092216 – 092616: Johnpaul has departed

We’ve had quite the time here with Johnpaul. We’ve enjoyed his company and his stories. We’ve learned so much about his ministry and our heart for India has grown and hopefully we’ve helped ignite some others too his ministry as well. 

We’ve learned a lot. And we’ve seen now that our part in his ministry is truly just beginning. We have people that we help here, but he has an overwhelming need. 

And he’s up against an active enemy. The enemy here is much more passive. He’s done more work here so he sorta sits back. But in India, they see witchcraft and demons and spiritual battles daily. They see so many different gods that are being worshipped. And they see actual persecution. Real persecution. 

Pray for Johnpaul and his family. Pray for the widows he helps. Pray for the orphans. Pray for the other pastors. And if you’d like to donate, please let me know. A few dollars goes a very long way in India. 

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