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Devotional: Isaiah 53 and Our Weekend

But he was pierced for our rebellion,
crushed for our sins.
He was beaten so we could be whole.
He was whipped so we could be healed.
Isaiah 53:5 NLT

This is really a pretty famous verse. I’m pretty sure most people have heard this at some point.

It is a great reassurance knowing that not only did Christ die for us to have eternal salvation, but also to make us whole, and to heal us.

I do not think these are metaphors for something else. I do believe his blood has the power to actually physically heal us and actually put us back together.

I googled being a “whole person”. Yes… you can google pretty much anything 🙂 I found a forum of a guy who said that was his goal. His goal was to be “whole” and by that he meant basically not needing anything from anyone that he feels self sufficient.

He explained it like a beaver dam – that it doesn’t stop the water (trials and troubles) but it does create a safe place for the beaver to live.

For Christians (this guy more than likely wasn’t), God makes this easy for us. Instead of needing other people for things, we only need Him. And He is so holy and perfect that He can fill every void we could ever have. He is what gives us the safe place to grow and thrive.

It is because of Christ, and his death on the cross, that can happen.

His death isn’t one dimensional. He isn’t a one dimensional God. There is so much more to Him than we will ever know. At least until we get to see him face to face!

What a day that will be.



Life Blog

So Saturday was the Okatoma Festival. It’s held the first Saturday of every year. It was… hot. Especially for little miss 6 1/2 months pregnant. Every now and then the sun would go behind a cloud and a breeze would come through. That wasn’t too unbearable.

Wesley ran a 5K. He got 28:45 for his time! I was so very proud of him. His last 5K (back in September) he did 31 minutes I believe. And actually, that was his last time to run 3.11 miles. So he hasn’t been running, and still shaved over 2 minutes off his time. Crossfit works.

I had my earrings and hand towels for sale at the festival. I sold a lot. But considering my stuff is pretty cheap, I only made like $150. Which isn’t bad, but I’ve done better. I’m going to start putting that stuff online now, and hopefully can get most of it gone.

Wesley and his dad and our neighbor (Thanks Mr. Danny!) worked on our shower:
Glass blocks!

Not much left and I can shower in MY bathroom instead of our guest bathroom. I’m really excited about that. REALLY.

After the festival, Lucy and I were both hot (even though she didn’t stay very long – she was with MawMaw) I got her in her pool. She enjoyed herself. And the chickens stood in amazement. They are friendly birds.


I started kinda feeling bad after that. I guess 9 hours sitting in the heat can do that to you. After I showered and laid down for a while I felt better.

We went and ate fish that night.

Sunday was a regular day – busy – as always.

After church we went to Hattiesburg to eat for Wesley’s birthday. (It’s Friday!) Then we had been invited by a friend of ours to a birthday party at KidsRule, so we took Lucy. That child had a BLAST.

Basically, the idea for Kids rule is really simple. It’s blow up jumpy things in an air conditioned room. That’s… pretty much it. But the kids run and play and run and bounce and slide and just plain wear themselves out.

I let Lucy play in the toddler area first:
You have to look VERY closely. You’ll see a flash of foot falling into the Dora car.


But she much preferred the big kid jumpies. Uncle Sam was the only one who wore socks, so he was the only one who could go down the slides and stuff with her.

Big girl Sliding! (Uncle Sam was right behind her…)

After that – she was WORE out. She hadn’t napped all day. Poor girl. Then we had church last night which was as usual. And now we start today.

Wes has a little bit of a paint job to do, and then we are going to start working on our house (painting the outside!).

So I have to go and wipe the house down. Spiders love our house.

I’ll be sure to take before and after pictures. It’s going to look SO good. YAY!

Ok, I’m done.

Hope your Monday is nothing like a Monday!

PS – Wesley (who is quite freaked out by my giant moving belly) got to feel Judah yesterday. I snuggled up to him early yesterday morning, and Judah then started kicking. Kicked him right in the back. Never seen Wes jump that high outta bed. Except for the time I was pregnant with Lucy and did the same thing!

Devotional: 1 Peter // Chickens and a Cutie Pie

The suffering won’t last forever. It won’t be long before this generous God who has great plans for us in Christ-eternal and glorious plans they are!-will have you put together and on your feet for good. (1 Peter 5:10 MSG)

Wow. Do I need to even write anything else? We all know that suffering happens in this life. Children lose mothers, mothers lose children, husbands and wives divorce, families fight and argue until they don’t speak, people are laid off… Isn’t it great to know that God has big plans for us.

And not just plans for our life, but those too. He has eternal plans for us! He’s already planning for us to be reunited with Him! That makes everything here a little more bearable, does it not?

You can deal with things easier if you know there is an ending. Anything really… Knowing that you only have 3 miles to go in a 5k, makes it easier to keep running. Knowing if you push a little harder, you’ll get a baby 😉 makes it easier to keep pushing. I mean, ultimately, life is tough, but knowing that our God is waiting for us, does seem to brighten the light at the end.


Life Catchup

Went to the doctor yesterday. Judah is growing right on track. My bump is as big as it should be. Yes, you read that right. I’m just right for ONE baby. People gotta stop with this twin talk.

Anyway – my next appointment is the 28 week one, meaning sugar test (booooo) and rhogam shot. I’m Rh- so I gotta get the shot. I didn’t get it with Lucy, until after she was born. My docs then.. forgot… Yeah. Forgot. No biggie. She’s fine and I’m fine, but Wesley’s blood type is opposite mine. I’m O neg, he’s B pos. So, we could have issues. Or.. Judah could. So we are doin the shot. Anyway.. after that visit – I’m already to the every two weeks visits!

I cannot believe HOW FAST this pregnancy is going by. And with me expecting him a month early (I almost hope he doesn’t disappoint) I already know I am not going to have enough just me and Lucy time.

Have I told yall lately how stinking CUTE she is? I havent? My word. What is wrong with me. Here.. I’ll prove it. We spent a little time outside this week watching our chicks (who look more like chickens than chicks now… but they are still very young – only 11 weeks!) free range. Lucy grabbed my leftover (FREE) frappe from Burger King and the pictures are priceless.

First the chicks:)

You’d think our cat would try and attack them.. but he’s rather small, so I think he knows better.

Here is one of my Silver Laced Wyandottes.
This is Cleo.

One of my Americaunas (I didn’t spell that right… and I’m gonna be lazy this morning and not look it up.)
Her name is Mable.

Lucy loves playing in their coop. Their.. poop infested coop. Ugh. I can’t keep her out.

Here is our Speckled Sussex Rooster, Poncho.
His feathers are turning green 🙂 He’s gonna be pretty.

One of our Barred Rocks

One of our Rhode Island Reds
Just so you know – I only name the ones I can tell apart.

And now Lucy with my Frappe whip cream.

And now the cuteness…



WAIT. WAIT. What do I see?

Is it? Can it?

I think it might be.

Little Miss Blue Eye’s are not as BLUE as normal… hm… Wonder where she gets that from?

My eyes were BLUE – I mean, Lucy’s blue – until I was 2. And lookie here.. Little miss almost two and her eyes aren’t quite as blue as before. They look a little aqua in these pictures.

Might we have a green eyed girl on our hands?

Gosh, I hope so!

I love my green eyes. Growing up I always got compliments, and still do now. Here is the best picture I can find of my eyes.

I always wanted her eyes to be green like mine. My eyes were almost the exact same color as my mom’s and I always thought it was so neat. So I wanted to give that to Lucy, but.. you know.. that sort of thing is kinda out of my hands.

They definitely don’t look as blue as they normally do! See?


Its slight, but it is there.

And I’ma happy Mamma.

Ok – off to be productive! Hope your weekend is GRAND!

Devotional: Psalm 29

God makes his people strong. God gives his people peace. Psalm 29:1 MSG

I know of so many times when I have felt defeated, or unworthy, or against all the odds in my life. Just one of those times when it wasn’t just little things that continued to go wrong, but really seemed like everything in my life was just falling to pieces.

But I also know this verse.

God does make His people strong, and He is a peace giver.

It doesn’t matter what you go through, how you got there, what you are going to go through or what you are in right now – God has been there and is totally willing to give you strength to endure it and peace so that you can endure it well.

All this to say – He will let you go through it. There are some things you have to go through. They may not be fun, but He will be there to guide the way. He will be there to give you the strength you need to keep waking up each morning and keep getting out of bed, and the peace to even act as though nothing is going to get you down.

I remember looking back on some of the rougher times in my life and thinking – Wow. I should have been MUCH more of a wreck than I was.

God is good at taking care of us.. as long as we let him.


Life Change Catchup

I had a couple of errands to run yesterday, and I made the mistake of stopping by our local Dirt Cheap. Our store’s last day is Saturday I believe, and so they had lots and lots of stuff marked down to almost nothing, and I (spending my own money) bought Lucy and Judah a PILE of clothes.

I got Lucy 2 Carter’s zip up PJ’s, a Hello Kitty PJ set, a Fairies Disney PJ set, 2 pair of jeans, 1 Dress, 2 Short Sleeve shirts, 1 long sleeve shirt, and a pair of sparkly pink leggins.

I got Judah one sleeper, 1 pair of jeans, 2 onesies, 1 set of batman PJs, 4 button up shirts, 1 T shirt and a button up shirt with a tie and vest, and a sweater vest.


I also snagged this super cute storage bin for Judah.
The mesh at the mouth pokes in so you can put stuff in the box through his mouth. This is currently for sale at Target for $9.99.

And here is one of Judah’s onesies 🙂 So perfect!

My total was $26.22.

Not too shabby. And it is all future clothes (I mean, of course for Judah…) But I didn’t buy anything for Lucy smaller than 3T and she’s in 18-24month right now. Mostly 24 month. And The smallest thing I bought for Judah was a Dwell Studio Onesie(the high end Target brand) and the sleeper and both were 3-6 month.

I do not feel bad about spending money on clothes. Especially since I got each item for $1 or less.

Tomorrow, I do not plan on leaving my house. So.. I definitely won’t be spending any money tomorrow.

Also – I ate at home all day too. I did a rotisserie chicken for dinner(Thanks Ms. Steph!) and it was delish. Turned out perfect.

And I’ve been doing good on the waking early too. I pretty much got all my house work caught up already. Which is a GREAT feeling. I told yall that I was going to buy some suspender clips because it was a need for me – well.. Shirley’s didn’t have any – so I found a way to make them at home. I used something I already had. We’ll see if they work as well in the long run. They look nicer already, though.

I hope your Wednesday is better than expected!

Busy as always…

No pictures today. Unless Lucy wakes up in time for me to add just one. We’ve been somewhat busy the past few days/week. Last week, Wesley worked the entire week – he was gone from home from like 5:30am (gym) and came home to eat breakfast, and was out the door by 7am to go to work. He’d come home around 3 most days, but then was working on his car, or helping at the gym, or getting ready for church. And then Thursday and Friday he worked until late – like 5 or 6. Saturday he was gone to Righteous Oaks from about lunch until after 8, then Sunday was busy – we had church then a work day starting at 3. Monday he worked again all day until 3 and finally Tuesday he was home. And just at home.

So, with all of that – it was hard to take a moment to stop and blog, much less take any pictures of that sweet kiddo.

And this week is our church’s Risen Week. We’re having service each night at 7pm. I, being on the praise team, have to be there at 5:30 though. It’s been a BUSY few days.

Wesley’s dad is coming in today – and he’s going to knock out a wall for me – in Lucy’s room. It will double the space of her closet. I’m SUPER excited about it. Especially since Lucy and baby boy are going to share a room. I need a bigger closet.

So Monday I had a rough day. Lucy locked herself in the Jeep. I got out of the jeep, and by the time I walked around to get her out of the passenger side (we were driving home from the church – its like one block, so I just sat her beside me) her curious little toddler-ness had locked the door. Of course with my only key inside.

Thank goodness she’s persistant and I kept urging her to “press that button the other way” and she finally did. After 3 minutes. Three minutes of a lot of fear. I seriously was thinking which window would have to go.

Then when we were on our way to church, I was carrying Lucy and we were running to the jeep in the rain, I slipped. Landed on Lucy, luckily my wrist broke my fall, but didn’t stop her head from hitting. I flipped. We were both soaking wet. She cried. I cried. I have bruises on my knees and wrist. She’s fine. And little boy is fine, he’s been kicking away. Just a day that could have been much worse.

I thank God I’m okay, and that Lucy and baby boy are too. My only real care about me not being hurt is that if I get hurt, so can baby boy.

Speaking of baby boy… I guess I should tell you all what we are going to name this little guy. It’s not Johnny Moses… Sorry.

Judah. Not sure about a middle name, but he will definitely be Judah. We want to make his middle name something that starts with a ‘W’ because then he and Daddy will share initials. Wesley’s name is John Wesley. So we are going with Judah W???? Kirkley. We’ll eventually decide on the middle name.

So why Judah?

Well, I asked God about Lucy before I knew she was even a she, and He told me that I was having a girl and some other stuff. I asked God about this one… and all He said was Judah.

Ok? Well, for me if it’s a boy, that’s easy. If its a girl… then I’m going to have to dig around and figure out what that means. But.. it is a boy, so that’s his name.

Another interesting thing about Judah’s name – It means Praise God. And the first time you hear about it in the bible, is when Leah gets pregnant for the last time, her fourth son, and she says, “This time I’ll praise God.” And that’s kinda how we were. We were surprised, and not exactly excited about having another kid… but Praise God. I haven’t ever known the feeling of wanting to conceive and not being able too. I’m sure I’d choose this situation over that any day.

And my favorite thing about Judah…. In the original Hebrew if you take out the middle letter of Judah, (which would be what we call the D) you are left with YHWH. YHWH is considered by the Jews the most holy personal name of God.

It’s what I have tattooed on my foot.

I didn’t even know that this happened until I knew he was.. a he. I didn’t look up anything on the name until after I knew we were having a boy.

But I bookmarked the verse about “praise God” January 7, 2012.

So.. I guess I knew that we were having a boy all along. I gotta learn to trust God when He tells me stuff. I always just think I’m crazy.

Ok.. I’ve got stuff to do.. And look who just woke up… You get one picture today.

Sleepy head!

Stay dry today, everyone.. And don’t slip in the mud 😉

21 Months Old

I feel like a beast! Lucy turned 21 months yesterday, and I’m already showing you her pictures. I am… on top of things.. at this moment.

I also finished Lucy’s scrapbook – or at least all the pages that I can do with the pictures that I have! There are 3 of them. Sorta ridiculous. Three scrapbooks for one baby. Profuse. Anyway – onto the reason you came today – to see Lucy’s newest (and might be cutest) monthly pictures so far!

*Warning* These are all really adorable. All so cute, that I can’t just choose 3 or 4, so this is a little photo heavy.

Here we go! The swing picture:
21 Months old

She’s holding her gonna have a little brother sign. I thought that would be appropriate for her picture this time:)

Up next – one of my favorites:

A simply CRAZY faced baby. If you know Lucy – you’ve probably seen this face before.

And here is where it all started today…

I was giving the chickens some fresh water, and Lucy became mesmerized by the hose… So I took the fun and games to the porch.. after a little mud splashing.


And then, I changed nozzles.. and the new one leaked. And Lucy.. decided she wanted to drink some hose water. Let the cuteness ensue.


Got it!

Such a sweet girl!



I tried to help her out some. But it was either help or take better pics, so…

She said, I’ll do it myself!



When the “face-in-the-water” technique didn’t work, she went with her hand.


And then back to the face.

She LOVED playing in the hose.

Ok! Ok… enough cuteness to last you til 22 month portraits! And for those of you wondering… Here is how big I am.
20 weeks #2

Good Lord. 20 Weeks… Halfway. Can you IMAGINE full term?

Hope your day was as fun as summertime sprinkler fun!