112416 – 112716: Thanksgiving and Black Friday

I, believe it or not, took not almost no pictures during our thanksgiving get togethers. Which, just means I wasn’t in my phone much. 

I did get this one of my beautiful girls.

And I did take this one. 

This is Wesley and Paul and their mother’s dad, their grandfather. And we threw Judah in there for an extra generation. Leon is 82. That’s Judah’s Great-grandpa. 

After the thanksgiving-ness settled and we were all sick from our food, I trodden off to Hattiesburg to try and get a new phone for me and Wes and the Apple Watch. 

And I got it! Wes “upgraded” to the smaller SE iPhone and he loves it. I for real upgraded to the 7 and I love it. And my watch is so cool. Never in my life did I think a watch could do all that this thing does. 

And the camera on my phone is so awesome. I’ve sold and worked quite a bit to earn enough money for my watch and I’m happy I did it. 

The pictures it takes are really fantastic. Here’s Judah and one of his many chickens. 

And my precious weird Lucy. 

She is true to herself that’s for sure. I had JUST pulled her out of the mud. You can barely see her pink boots. 

My cold did not get better. It got worse and I spent a couple of days in the bed. Today, my cough is less and my most isn’t quite as stopped up and I feel a lot better. Hopefully I’ll be on the mend for real now. 

Hope your Thanksgiving was awesome!

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