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But an hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth. Yes, the Father wants such people to worship Him.
John 4:23

Sorry it has been so long. I’m not sure what I’ve been doing. Well.. a lot really. Still, I know I need these as much as the next guy. Just a moment to sit and think about the Word, uninterrupted. Its hard to find a time where interruption does not exist. You all know I journal like crazy, and I have cut back on that to about twice a week. I do them on the computer now. (But not for people to read!) If you google me – Andrea Kirkley, the first 8 or so entrys are me. Thats scary. So basically, what I’m saying is… I’m not blogging about myself, because any of my students could find this and read it and it’s called a personal life because it is just that. I don’t need 35 teenagers goin’ around knowin’ muh bizniss.

Also: If you are reading this on Facebook – it will probably be the last time. I’m going to stop forwarding my posts. Unless I get some MAJOR feedback that you guys want me to. If you do.. and you heart easy access, then let me know below. If no.. then don’t. I’ll pretty much keep a link in my status on how’s to read ’em.

So here we go…again. I had been doing a study on worship. I believe that worship is important. Almost the most important thing as a Christian. Worship leads us to follow Him into places we wouldn’t ever go. If I didn’t worship Christ, I would have never been to the slums of Reynosa, Mexico. Worship leads us to change little pieces of ourselves to become more like Him. Worship is important. Check. We all know that. Unbelievers know that. So lets get to a little taste of steak…

This verse, John 4:23, is Jesus talking. Jesus was talking to the woman at the well, and He was telling her that she doesn’t know who she worships, but that soon everyone will know, and everyone will worship in truth. He was going to open up worship to everyone, not just the Jews. (Ah-Mazing. Thank you Jesus!) The word here I’m looking at is worship. They will worship in Spirit and in truth.

As you know, the words Jesus used don’t always translate perfectly into our language. I looked up the meaning of this word and absolutely fell in love with one of the meanings. It was that this word worship was equivalent to the adoration shown by a dog licking his masters hand.

I think about my dog, Hunny. She’s great and I love her. She’s a chihuahua. She does bark, but once she gets calmed down she’s playful and nice to people. She’s not one to bite people. She isn’t a fan of little kids, but then again would you be a fan of something small that always chased you screaming at you and pulling on your ears and tail? Yeah, No. You wouldn’t.

It wouldn’t matter if I was covered in hot garbage juice. That baby would sit by me and lick my hand for ever. It wouldn’t matter if I had salt all over me. She would lick my hand. She loves to lick. It drives us crazy most of the time… She would lick me regardless the junk that was on me. She loves me.. unconditionally.

This is how Jesus wants to love him. Regardless what He throws at us. Regardless what He asks us, or tells us to go through. We need to be more like dogs for once, and love without limits and conditions to Christ, first and foremost, and then to His people. Its no lie we are dog eat dog. We need to be dog love everybody. As stupid and corny as that is.. and lack of words I had.. just go with it.

Our efforts never go unnoticed by God. We need to make our love unconditional instead of hinged on what He does for us. He’s already done so much.

I'm published!

A few of my pictures from Italy have been included in a Schmap Online Guide! They contacted me a while back and these three made the short list of chosen photos. They decided to use all three! Yay! Here they are on the website. They link right to my flickr account. I’m excited! I posted the links below.

Roman Forum

Arch of Constantine

Vatican Museums


Happy are those who keep His decrees
and seek Him with all their heart.
Psalm 119:2 HCSB

People buy, cheat, steal, even kill sometimes to get to the “top”. What is the “top”? Well, wouldn’t that be to have money – and loads of it? And why would any one want money? Yeah, thats right, to buy all the crap they “need” aka want. People (I don’t care what you say) don’t buy RangeRovers because they are safe. They buy them because they are Range Rovers. Why is that important? Status. What does all this mean?

If you got loads of money, and status, that supposedly brings you happiness. SUPPOSEDLY.

I asked my students the other day something, and one of them said “I’m not a Christian ’cause I don’t wanna do all the stuff I do, and then call my self something I’m not. I do too much bad to be a Christian.”

Another one followed it up with, “Hey, ain’t a Christian one of them people who can’t cuss or drank and stuff?”

I wanted to shout from the rooftops, NO. That isn’t at ALL what a Christian is. We aren’t just following some big imaginary list of “don’ts”. Surprise, Surprise to many.

Following God is the only real way to be fully happy. And I mean REALLY happy, not happy for a little while, like when you see a puppy. Note that.