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Rome day 1, part 1

I say part 1, because I’m not going to type the whole thing in here. I’m sitting in a lobby, but I wanted to update everyone a little bit on how our first day was here.


Romans are CRAZY. They dress crazy, drive crazy, shout at each other in line crazy. But its fun.

Quickly I’ll say this: We made it in, me with about 30 minutes of sleep, so as of now, I’ve been up a good 26 hours (minus my light 30 minute nap), so my brain isn’t really functioning to its best ability. We FINALLY found our Hostel, its in the ghetto. Its not a bad neighborhood, just not real pretty. lots of Graffiti. We then went walking, and walking and, good gracious, Rome is huge. I have a blister on my toe, and I was in tennis shoes. We saw the colisseum, and will go in it on the 22nd, we saw Trevi Fountain, and several old churches. Everything here is huge.

The Italians drive like maniacs compared to good ole South Mississippi. The people on mopeds are verrrry brave. They dart out in front of busses like its no big deal. Wild.

Ok, more later. Its 5 and I’m going to bed. Good night

In the Airport

I guess I might blog some while I’m gone on my trip to Italy. This will be an easy way for me to tell all of you how my trip went, without repeating my story 100 times, even though I’ll probably like to.

Checking in at the Air port went well. Was not bad at all. Walked right on through (barefoot) but I got to bring in all my stuff, nail clippers and my travel scissors. They didn’t even ask really. Now we are just sitting here.. It’s 12:00 noon and we are waiting for 12:51 to get here. that is when we leave, so we’ll probably get on the plane before that. So far – really excited! Trip is going good. God is BLESSING.

Thanks to everyone who has shot up a prayer, and I would ask that you would keep on keeping on.

Love all of you!


So we made it to Atlanta. Sitting here at the airport. Its crazy huge. There is an actual subway that takes you around the airport. SUBWAY.. its like it is its own little town. Crazy. I’m so sheltered. I apologize. They just made a call that they would be boarding within the next 10 minutes. That’s 45 minutes before we take off. We just ate lunch – Gabs had some kind of pita wrap thing.. I had Arby’s. I’m such a health freak. Haha.

I’m excited about this flight. We got seats together. I got a window seat I think. We are sitting together alone, not between anyone. We are all by ourselves. Yay! This is the kind of plane that seats 8 across. Huge.

Alrighty.. I’ll post this probably when I have free Wifi service in Italy… ATL charges for it (Boo).

But so far – all is well, we are safe, happy, and very excited!