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There was this infectious thing going around facebook a while back, called, “25 Things” where you were to list 25 things about yourself that were important things or just really random things. I decided this would be the fastest way for you, my lovely readers, to learn about me. These are in no particular order. Some are serious and some are just plain random. Enjoy.

1. I really love animals. Like, a lot. I love having pets, I love going to the zoo, I love watching shows about animals. I think they are really cool. Pets that me/my hubby have had include: dogs, cats, birds, fish, a frog, toads, gerbils, hamsters, an iguana, and a goat named Gus.

2. I have never broken a bone that I know about. (May/may not have broken my pinky toe once, but I didn’t go to the doctor so… we’ll just say I haven’t).

3. I play the guitar and sing. I sing better than I play. I probably shouldn’t even say that I play guitar. I press the string and strum but that doesn’t mean it sounds good at all. I also lead worship.

4. I used to teach high school.

5. I like costume jewelry. Big rings and Dangly earrings.

6. I have been to 14 states and 2 countries (not including the USA). I love traveling.

7. I’m a Lactation Specialist. I breastfed both of my babies and was lucky enough to have great support. I love answering questions about breastfeeding and being that support for others. Any questions ever, just ask!

8. The most important thing in my heart is my Jesus. I do not believe He was just a good man or a great teacher. He was the Son of the Living God and He did die on the cross to take away my sins. He does live in Heaven and I will see Him one day.

9. I have written a memoir (unpublished, currently hanging out on my computer…), a children’s book titled “I Wonder What They’re Thinking” and am currently writing a Fiction Novel.

10. I do not ride ‘rides’. My extent is ferris wheels. Roller Coasters are ridiculous inventions.

11. I like to make things. I’m sort of crafty. I like to paint and draw as well. Probably my favorite thing is to take pictures.

12. I get carsick… easy.

13. I do Crossfit.

14. I have a little girl named Lucy and a little boy named Judah. They make my world a better place.

15. I desperately want to be a stay at home mom and am working now so that I can do that in the future. I am a part time stay at home mom.

16. I am O Negative.

17. I am a picky eater. I do not eat: watermelon, tomatoes, peanut butter, cantaloupe, mustards or collards, broccoli, bell peppers, lobster/crab/crawfish, squash, cabbage, and lots of other things. My favorite food is Italian: pretty much all pastas, but especially fettuccini alfredo.

18. My favorite drink is Dr. Pepper.

19. I graduated 5th in my class. I went to JCJC, kept a 4.0 GPA, and graduated from USM in 2007 with a 3.2 GPA.

20. I’m married to my high school sweetheart. We’ve been married over 10 years now. He’s pretty much alright. And just plain pretty too. He helped me create #14.

21. My most favorite places on the planet? My back porch and Montepulciano, Italy. I check Montepulciano’s weather every time I check ours.

22. I’ve had two moms. My biological mother was Diane, and my adopted mother was Martha. They both passed away due to cancer. Diane had breast cancer and Martha had ovarian. I had both of them for exactly 11 years, and they both died the beginning of October, between 6:30 and 7:00am on a Monday morning. This spurred me to write a book.

23. I used to bite my fingernails. But, since having a kid, I don’t anymore. Weird right?

24. I have had/should have had 5 last names my whole life. When I was born I was Andrea Cook. Cook was my mom’s ex-husbands name. Not my dad. It should have been Miller-Goff. Then when I was 12, I was adopted. I dropped Cook. Andrea Gresham. Then when I got married, I dropped Gresham. Andrea Kirkley. So.. I’m Andrea Miller-Goff Cook Gresham Kirkley. I’ve actually had to sign my name Andrea Merrill Cook Gresham Kirkley before (for some legal something).

25. I like to blog.

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