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21 Months Old

I feel like a beast! Lucy turned 21 months yesterday, and I’m already showing you her pictures. I am… on top of things.. at this moment.

I also finished Lucy’s scrapbook – or at least all the pages that I can do with the pictures that I have! There are 3 of them. Sorta ridiculous. Three scrapbooks for one baby. Profuse. Anyway – onto the reason you came today – to see Lucy’s newest (and might be cutest) monthly pictures so far!

*Warning* These are all really adorable. All so cute, that I can’t just choose 3 or 4, so this is a little photo heavy.

Here we go! The swing picture:
21 Months old

She’s holding her gonna have a little brother sign. I thought that would be appropriate for her picture this time:)

Up next – one of my favorites:

A simply CRAZY faced baby. If you know Lucy – you’ve probably seen this face before.

And here is where it all started today…

I was giving the chickens some fresh water, and Lucy became mesmerized by the hose… So I took the fun and games to the porch.. after a little mud splashing.


And then, I changed nozzles.. and the new one leaked. And Lucy.. decided she wanted to drink some hose water. Let the cuteness ensue.


Got it!

Such a sweet girl!



I tried to help her out some. But it was either help or take better pics, so…

She said, I’ll do it myself!



When the “face-in-the-water” technique didn’t work, she went with her hand.


And then back to the face.

She LOVED playing in the hose.

Ok! Ok… enough cuteness to last you til 22 month portraits! And for those of you wondering… Here is how big I am.
20 weeks #2

Good Lord. 20 Weeks… Halfway. Can you IMAGINE full term?

Hope your day was as fun as summertime sprinkler fun!

Little Thing 2: It’s a BOY!

Wow. I kinda knew.. but really, I didn’t. I was shocked. And then, I was surprised at just how excited I could be over another child in my life.

I guess that happens when you have another child. Something changes in you… all over again.

We had the ultrasound yesterday. And we found out that our next one is a little man. Blue and Green and Orange. Trucks and Frogs. And we are both very excited about it.

No names yet. We hadn’t talked about any before hand, because we didn’t want to argue over a girl name if we weren’t going to have one.. so now, we have some work to do! Hm… This is fun.

Here are some pics of our little guy. Here is his little profile:

And his little hands.

And… his.. HA.. It’s definitely a boy.. I’ll say that.

And we announced it on facebook just how we announced the pregnancy – with Lucy and a sign.

Little Brother

Isn’t that girl so adorable.

I’m really glad that #2 is a boy. Lucy gets to keep on being our one and only princess… She also won’t have to share as many toys. I know she’s going to be a great big sister.

Couple of milestones that Lucy hit that are HUGE for me…

A couple of days ago I asked her “Lucy, can you bring me my phone?” And she did. She got up, found my phone (given, it was just on the table) and she brought it to me without asking to play any games.

GOOD GIRL. Oooo, happy Mama!

And then, last night, I was kinda tidying the living room. Lucy was playing with some toys and I said, “Ok, Lucy, it’s time to go to bed. Time to go Night Night.”

Know what she did?

Put all the toys that she was playing with up in her toy bin. It wasn’t a whole lot of toys, but it took her at least 3 trips.

And I didn’t even ask.

She’s 20 months old.

Be still my heart.

Then I told her to go give Daddy “night night sugar”. That’s part of our routine. She ran down the hall to find Daddy in our bedroom and she puckers up about 2 yards before she gets to you.

Gosh she’s so sweet.

And I also found out.. we say “gosh” too much.

Lucy also says it.

Here we go. Toddlerhood.

Today has been a great day. A great week really.

I’m going through a BUNCH of clothes. I mean.. ALL of Lucy’s clothes. I’m thinking about keeping 1 bag of her clothes. My absolute favorite outfits. The rest I’m either giving away or selling. If you know someone who would want a bag of hand-me-downs, (Girl of course), then let me know. I’ll have sizes from Newborn to 18 Months. I’d prefer to give the 0-3month to one, and 3-6 to another, but I’ll give them to whoever needs them.

Also – if you are interested in buying some – let me know too. I’m putting the nicest ones up for sale.

And I haven’t been blogging, because I’ve been scrapbooking. I’m ALLLMOST done with Lucy’s. Except for (of course) Months 21-24.

And I haven’t decided yet how I’m going to do the swing picture. I’m not sure If I want Lucy in Jr’s or not… Might do some of both. I know I’m going to stop with the monthly ones when Lucy turns 2. Then I’ll do probably every 6 months and then a year. It’ll be fun posing a 1 year old and a 3 year old. I’m looking forward to that already…

Hope your weekend is FABULOUS.

PS – We leave for vacation in 3 weeks! Ahh!!