New Ring, New Car, New Husband 5.1.17 – 5.5.17

From since I can remember, I’ve looked at my  Mamma’s jewelry. Let me identify here, since my life has been kinda a mess at time. My Mamma, Diane. She gave birth to me. She also had a lot of fancy jewelry. Big stones, gold, flashy. And I always wanted to wear it, yet my fingers were always much to small.

She passed away when I was 11, leaving me everything. Including all of her gaudy rings. Her gaudy and real rings. They weren’t all beautiful, and they weren’t all real, but a lot were. I tried wearing them, but still, my slender 11-year-old hands were not ready.

Then, her sister, Martha and her husband Bruce, adopted me. (Yeah, I’ve written a book that helps explain… Maybe one day I’ll share it with the whole world). And she had some rings, and they fit my 12 year old fingers, because Martha had dainty little hands. But she was still wearing most of hers and she dare not give a real ring to a 12 year old.

So I looked at them. From a distance and from up close as they spun on my finger and slipped off with ease back into my jewelry boxes.

Fast forward to myself as an adult.

I’m happily married to a wonderful guy, and he had given me my first diamond when I was 18. He even told me through this process, that he didn’t buy the one he thought was “for me” he bought the only one he could afford. (HA!) And it doesn’t matter to me – it’s the one that HE bought for ME. So, I love it.

So, now I’ve had all of these mothers… Diane, and Martha mostly. But their sisters as well have helped raise me.. Sandra, Karla, and Mary. Mary knows why I call her most. (Sorry… You still sound so much like her…) And then when I turned 19 and got married, I gained some fabulous Mother-in-Laws as well. Stephanie and Pam are great. I don’t have the “wretched mother-in-law” stories. Unless you call a “Loves me like I’m their own” wretched… And even Wes’ aunts are like moms to me. I couldn’t ask for better mother’s in my life.

And don’t get me started on my church mothers…

I’ve got a lot of moms. And I had a few pieces of broken and… not so beautiful jewelry that were from most of them. And so I decided to take 3 of them and create a new ring from them. I chose my mother Diane’s sapphires, I chose my adopted-mother’s small circular diamonds, and Ms. Stephanie, Wesley’s mother, contributed some larger circular diamonds.

It’s so hard to see the sparkle. It’s such a gorgeous ring. And I mean that mostly because of who it was that helped me make it. (Of course, it is beautiful anyway…)

And so I am officially in love with this ring. My little marquee used to sit alone, just above my gold band, so it’s quite a change. I do love it so much.

I have written a memoir… I may post my chapters online and see if any of you are interested in reading the whole thing. It’s just my life, so not THAT exciting.

Now, onto other things.

Judah helped me cook one night because he specifically requested a type of soup.

Ms. Sam from school started a new batch of chicks. We had 15 out of 16 hatch! And we’ve decided (I don’t know why….) to keep them. It’s obviously straight run (males and females) so in a few months we’ll be hearing lots of crowing and offering some roosters for free. They are all specialty breeds mixed with a game rooster (retired fighting rooster, Carlos) so they should be interesting birds to look at.

Lucys in love with them all.

And I got new wheels and tires for my car. Since tires alone were going to cost me over 700 (YES… you read that right) we opted for buying barely used tires and rims for just a little more and increasing my car’s value.

She does look nice doesn’t she?!

And finally… My new husband.. He is so fantastic. I’ve been reading books on marriage, and the biggest thing that he’s done, is in his responding to my change.

I didn’t get a new husband, I just started appreciating mine more.

After he put my new wheels on my car, he asked, “You still want to paint them black? I like it how it is, but if you want to, I will. You’ve got this spell over me… I’ll do whatever you want me to.”

Gah, heart eyes all around, am I right?!

He’s got a spell on me, too. I’m so thankful for all he does for us.

We have a little mini-vacation-moon scheduled, just the two of us. And I cannot WAIT!!! It’s been 3 years since we’ve had a trip just the two of us and we are so excited.

Thank you for bearing through my long post.