100216 – 100516: Hard Days

Everyone knows that a Pastor has a lot on his mind at any given time. They know that when crisis strikes, generally the pastor is one of the first to know. 

A side note to this: We as his family are in this with him. 

We are a pastoring family. I don’t like calling myself a pastor, but in a sense, I guess I am. 

We were exhausted after Johnpauls departure, just the overwhelming need that they have and our lack of knowing what’s going on, on that side of the world. And we were so blessed by his visit, but it was a little draining. We’d welcome him back in a second though. 

Once he left for his next stop, we took a deep breath, and tried to get back to normal. 

That lasted a few days. 

We got a call Monday morning that a dear friend of ours had been in a car accident. He was one of our church members, and we had recently asked him to come on as one of our deacons. He was always growing and learning and was a devoted husband and father. It was a shock and still is that he is no longer with us. 

We had a vacation planned and now that everything is finished, our goal is to just think about our family and be grateful for them. 

Thank you for your prayers in lifting up his family, that will be grieving for a long time to come. Pray for your pastor, whoever he might be, because he deals with so much more than you’ll ever realize. 

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