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Real Life Stuff, Moving, Running, Messiness and my New Buffet 3.21.17 – 4.4.17

Our biggest and happiest moment of the past two weeks? Moving Mawmaw! We looked like something I tell ya. Not pictured is the truck in front of us. We had everything moved in just a few hours and I know Ms. Steph was glad to have that hurdle over with.

We celebrated a birthday – and believe it or not, it wasn’t any of these kids’. Ms. Sam is a dear friend and I’m happy to call her that. She’s a fantastic human and you are better off if you know her than if you don’t. I feel like most people would say the same thing about her. My kids love going to Ms.Sam’s house and she’s also my boss. I work at her school. She’s got a big heart for the kids she teaches.

Wes and I thought about it and decided to change the church background. We love it. It’s cut paper, believe it or not. It turned out really good. We’ve added a verse on the green paper since this was snapped. 

The other day I got emotional because I looked at my Judahs sweet little face and saw a bunch of new freckles. I was thinking, “Where’d these come from? How’d I miss them?” I’ve got freckles and so I figured he’d have some since he burns like I do. (Yes… our blond daughter got the perfectly tanning skin… because we need another reason to shoot teenage boys in a few years…)

But then, I gave him a bath… And most of his “new freckles” had disappeared. HA HA!

What a dirty little nose it was!

I’ve been running still. I’m trying to run 5 days a week but I’m only hitting about 4 of those. I’m doing other stuff too, like slacklining. It’s still fun. Yes, that’s a Lisa Frank shirt. Thank you, Christy, for knowing me well.

And my longest run to date. Whew. I’m tired just looking at my map.

And this joker.

I just don’t know. Some days I want to hold him all day and some days I wanna see what the bids would get to on eBay for him. (No, I’m not gonna sell him. Although I do threaten that pretty often.)

He’s 4, almost 5, and he is literally going 100 mph or asleep. And in the process of going 100mph hes’ tracking dirt and mud and bringing caterpillars and frogs and lizards in my house, and getting dirt on everything, and saying poop and booty more than I can count in a day. He’s exhausting. And wonderful.

I’ve grabbed him to hug him on many instances and then quickly put him back at arms length because… Well, have you smelled a 4 year old that’s been playing outside? It ain’t great.

Then we went to see Beauty and the Beast. SPOILER (sorta.. I’m figuring if you’re reading my blog you’ve seen the cartoon version) When Ms. Pots and Chip turn back into humans, she grabs him and hugs him and says, “Oh you SMELL so GOOD!”

He smelled like a little boy. I’m trying to enjoy his smells. Most of the time I hug him after his baths.

We put some eggs in an incubator. We candled them around day 14.

I say, there is something growing in that egg!

We had to go to a funeral and Lucy and Judah were both dressed up so of course I made them take a picture.

Cheetos in hand.

And Wes and I had played with the idea of adding cabinets to our kitchen. Instead, a piece of furniture that Ms. Steph didn’t want or use she gave to us, so we primed, painted and stuck that baby in there. And I love it!

The top while it was drying.

My hot hubs working to finish it. Man, I’m glad I’ve got a man who can literally do it all.

And finished!

We’ve already got it loaded down and it looks perfect.

Then Daddy and Judah went down to Louisiana to help Papa J with his car. I asked Judah to smile for a picture so I wouldn’t miss him. And this is the face he gave me.

Lucy and I took the day and had some one on one girl time at UpDown!

We jumped until we could jump no more.


Then we facetimed with the brother. They missed each other more than they will EVER admit to.

And you know those eggs we candled?

Not all made it, and not all hatched, but we did have 4 that survived. We’re going to try again and see if we can get a better outcome.

And finally, a bit of real life.

I feel like I live with a tiny college art-major.

When I was in college, our art rooms were always… cluttered. There’s just so much stuff that goes with creating. You need it all within arms reach when you are working on a project. And Lucy is my little creator.

She’s constantly making, or building, or drawing, or writing. I love it, I truly do, but the mess that goes with it? Not so much.

This is AFTER she’s cleaned. Shards of cardboard, hot glue gun strings, chalk fragments.

She’s working on a project, and she’s working hard. I don’t want to stop her though, because she’s six and she’s sculpting. SCULPTING. She loves working with new mediums (she LOVES clay and Sculpey) but the fact she saw that she could make a car out of a cardboard box? Go for it girl. I guess I don’t know many 6 year olds who see a box and go beyond imagining it to be a car.

I’ll post her finished product when she’s done. All I’ve don to help her is run the glue gun. And I only glued like 2 flaps. She grabbed it and went to town (after many stern warnings of her being burned.) She wanted to do it. So… I live in the wake of creativity. And creativity is messy.

And finally…


We’ve started a new garden spot. Look at how dark that dirt is! That’s where I used to pour out the chicken coop leftovers! GOOD fertilizer. It literally looks like we went and bought several bags of potting soil and dumped them out.

And the guy in the picture isn’t so bad either. I’ll be honest, I don’t really pay attention to the dirt in this picture. 😉

Alrighty – you are caught up. We’ve been busy! Now back to getting stuff done!


Living Room, Play time, Red Bluff 3.7.17 – 3.20.17

Ok.. my posts are even fewer and farther between. I’ve sorta gone back to the old fashioned pen and paper life journaling and I truly missed it. This will be for the big stuff. So, what big stuff have you missed?

Our living room is done! 
We finished it and I’ve had a couple of weeks of sweeping and cleaning so most of the Sheetrock dust is gone. 

I paid full price for my rug, which killed me, every little piece of my insides… but I love it. 

And the kids do, too. They lay on it all the time. We also rearranged the living room and I like it better. 

We had a little play day in my back yard and I got out my selfie stick to snap some pictures. 

And also, I’ve lost 10lbs since January 15. I’ve also been running.. a lot. 15 miles in January, 18 miles in February. So far for March I’m at 17 miles. Looking to crush my February record. And I feel fantastic. I don’t always feel fantastic in the first mile, but I always feel better after my 2nd. 

Anyway- playing in the yard I made Lucy pose for me, so I made some funny “extra Lucy” pictures. 

She loved it. The posing, the end result. She was delighted. 

My favorite. The good and bad Lucy’s. Judah wasn’t in the mood, so he didn’t participate. 

After playing in the yard, we had dinner. The kids played the whole “raise your hand if you _____” game. Wes and I were over it. And then I realized… we’ve only got a year left of that game. So, we played it. 

Wes had a dream that night that we had come in from playing, Lucy in her fairy wings and everything, then she walked inside and she was 22. He said it was awful. 

So, Sunday we wanted to do something with them. We went with some friends of ours to Red Bluff and let all of the kids climb and jump and squish in clay and they all loved it. 

We all loved it too. 

I mean, look how growny she looks! This was on the way there. We went top down!

Our whole little team. 

We love doing stuff with this couple. They are great folks to have by your side, at church, out to eat, or getting your socks wet. 

A few of our climbing monkies. 

Up in the “Jungle.”

We made it to the tracks!

Rope swing chaos. 

We took up most of the tributary. 

We totally had fun though and will definitely be going again. 

I think the adults may have had as much fun as the kids. See Lucy’s lime green hat close to the bottom? 

So much fun. 

Alrighty, off to keep my days full!  

Monster trucks and a Hot Red Car 1.28.17 – 1.31.17

So, we are all into monster trucks in our family, so we always try and go see them when they get close enough. Usually the New Orleans show is big enough for them to do tricks, so that’s where we go. 

I feel like I need to add- I use credit cards for everything- like, everything- and I collect points. I use those points for our trips like these. We didn’t pay for our hotel room. It was points. All we had to pay was parking. And we usually get some perks for being a card member- like upgraded rooms to the top floor. 

We were right by the Superdome, so we walked there. And I was able to squeeze our whole group in a picture!

And we were all rooting for somebody. Judah was for Grave Digger, Lucy for ScoobyDoo because a girl drives that truck, Wes was for MaxD and I was for El Toro Loco. 

This is me and Lucy trash talking. She loves the shows more than Judah at times I think. 

And the show wasn’t as good as last years show, but we all had fun. 

Then… we had our own little adventure. Wes found a car her wanted in Houston. So his plan was- hitch a ride to his Dad’s, let them watch the kids, we fly to Houston, pick up the car and head home. 

And so that’s what we did. 

It worked really well because we didn’t have to take 2 vehicles to New Orleans. Wes’ dad picked us up from New Orleans on Sunday, and brought us back to the air port on Monday. 

We’ve never flown anywhere together. This was our first flight. And- you remember our free hotel room? Yep. Free plane tickets too. 

And we were in Houston in about an hour. 

We got an Uber ride from the airport to south Houston, or Sugar Land. Met up with the guy about 5 minutes after we got out off the Uber ride. Test drove, signed the title, paid him, and we were out. 

With or very shiny, very RED, car. 

We were back in Thibodaux by 6:30 that night. We were gone 12 hours. Then we crashed because we were so exhausted, and headed home the next morning. 

Judah liked riding in style, don’t let him fool you. The kids love the car. It has color change lights and they love that. Judah loves that it’s red. 

And then we got back to normal life. 

I’ve started helping a dear friend with her work. She teaches other people’s kids, she homeschools them and I’m helping her with Art and Science. So that’s been an interesting change. I haven’t really had to “go to work” in a long time. But I get to bring my kids and I teach them there and she helps me with them too, so it works out really well. 

Well, we are off to start our day. Hopefully you’ve been enjoying this beautiful week! Thank you south Mississippi for your winters! Haha!

Just Days 1.19.17 – 1.27.17

Not much to report here… Just school and wintery/summery days. This January has been mild – and I don’t mind at all. Given our AC is still not performing at 100% – we don’t have consistent heat when it gets very cold. So, it hasn’t been that much of an issue for us.

So, here’s some pictures. Judah loves salad. And asks for it on a regular basis.

Lucy’s still drawing. I liked this one of the “Which” from Snow White and the seven “Dwerfs” haha!

We had a Barbie party too. I’m trying my hardest to play some each day. It’s not always easy to. Which sounds awful. But when I know what all I “need” to get done in my house and life, but I realize that my time with her is limited. She won’t be asking me to play barbies much longer. So, I pause on the clothes or the sweeping and we play.

We got rid of a few of our chickens. We were having an issue. See our little rooster?

He’s in the upper right of the picture. Trying to stay away from our older rooster. The older rooster was constantly chasing him and some of our older hens were constantly pecking our smaller birds. So, out with the old (and the new roo) and now our flock is getting along a lot better.

Then… We sold Wes’ motorcycle. It wasn’t something he was using. He likes riding, even still, but with the terrible drivers everywhere… It’s not worth it. He said every time he rode, he’d pass people on the highway, staring at their phones. It made me nervous. I don’t doubt his ability to drive, but I do doubt distracted cell-obsessed folks who aren’t paying attention to a man on a bike.

Judah wasn’t pleased.

But then he got some cake and he perked up.

And the kids begged us to go fishing.

And they did good!

And then they stopped biting. And so we sat and watched the water.

I know how blessed I am and I am so grateful that God allows both of us to be home most of the day. Our kids see both of us, more than most kids see their parents. There are only a few hours out of the week that I’m not with my kids most weeks. Maybe one night they stay with their Mawmaw, which is a great break for me and she loves getting them.

And the same applies to Wes. He’s home with us. And I know that most families with a stay at home mom, the dad is gone 40-60 hours a week. And I know most families the mom and dad are gone 40-60 hours a week… And I’m so so grateful that I don’t have to be away from these growing kids.

I saw Lucy call her Aunt Christy last night. She was sitting indian style on the bed, with the phone to her ear. Yes, I had to help her find the phone button, and I had to help her put it to her ear right. But everything else? The way she looked around when listening to Christy talk, the way she moved her hand when she was talking to her. Her glances at me while I teared up at my 6 year old going-on-15 year old… She looked so grown and I realized that I’m going to blink and these days will be over.

So… That’s a lot of the reason whey I’m blogging less, I’m facebook-ing less, I’m putting my phone down and I’m trying to enjoy this family of mine while we are able to be together throughout these days.

I hope that you take advantage of every moment with your family that you can. I know that I don’t always, but I’m trying. I’m trying to put folding laundry below the need of playing barbies or setting up monster truck ramps. I want to make sure I play with them while they still want to play.

Ok. I’m off to spend a weekend with my family. Playing, enjoying each other, and just making the most of this time that we have together.

Dreary January catch-up 1.3.17 – 1.9.17

Did you all thaw out? Not yet? That’s alright. Today will be warm. Finally. 

Our power bill from November to December more than doubled (went up like $190) which was cause for concern since that seemed a little extravagant. Also- our biggest use days we weren’t even home! 

They sent a guy out and he checked some stuff and basically- our AC unit is pulling the right amount of power- but is not pushing out any extra heat. 

The air that was coming out in our home he said was supposed to be ~105+. It was 87. And we were using the power to push out 105. It looked like in paper that our house would be 78 degrees all the time. (DEF not so).

Well- the coldness and ice basically killed it. When it gets below 30- our heat doesn’t do anything. So we shut it off- ran space heaters and kept a fire going through the whole dreary thing. 

Our AC is supposed to be getting checked today and hopefully it’ll be nice and toasty for the next cold spell. (If we even have one!)

I snapped this at church Wednesday night. The kids play hard and make a big mess, and then our kids leader, Samuel, makes them clean. And they love the cleaning part. They argue over who gets to vacuum. Tonight- Judah got to. 

And Lucy and I have been playing with our clay- and making little things. (The chapstick is real, just for size reference). 

And just wanted to show proof what I have to brush out every single day. 

Every. Single. Day. 

We had planned on donating her hair- but then I started looking into the companies. And a lot of them are not fully honest about what they do with the hair. I decided that I’m not going to chop off her hair to send to a company that may or may not use it for that purpose and instead sell it for a few bucks. 

Also- her hair was fine and brittle, and super tangly. It was also lighter at the ends which made me believe it would be in the toss stack. And it’s precious to me and to her and I don’t really want it sold for $3 to Malaysia. No offense. 

So we trimmed it some and it looks much better. 

Anywhoo. Off to do some school!