120116 – 120816: Bad Blogger Catchup

Sorry, I’m an awful blogger. Here’s the latest.

We had a fun homeschool day. My kids got messy making cinnamon ornaments and they loved it.

We were in a parade, and the kids were all lit up like christmas trees.

We really had fun.

My daughter practiced putting hair in a pony tail… on me. Ouch.

Judah got ready for winter. *eye roll*

I had a fantastic class with three of my favorite students! They did so good on their nutcrackers! I even got to keep one as a gift! Thank you Ms. Connie! My kids love it! Judah did ask why he looked like he was closing his eyes though, haha!

And that’s about it! We’ve been super busy this week (shocker there right?) and I’m looking forward to January when life seems to sometimes slow down a  bit. I hope it does in 2017 too.

Hope your weekend is warm and cozy!

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