Bucket List

I’d been thinking the other day about my own personal bucket list. What are some things I would like to do before I die. So, I started making my very own bucket list. I bolded the things that I have already done! Checkin’ them off! I will add to this from time to time, and update it when I can. If I’ve done one and have proof – I’ll give you the link!

1. Hear John Mark McMillan sing He Loves Us live.
2. Teach Lucy guitar.
3. See the Sistine Ceiling.
4. Lead worship for 1000+ people.
5. Finish college.
6. See Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh.
7. Go to London.
8. Get married.
9. Write a book.
10. Publish said book.
11. Go to Hawaii.
12. Have a kid.
13. Go to Mexico.
14. Be a camp counselor.
15. Buy a new car.
16. Pay off my new car. I sold it… still paid it off. It counts.
17. Pay off everything and be debt free!
18. Become a stay at home mom.
19. Learn Spanish.
20. Be a good example for my children.

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