m getting rid of. Wes is getting rid of a ton of button up shirts and clothes too. And we’ve got a ton of kids clothes too. And then just stuff. 

Garage sale is Oct 1st!

Me and a few friends are going to bring our stuff together and sell all at once- in hopes of having more folks come. I think it’ll do well! 

And finally- I gotta say how proud I am of my husband. He got a really cool job- graffiting UpDown, the new trampoline park in Hattiesburg. He did so awesome!! I can’t post pics yet, because they haven’t. I’ll share with you when I can!

Alright- you are caught up! 

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