Flying by February 2.10.17 – 2.19.17

February is zipping by. Just like all of the rest of time, I guess. We’ve been adapting to a new schedule. School.

I’m teaching now, and I take my children. I have some apps that they use to do some lessons on.. and here, you see, my super obedient son was doing his school work… (not… he was taking pictures of his sister’s mermaid drawing.)

We spend a couple of days a week here and that’s been a little bit to get used to. I do enjoy it. I was always meant to be a teacher I believe.

The other day Judah was so tired he put himself to bed in our living room.

We all had a great Valentines Day, but I’m thinking Judah’s was the best.

He loved his book! It’s basically a catalog of all of the Hot Wheels they have. He runs up to me with the book flung open and a car in his hand all the time saying, “SEE! I HAVE THIS ONE!”

And I’ve been running again. Got my goal of 12 miles a month set – and I did good in January. I’m slacking this month so I need to get on the ball. I was proud of my second mile being shorter in time than my first.

I took Lucy with me to hattiesburg the other day, and we found some shoes for $4. When I find shoes for $4, I buy the shoes. I let Lucy pick hers out. She chose these rainbow wonders. Yes, because in case you can’t see them, they do – in fact- also light up.

She tried them on in the store – and she said, “Mom… That was the first time I had to try shoes on to make sure they fit me in the store!” And I’m thinking, how does she even know that this is a milestone?!

Ah, my girl is getting big.

And FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY our chickens are laying again. Aren’t the eggs so so pretty?

And that’s about it. We’ve been quite non-stop (as always, I guess) and so I’m blogging less. Sorry about that if you are far away family. We love and miss you all.

Y’all have a great President’s Day weekend!

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