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Glory to God

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen. Ephesians 3:20-21

This is true. All glory should go to God. For each and every thing that happens to us, good or bad, glory to God.

A lot of times we aren’t willing to thank God for the bad things. But, a lot of times those bad things aren’t actually bad. They may seem to be at first, but generally things turn around for the better. God does not like seeing us hurting or crushed. Do not ever think that. He loves us so desperately. Its truly amazing.

We go to the doctor today for Lucy. She has to be weighed again to see if she’s putting weight back on. I can’t tell. I can tell she’s eating lots better. Hopefully her weight will be a non issue. Last week when they scheduled the two week check up, I flipped out a little on the inside.

Was I not doing it right? Was it me? I’m the only thing that feeds her. Am I doing it wrong? Am I not enough? What if she gets even smaller?

The what if’s danced around in my head.

but… Glory to God.

Its not a big deal. Why? How do I know? Because God loves Lucy more than I do. He has big plans for her. I just know it. And those plans involve her growing up and becoming a woman. She will be fine. God will take care of her, when I can’t.

He took care of me when my mom couldn’t. How dare I not expect the same from Him with my little girl. At least, I will be here for her. I hope she knows just how much I love her. I’ve only known this little girl for 2 weeks, and I would take a bullet for her. I would take any punishment or pain for her so that she wouldn’t have to experience it. In a second.

Glory to God. He is worthy of all our praise regardless the situations we are in.

We have to leave in 10 minutes. So much for Lucy getting a bath before we go. Eeek.  Here is a picture from her last bath time!


As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the LORD is flawless. He is a shield for all who take refuge in him. Psalm 18:30

God knows all we need. He knows how to make us work. He knows what to do always.

Since I’ve had ole Lucy, I’ve not wanted to leave my house. Wes keeps coming home from running errands and doing church stuff, and I think he feels guilty because he gets to go and do and I don’t.

I don’t mind at all. I’m actually probably happier here with my baby than I am anywhere else. Except, I don’t want to go anywhere. Or I didn’t.

So I thought, is this postpartum depression? Oh goodness. I don’t want that. So I looked it up. There are two things that happen to women after they have delivered. Baby Blues is one and Postpartum Depression is another. PPD is when a woman doesn’t want to take care of herself or her baby. That is definately not me. Baby Blues is the crazy influx of hormones that goes out and comes into your body. The pregnancy ones stop, and the breast feeding ones begin. This makes you a little bit nuts.

So I had the Baby Blues. I woke up this morning, and felt much better. I guess my raging hormones have decided to slow down a bit.

Its funny that God created us this way. And I started thinking. The best thing in the world for Lucy, was me wanting to spend every second with her. She needed that from me for the first week or two. I’m still content being at home, but I wouldn’t mind running an errand here or there now. Two days ago I didn’t want to leave my bedroom.

This is what works. God knows it.

He is supreme.

I am not.

I’m glad He loves me and knows what He is doing… because generally… I don’t. Its much easier to just rely on Him and know it will all turn out right than trying to depend on myself.

Lucy’s First Photoshoot

You all knew it wouldn’t be long..

You knew it was coming…

Andrea takes a lot of pictures…

and now there is this tiny girl who is beyond adorable that lives with her…

and it has now happened.

Here are some of my favorite results of her first photo shoot:

Here she is on my pashmina from Florence, Italy. Cute little tongue.

In her daddy’s helmet. It keeps him safe. He keeps her safe.

Again, on the pashmina on our floors in our guest bedroom.

Sleepy girl!

To see the rest of the pictures (there are 26 in all) click here.

So… what do you think?


God, how difficult Your thoughts are for me to comprehend; how vast their sum is! If I counted them, they would outnumber the grains of sand; when I wake up, I am still with you. Psalm 139:17-18

Our God loves us more than we will ever understand. Our minds cannot wrap around His love for us. I’m glad. If there was anything I would want to be able to not understand, it would be just that. I love knowing that there is nothing I can do, think, say, mean, or be that would ever make Him love me any less… or any more.

Lucy has made me realize God’s love in a whole new way. She has really made me start realizing just how much in love He is with us. He loves us so much. Its unbelievable.

I was taking her picture last night and I just realized that I want to watch her. I just want to stare at her. I don’t want to miss a thing she does. Its hard for me now… I’m in the living room and she is in her bed. I’m staring at the monitor… part of me wants it to start lighting up so I can run to her rescue. (And there is another part of me that doesn’t… Her cry usually means gross diaper…)

God loves us and wants us to whimper and cry out for Him. He wants us to want him. I cannot wait until Lucy says “I love you”… I can’t wait til she says “mama”. I can already tell she loves me.. She looks at me so intently. God wants us to look toward Him.

Try it out. I promise it will change you. His love will change you.

And off goes the monitor.


“Sons are indeed a heritage from the Lord, children, a reward.”
Psalm 127: 3

I always understood this verse. Children are a blessing. Parents love their children. I got it.

I so didn’t get it.

This kid has brought me more joy in a week than I ever thought my heart capable of experiencing. When she smiles, my heart melts. (Yeah, I know it’s gas… It’s still adorable).
When she holds my hand when I’m feeding her, my heart melts. When I look at her yawn, my heart melts. I have never fallen this hard or this fast for anything in this whole world. It’s amazing.

She is my blessing. She is a little bit of me (and a lot of Wesley, poor thing). I get this verse much more clearly now.

I have never been a “baby person”. You know the ones. A person walks in with a car seat and that person knows… There is a baby in the room. Baby people (I believe) have an extra sense. They can smell babies, even before they come in a room. They know they are there. And they love it. They rush over and stare at the baby, but not after washing their hands. They never touch a baby’s face. They look at the baby’s hands and feet and say something to the effect of “eating them up”. I know baby people. I am not one. I never really got why people just loved babies.

They are babies. They don’t do anything except cry and poop and make faces and sounds. They are going to grow up and become regular humans and you wouldn’t dare run up to an adult that just walked into the room, grab their hand, looka t their fingers and say, “oooo! I just wanna nibble these fingers off!” You would get tossed into one of those places, and fast.

I didn’t understand baby people. I’m still not one. But, I get it now. I understand it. Most people who love babies have been around them at some point in their life. Either it be theirs or a niece or nephew. They’ve experienced this rushing love for a completely helpless individual. It transfers over… They remember how they felt about theirs.

I understand you, baby people. You haven’t won me to your side, but I get you. More now than ever.

I will be blogging again now. Just so you know. Same idea as before, except now I’ll probably talk more about Lucy than ever.

For my family who reads this: I will try and add a little bit to the bottom of each day an update on Lucy for you, so you know how it’s going.

Lucy Bea Update: yay! She’s a week old! Nursing got rough (real rough) around day 5. I’m making milk now, and Lucy is eating good. We still are having a few issues here and there, but no one is going hungry. Thank you, Jesus.

Lucy also has an umbilical cord still. It’s black and crispy (and disgusting). It smells kinda gross. Ok, it smells real gross. When I was at the hospital they told me, “clean it like, twice a day with rubbing alcohol.”

Ok. This thing is attached to my baby girl. So, like any new mom would do, I cleaned it as gently as possible. Barely touching it. Mostly getting her belly wet with alcohol. I go to the pediatrician and he shows me how to clean it. You have to move the stub around apparently. And, tell people that the sweet babies don’t have feeling in it. That makes me a lot less scared to clean it right.

So anyway, it started leaking a little bit and had a funky smell. All my books said call the doctor, so I called the doctor. They give me a home treatment to do, and after 4 applications, it looks much better. She can’t tell. I can. I’ll be glad when she’s black stump free.

Wesley is getting better at diapers. I still do most of the poopy ones. He tries to be so gentle with her that she kicks around a lot when he’s changing her and he can’t get the diapers on right. He’ll learn he won’t break her.

Mom is doing fine too. Still tired. Moreso than Wes. He can’t do the midnight feedings. He’s missing a couple of things that make that job much easier. Luckily, Lucy loves to nap. So Lucy and I nap a lot.

She’s also a great nightime sleeper. We put her down after eating and it’s 3 hours before she wakes. Sometimes I have to wake her myself. Good girl Lucy. Keep that up sweetie.

She’s very much a content baby. She d
Hasn’t really cried yet. Like the hours of wailing… Hasn’t happened. She’s a happy girl. Based on how much Wesley and I prayed about her being a good baby, I think she’ll stay like this. Thank you, Jesus, for answering our prayers.

Today starts week 2! Let’s see what it has in store!