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DIY at Home

040316-040516: Getting close!

Our room is SO CLOSE to being finished! I can’t blog long because I’m actually moving in!!

Here’s what I can show you…

The new clear coat going on, and looking wonderful. 

And it’s officially painted! 

I’ve actually got my school desks and stuff in the room, but I’m going to hold off on the reveal pictures because ALL of my stuff is everywhere. I want it to look nice for the final showing. We are tying up loose ends today- final plugs, covers and things, finishing the steps. And the steps won’t be finished for a few more days, but I’ll show you pictures as soon as all the tubs of stuff are gone. 

Ah! I can’t wait!!

033116 – 040216: April is here!

Wes’ mom and I had a garage sale Saturday, and it was crazy. 

We did it at the church and sold quite a bit of stuff. We had stuff left over, but we, thankfully, got rid of a lot that was taking up room in our houses. 

While I was doing my painting Class on Friday, Wes and Mr. Danny got our lights all hooked up and running.  

While I was garage selling, Wes got our cabinets primed and painted, and I love them! 

Now, our left to finish checklist is…

  • Finish painting (trim and walls)
  • Clear coat the floor
  • Put in the lower outlets and tie it into the new breaker
  • Put in the new bulbs when they come in Monday 
  • Trim around the stairs, and paint them
  • Stain the French doors
  • Find a dry erase board and bulletin board for my walls. 
  • Move ALL my stuff in!!
  • Get the outside done! (This is sorta a big one..)

We are getting so close!

And finally, Saturday one of my best friends got married. She found her guy and I’m so happy for the two of them. Congrats Gabby and Jeff! Marriage only gets better. 

They had the cutest little photo booth at the wedding, and so Christy and I and my kiddos got a picture, and shockingly everyone was smiling! 

And then I forced Wes to take one too. And he actually was a crasher. He had officiated a different wedding of another family that we know well and their wedding stated at  5, so he was able to make it to Gabby’s reception. 

It was getting cold and our kids were shivering, so we had to leave before he actually got to see Gabby. They’ll see the picture and know he came by.  
We’ve had a busy productive weekend. I’m glad Sunday is here. Even though Sunday’s aren’t really a day of rest for me. I’m excited about church.  

033016: Room Progress

I finally got done scrubbing the old sealer up off the floor. Really glad that’s over, and so is my back and my knees. 

Here’s what our room looks like now!

You can see we got the new lights put in, they aren’t wired up yet, hopefully by the end of this week we’ll have all our electrical done, and the cabinets will be primed. That’s our goal anyway! 

We worked yesterday and then I took a short break to run to Hattiesburg to eat lunch with my Aunt Mary and cousin Emily. My Aunt Mary is very much like my mom (given that they were twins… Obviously they are alike). She provides me with a comfort that she never will know (except I’m pretty sure she knows what she is to me.) And Emily? Growing up my family was close. We were all close. And I’m SO eternally grateful for a grandma that raised her 5 daughters well. Emily is a few years older than me, but she’s very much like a sister to me. We always pick right up where we left off when we get together and I love that about her. 

It was a needed lunch date for me. I love my family. 

Well, enough sappiness… Back to work! 

032416 + 032516: Easter Extravaganza 

We had a big get together for Easter at our church on Good Friday. We ate burgers, kids played and played in the jump house, and then we got together and did communion and watched Son of God. 

And I didn’t take a single picture…

There were folks everywhere, though. It was a good time. 

And then my kids, who had been going nonstop since 8am, crashed. I got to rock my Judah to sleep and I love doing that.  

We had a little setback in our room… The floor sealer clouded up because we didn’t wait the right amount of time in between coats, and possibly before putting it down. Also the temperature. We did a lot wrong. So, our options were paint over it, or get that up and reseal. I want stained floors. They looked so good in the spots that were clear. 

So I’m slowly scraping it up. It’s not smooth concrete, so I can’t use a razor edge or anything to scrape it. I have to pick it   

I’ve tried a few techniques and the hair-dryer-pull-technique happens to be the best. Still slow, but faster than me trying to do it with boiling water and a shop vac. 

You can see the stain is going to be pretty. Gah, I’m ready for this room to be done!

That gets you caught up! 

031316 – 031516: Slow progress

Wes was working the past few days, so we didn’t get as much done on our house as we had been. We did get the room primed, windows cased in, and painted the fireplace. We also started on cleaning the floor. 

I decided to stain the floor instead of laminate. That way, I don’t ever have to worry about spills, people tracking in water, or any crazy science fair projects that drip or ooze. 

The plastic bag is a test we are running right now to see what type of stain we need to use. 

And my kids and I played and played yesterday. 

We found out that Jasmine likes Judah.  

And then I cleaned out SO MUCH STUFF the past couple of days. We’re going to have a garage sale at Mawmaws house I think. And I’ve got SO much to get rid of. I’m trying to clean out before we get moved in my room so that I don’t have a ton of extra stuff to throw away. 

Alrighty- Wes is off so we are back to work! Yay! We’re getting so close!