The End of 2017 10.18.17 – 12.31.17

Well, I believe it’s over. 2017 at least is. My personal blogging might be too. We’ve been doing school, working on Mawmaw’s house, Church events, Holiday events, traveling… So much stuff and It’s just… too much. So I haven’t even visited this page until today. The last day of the year. And I’m okay with letting this go, honestly.

I’ve been blogging since about 2009 and I don’t make money off my blog, because I don’t blog about anything but my kids. And yeah, they’re goofy but they aren’t interesting to many people but those that know them. So, doubtful my page would bring much money in. I have thought about blogging about homeschooling tips and stuff because I feel like a lot of people have questions about that… But I don’t know.

Here’s what you’ve missed…

We had a fall festival at church that was a major success. Everyone had a blast.


We went trick or treating and did Zoo Boo. I was Rosie the Riveter because last minute is my middle name.

School is going going going. Judah’s learning to read and that’s been… fun and hard.

Lucy got a butterfly in her hair and it made her week.

We went to the Russian Ballet Nutcracker and Lucy loved it! I think we all did.

Secrets have been told on my porch.

Snow Day December 8, 2017
It snowed like a ton.
You know this though. No one lives down here and doesn’t remember the snow. Our power was out for like 30 hours. That was a chilly night.

Snow day December 8, 2017
We made a pallet in the living room and all slept by the fire. It wasn’t warm to say the least..

Snow Day December 8, 2017
The snow also ended our charger. It was totaled by this limb. Saaaad Day in the Kirkley residence.

We had a 10 year/Christmas party at church and it was a blast! Family Feud was quite funny!

And we visited the bayou and family down there for Christmas.

We had Thanksgivings and Christmases like always. I haven’t even dealt with those pictures yet. I’m so behind!

That sorta gets you caught up. Maybe I’ll blog once a month next year. An Maybe not. I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do.
I’ll let you know next year. You wont have long to wait 😉

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