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7/20/09 Venice day two

We went out to eat. I had good ole chicken and French fries. Not great, not terrible. It filled me up. Then we went out to St. Mark’s Square again. The atmosphere here at night is awesome. Music playing. Last night people danced. It was really fun. Some of them were really good. We took lots of pictures (few came out). I got about 3 I like.

Tonight there was no dancing, but there was still music. Little bands (usually with an accordion, a flute, clarinet, upright bass, piano and violin) play all night. There are four in the square, so there is constant music. It is so much fun. This place is my favorite of all at night. Its cool, and music and lights. Very romantic. We came back to our hotel around 11.

We are very tired and very much look forward to getting back to Rome. Rome will be CRAZY and hectic again. Since we left we have figured out a lot of places we want to go, and things we want to see, so we’ll be on the move pretty much constantly. One morning we are going to be at the place we want to see at 7 am. Yes, we are going to do it! St. Peter’s basiclica. Its free, you just have to stand in line. Not that many people (not 1457 like there were the other day anyway) will be there that early. Then at 9 we go to the Colosseum. FULL days. Full days go by faster than empty ones like the past few we’ve had. Rome flew by. Montepulciano creeped by. Florence was a little faster. Venice – again, creeped. The next two days will be a blurr, besides the train ride, in which we aren’t really looking forward to. 4 ½ hours on a train. Not Loads of fun. Its after midnight, and we’ve got an early waterbus to catch. Talk to you all soon, and SEE you soon! Yay!

7/19/09 Venezia (getting here and first day)

We do not have internet here in Venice. We are at a “partner” hotel that lets you buy internet for a half hour. The hotel is called Panada. Yes, like Canada but with a P. We really want to blog.

So… Where to begin? We got up early in Florence, and ate our “American Style” breakfast. Delicious again. I loved the orange juice. Little Miss Uncoordinated kept dropping her fork. I mentioned something about loving the OJ, and Gabby said she’d like to drink the whole pitcher. I one-uped her with talk of dumping the entire pitcher of OJ on myself. Gabby visualized it, and dropped her fork again. We stood out like sore American thumbs.

We finished breakfast and headed for the train. It wasn’t far from our hotel. We made it there in perfect timing. This was a niice train. It was not a regional train. It only stopped twice before we got to Venice. The air worked the whole time, and it didn’t break down. (Both GOOD things). I had a little table that I caught up my journal with, and slept on. It was nice.

We made it to Venice. The books were right. It doesn’t look much like Rome or Florence. Gabby and I noticed that the number of pictures keeps getting lower and lower. We keep seeing the same thing over and over again. Now, its all new. So, probably more pictures. Anyway, we found where we needed to go. Line 2, Water bus. Yay.

We missed it by like 2 seconds (literally, we were first in line for the next one). We got on, Gabby having trouble with her new luggage. A lot of trouble. She had to climb into her chair on the boat seats to pull it into the seat next to her. She looked nice and awkward. Then, we rode the bus for about 30 minutes, which was about 28 minutes too long. It was a boat. And sloshy. And both of us being hungry and easily motion sicknessed didn’t help. We finally got to San Marco stop.

Oh my goodness. There were thousands of people. CRAZY crowded. And Gabs and I don’t like the crowds. We have learned that. Well, there were several small bridges between where we were and where we needed to be. About halfway down the third one, I hear Gabby making an awful sound. I look behind me. Her brand new suitcase, the one she bought because her first one messed up, has now broken. The pully handle has come off… completely. Luckily, I too bought some real cheap luggage, so I gave her the strap off mine so she could at least pull it. Seeing her almost kill herself trying to get her luggage down from the overhead bin on the train told me quickly that she would NOT be able to carry that thing more than about 3 feet.

Sidenote: Everyone joked about us coming over here and falling for a “hot Italian guy”. Just so you all know, the Italian guys might be pretty, but they are all jerks and care way to much about their ugly zippers-all-over-the-place jeans and their metallic Velcro shoes. They would prefer to look pretty than help anybody. We love our good ole Mississippi men. Rednecks might be perverts and drink sometimes, but at least they are gentlemen that will help you find your way and tote your bag.

So we finally found our tiny hotel. Its in a back corner, hidden away. Kinda nice though. Still lots of foot traffic. Everywhere is trafficy. Our hotel room is small. No bathroom (we knew that going in). It is hot in here too. No A/C. At least we have a fan. Two twin beds. We will sleep on top of the covers like we did in Rome. Probably most comfortable place we stayed this whole trip was Florence. That’s my favorite part of hotels, is getting them about 30 degrees and then going to bed. Not here. These people would freeze to death if they felt anything below 60 I’m convinced.

We decided to head out and look around (perhaps find food and Gabby some more NICE luggage). We found this little place to eat. And yes, ended up getting pizza. It was SO good. It tasted like American pizza. We are probably going to eat there again tonight. Then we walked around for a while.

We found the Peggy Guggenheim museum. I loved it! I saw some Picasso, Braque, Miro, Kandinsky, de Kooning, Pollock, Botticelli, Tanguey, Calder and Raushenberg works. It was AWESOME. I couldn’t take pictures. It was great. I loved it very much. We came back to St. Mark Square (which is huge and crowded).

We played with the pigeons some, but they didn’t like us too much. We didn’t really have food in our hands. So, we went and got some gelato, and crushed up the cone to feed them. They did like this. Two of them got on my arm and started slapping each other with their wings. Very strange. Moody pigeons.

We walked around a little more after that, and then came back in. We are pretty tired. In a few we are going to go eat and then upload pictures and blog.

So, be on the lookout for a blog and pictures tomorrow about tonight and tomorrow’s adventures!

Love you and miss you all… We counted down the days to come on this trip, and now we are counting down the days til we come home. Four more full days…

Just added: Since the beginning of the trip, Gabs and I have been bumping hands together as we walk. We don’t really ever leave each other’s sides. We joke about trying to hold each others hands. Well on the way to dinner tonight, it happened again. Except this time it was Gabby with a strange man. Very awkward for her, funny for me.

Also, what’s the deal with women wearing skirts too short, v-necks too low, no bras and everything too tight? You are a big girl, put on a bigger shirt.

7/19/09 Venice (day and night stuff)

Today is a really short entry. All we did was window shop. We hunted down the guys selling the fake stuff so that Gabs could get a new suitcase (again). We finally found them and she got a good deal.

I got all my “presents” for my family today. I took pictures of the funny items here for sale and I’m going to tag you all in them. Hope you enjoy. Dollar to Euro conversion isn’t great, so you just get pictures of your presents instead of the real thing. You wouldn’t want it anyway, you didn’t come here.

We didn’t carry our cameras much today. We did most of our picture taking yesterday. The crowds are still insane.

We fed the pigeons again today. We fed them early this morning, they went CRAZY. We had like 7 and 8 of them landing on us at a time. Wild. Morning is the best time to feed them.

We’ve noticed a lot of inappropriateness here. Many women wearing see through shirts and men wearing short shorts (like a 2 inch inseam, seriously). Also, there are a lot of glass figurines here that are rather suggestive. Ok, I guess when it is a completely naked cartoon, there’s not much to suggest. We are seeing and hearing things here that are crazy. Ask us about it.

Also, funny (for me) story. Last night Gabby was putting up some stuff in her bag, and when she went to stand up, she hit her head on the window. Almost knocked herself out. Really. She laid there and laughed because she knew it was funny, but also because it hurt so bad. She’s fine now. It didn’t bleed or anything.

Heading out for Rome in the morning. We are glad. This is the last leg of our trip. I’m actually posting this in Rome, we didn’t want to spend any more money on internet. It was slow internet.

I haven’t heard my husband’s voice in over 8 days. I really hate it. Before we get home it will be 10 ½ days. Longest we have ever been without speaking to each other. I mean, we’ve chatted, but its not the same. I’m so glad he’s coming with my dad to the airport. It will be so good to see family! Miss you all and Love you! See you soon!!

Last blog for Florence

Well, we got all “dolled up” and went out to eat. Today was a beautiful day. Temperatures probably hit 82 at their highest and there was constant wind. So we wore jeans to dinner, and it was perfect. No sweat today! Dinner was great. Gabby had Spaghetti alla Carbanara (Spaghetti with bacon, cream, and eggs). I had Grilled Chicken and French Fries (grilled chicken, and french fries). We were both VERY please. My chicken was great, andthe french fries better than I have had in the states. Just like home. We went and got some Gelato (Chocolate and Coffee mixed, mmm) and then came back to the hotel and used our internet until it expired. (Mine goes off in about 50 minutes, Gabby’s just cut off mid call to her boyfriend).

Again, I have posted and will post now, Venice = Probably no internet. We will be VERY pleasantly surprised if they have it. So, if you all don’t hear from us for a couple of days, we are OK! We just don’t have access. We’ll blog and update you when we get to Rome again.

For the next week:
Not looking forward to:
3 hour train ride tomorrow, 4 1/2 hour train ride from Venice to Rome, and 9 1/2 hour plane ride to ATL

Looking forward to:
A new place, Seeing what we missed in Rome, Coming home to family and friends.

Hopefully We’ll be talking to you all tomorrow, but if not, we’ll update you first thing in Rome. Ciao e Buona Notte!

I just remembered

a Few funny things from today.

Oh yeah, the power is back on.

So as we were leaving our hotel room, we realized that we had left the door lock out all night. Basically, our door was wide open to the public. (Ok, just the public staying here at our hotel). Open none the less.

Also, the market we keep talking about, that is right next to our hotel, does have some shady vendors. On a few occasions we’ve seen them grab up the blanket that all their fake Louis Vuitton purses are on and run into an alley. Next, we see Polizia. (Police)…Hmmm.. not shady at all.

Also, they will bargain with you like in Mexico. So Gabs and I have been trying to make deals with some of them for their stuff. This works sometimes, and sometimes it leave you walking away from an ugly purse with a middle eastern man shouting “Vait! Vait! I’ll make you, GOOD deal! Vait!”. I had this guy try and sell me an ugly ring for 10 euro. He kept saying, “This one looks just as good as the one you picked out” (Except it didn’t. it was ugly). He tried his darndest.. so I laid it out for him, “Look, I don’t like that ring. Its ugly. I’m not paying 10 euro for a ring I’m not wearing.” He then asks, “How much you give me for it?” Thats when I hit him with the.. walk away. They NEVER quit. I’m not gonna give you anything for an ugly ring.

Also, at the Accademia we saw Robert Mapplethorpe’s work, a photographer from New York. Within his little exhibition were some Andy Warhol’s. Pretty cool. We also saw a few sketches of Michelangelo’s. Very cool.

I’m looking forward to the museum in Venice (Peggy Guggenheim). Modern Art Museum. PUMPED UP. Names like, Pollock, Picasso, Braque, Kandinksky, Klee, Mondrian, Calder, and many others like those. I’m SUPA excited. Thats my kinda art (it is also the exact opposite kind of art Wesley likes), Wes is Mr. “anyone-can-do-that” when it comes to these artists, Haha.. Thats okay baby, I don’t always get your motorcycles… We still work.

Well, I’m about to wake Gabby up. We were crazy tired after today. I guess staying up til 1:30 am will do that to you. I’ll try and post once more before we go. Like I have said before, and I’ll prob say again in a status or something, in Venice we have NO internet as far as we know. They don’t advertise it, so we are guessing not. Now, we may get there and a hotel next door to ours have it or something and we pick it up.. Slim chance. So if you all do not hear from us, and we don’t blog for two days, it isnt because men snuck into our rooms and took us to sell as wives to really rich men on boats, (thats a shout out to Taken by the way), that just means we don’t have internet. We will still blog, but just post them once we get to Rome.

Perhaps more later. and Perhaps not. Maybe something interesting will happen for the rest of today.