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Don’t Worry, be Happy!

so Christ was sacrificed once to take away the sins of many people; and he will appear a second time, not to bear sin, but to bring salvation to those who are waiting for him. Hebrews 9:28

We always think of Salvation as this thing that has already happened to us. We got saved. We got our salvation.

The definition to salvation is to save from evil and deliver from sin. So really, in a sense we have been given a piece of our salvation. But (and this is the good part) our true salvation comes when Christ takes us home. That is when we will truly have NO evil around us. No sin. No death. No pain. No loss. No grief. No stress. No hurt. No hormones. (ok, that last one gets me excited!)

God is big enough to take us away from all the things that do us some sort of harm (evil). You may think a little worry isn’t that big of a deal, but worry is just stress, and stress is a huge deal. Stress can give you a heart attack, which can kill you. So DON’T worry.

HA.. preachin to the CHOIR. Ok, well, myself. I’m a worry wart. BIG TIME. Mostly because I’m really geeky and a nerd and I like to plan stuff out. (sadly, I’ll be the mom who has an itinerary when we go on vacation. When I mean itinerary, I don’t mean we’ll go here on this day. I mean, at 8 am we’ll get up, by 9 we’ll be here or there.. Its really a sickness I have…) I’m a super planner. And when things mess up my plans (which happens a lot) I freak out.

FOR EXAMPLE: Yesterday, I found out that my disability insurance will only pay me for 6 weeks. Unless I have a C-Section. I was planning on taking off 8 weeks from work (which would have put ole Lucy at 10 weeks when I go back. Well, now its looking more like she’ll be 7 weeks when I go back. I had already sent a letter to my principal and superintendent telling them I wouldn’t see them until October. It’ll be more like September now. I have to go discuss details with the lady who does all of that today, but I will miss some time with my little newborn that I thought I was going to get. That kind of stresses me out.

I wanted that time with her, but frankly, we cannot afford for me to take off 3 weeks of school. And I don’t want to exhaust all my days for next year in case my little one needs me to stay home a day or two. I’ll take a sick day for my baby. But I need those sick days. I only get like 7.

I talked with Wes, and he says he’s ready. He’s going to be stay at home dad. I’m super jealous of him too. I just wanted to make sure he could handle me coming back to work so quick. He said, “I got this. She’ll be walkin when you get home the first day. An probably talking too…” Ok Wes..

I’m just a little worried that all my plans are out the window and I don’t like that.

And not that I’ll be the planner of heaven’s activities, but in heaven, our plans won’t get spoiled. They won’t get ruined. Which is nice to think about. We won’t have to worry about stuff not going our way. Hallelujah right?

Sorry if my blog was a little late today. This will probably be the new time for it to show up. And maybe even a little later. Once summer gets here – I’m not going to be waking up at 6:15 every day. I’ll try to have them posted by 7:30. I’m still an early bird. But do not dare give me a worm. I don’t like them. They are interesting, but slimy and I’m not down with that.


And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “Now the dwelling of God is with men, and he will live with them. They will be his people, and God himself will be with them and be their God. He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away. Revelation 21:3-4

This matches yesterday’s verse quite well. If we meet Him in the air, this is the next step. I’m excited about this ‘new order’.

I woke up at 5:15 this morning with a leg cramp that would not stop. Literally, it was cramping from my calf and the front side of my leg. Not sure what muscle that is called. It was constant pain. I couldn’t bend my foot in a direction without it hurting.

That will never happen in heaven. Never.

Its amazing that our God loves us enough, not only to die for us, but to raise us up as well and create a place as amazing as heaven for us to live forever. I sound crazy, but its completely true. Completely and unbelievably true and waiting on those who serve Him.

Short entry today. Think about heaven. It’ll make you long for it. And it will make it easier for you to talk about it with other people. No one deserves hell.

A brick in the face

For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever. 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17

Geez. You wake up on a pretty day. Kinda foggy out. Can’t see real well because you just woke up then BAM you read this verse and you wake up quick.

The dead in Christ shall rise first, then we will meet them in the air… in the clouds… And we’ll be with God forever.

Praise God that is my future. I know it is. I have an assurance in Him.

If this verse scares you to death, and makes you wanna stop reading my blog now – then you are missing something. And I don’t mean you don’t get the verse. I mean, you don’t have the peace that God gives. When you read about the end times, and you read verses about people rising through the air with a trumpet sound and the archangel’s voice shouting, and you freak out – that means you aren’t ready.

I’m not saying you should read that and be like, ‘lets go now!’ I mean, I’d much prefer to see my daughter before we go.. but, if God seems fit to take her when I’m 12 months pregnant, I’m okay with that too. I’ll see her up in heaven.

I mean, if you read that verse and freak out. You start thinking things like, “will I be one of the ones floating up?” Then you are missing something. That something is Jesus.

Jesus makes all of the end times things much less scary. Because you know He’ll be there. You’ve already trusted your life with Him, why freak about the best part?

If you haven’t and you don’t know how.. get back with me. I’ll tell you. Its really simple.

If you have, pray for those you know have not. Give them a link to my blog. Tell them I’m a crazy pregnant lady who writes a lot and sometimes says funny stuff and its worth putting in a few minutes to read every day or so.

I’m glad our God isn’t one who will just leave us here. Be thankful for the unknown ride into the sky. He loves us so much, He’s bringing us with Him into eternity.

Ok.. baby/life stuff.

I had my baby shower yesterday. I got.. SO MUCH STUFF. Literally, so much stuff. I’m so excited about it too. We now have our bed, swing, bouncy thing, pack’n’play, quilt, more clothes, bottles, toys, moniters, lamps, bottle dryer, shampoos, baby wash’s, washcloths, and LOADS of diapers.

I’m going to go to Walmart today and try and take back some diapers. I have over 300 Newborn size diapers and probably over 300 size 1. Everyone tells me they won’t be in those sizes very long (like a month at most for the two combined) – So i’m going to take them all back, and get a gift card that I’ll use, JUST for diapers. It’ll be my diaper gift card and when we need them, we’ll go get them. I’d much rather do that than Walmart or Huggies change their packaging and not accept them back in 2 months when I have 4 bags of newbies left and she’s in a size 2. I got a few SUPER cute handmade items that I just LOVE.

First – One of my besties made Lucy a towel. Its got a little hood and some ribbon and its just stinkin adorable. Thanks Gabby – She’ll uses this till she’s 12. (I’m gonna make her.)

Second – One of our youth’s mom made this cute set of stuff. She made a wipes holder, 2 bibs, a small blanket/cloth thing, and a burp cloth all out of the MOST adorable fabric. It has OWLS on it! Its soo stinkin cute.

Third – Some ladies in the church made Lucy’s bedding. It looks WONDERFUL. I picked out the fabric, but it looks better than I had imagined. Its so cute.

Fourth – I got a lot of handmade quilts and blankets from grandmothers from all over.

So we are pretty much set. What’s next? One more coat of paint in her room. Then we can move in her chest of drawers and her dresser, and all of her CUTE CUTE Stuff. I’ll do a blog full of pictures, or maybe a slide show on flickr so you can see how cute it all is. She’s gonna love it all! Well.. she probably won’t really care til she’s like 3, but I’ll like it and that’s really what counts.

I WANNNA DECORATE! EEK! Yeahh… I’m nesting.

Oh yeah, it is.

Saturday blog, WHAT? I know right?

We are heading toward completion on our house. Front room, CHECK! Lucy’s room, um, well.. almost check.

We got the color on the walls, and it isn’t exactly what we liked. Its just, tooo yellow. And I love yellow, so that says a lot. Wes is going to conjure up some paint to paint on top of it. He’s mixing a little white in to tone it down a notch. It seems like it would look better if it were a whiter yellow.

Next up – her dresser and chest of drawers (that I by the way used to call a chester drawer) – Wes mixed up some left over olive green with some old left over yellow, and it looks FANTASTIC. I LOVE it. Its this bright happy limish greenish yellow.. I just love it.

I’ll take pictures later.

Also another crazy thing – we got our newly designed power bill in. Last month it was less than a hundred dollars. This month it was 221. Somethin Ain’t right. So I call them. YEP. They made a boo boo. They applied ALL of last months check to our Shop bill – which is $25 bucks a month. And, not really that shocking but, to fix it, WE have to make a trip to Hattiesburg to get them to change it. How nice of them right? Mess up our bill, AND make us drive to say “change it” because goodness gracious how dare we call them and them fix it right over the phone. Power company BLASPHEMY!

Anyway. Had to vent. I’m about to help Wes move the drawers (not under-britches) into the yard so he can paint them and then I’m going to help Paul clean his gym. I like cleaning (when its easy… and generally not my house.) Anyway.

BIG shower tomorrow. Lots of people and Family will be there. My dad is so funny; when I saw him yesterday he said, “You know I’m not bringing anything… right?” And I laughed, yeah, I know. I told you not too. I’m gonna make him buy me anything I don’t get. I have a great dad.

Hope you all have a great weekend – I hope its full of productivity!

Many Thanks

Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn. Romans 12:15

This verse manifested in my life yesterday. I had several people send me messages telling me that before they had their first, they too were scared to death. I am glad I said something, because I feel so much better. I know that God will equip me to be a mom. (I may have even said that yesterday, if not, I meant too). I know that He is equipping me now. (I was able to get a stain off my desk with my spit yesterday.. I’m well on my way to being a mom.. mom spit is better than 409, I’m convinced). And I am excited about her.

She’s moving less now. Don’t freak, it just means she’s running out of room. (That’s where I freak). Her movements are a lot more directed. Generally into my ribs. Thanks kiddo. Mom likes that.

I am a preparer. I like to have everything down to a T planned out. And, with this, I can’t. There is no way to plan for something like this. I’m doing my best, but it seems to never work out. That’s one of my biggest things. I think that’s why I feel/felt this way. It comes and goes.

I’m not concerned once she gets here. Every little ounce of fear/suspense/perhaps regret will go soaring out of the window. I know this. The second I see her little dark hair (I’m speaking hair on my kid like crazy) and her little eyes, and her nose like her daddy (eeeek… ) then I’ll be a mom. And I’ll be good at it. I’ll know what to do. Everyone figures it out. I have about 100 books to help. Its really just getting to that point that I’m nervous about.

Dumber people than me have had kids and their kids are still alive. I can do this.

I want to thank everyone who sent me a message, or posted, or emailed, or whatever. You shared my joy and my pain. Thank you for doing what the Word tells you too, even if you didn’t know this verse existed.

The best thing that helped me is that Wesley and I talked about it. We are both stressed. Gym, end of school, church, house, BABY. Underneath it all we are about to become a family and that is a scary thing for the both of us. Many men don’t really think about it much, but I am grateful that my husband does. He may not show it (quite like my big round belly does) but he’s going through the same things I am, emotionally (sort of. He doesn’t cry when he sees a squirrel). He’s about to become a dad. He, like me, is also, a complete newby to this. I have changed more diapers than him. About 3 more. (As I have said in the past, I’m not a ‘baby’ person). So we are in the boat together, which makes it a lot easier to deal, when you know that you’ve got someone on your side (even if they are just as freaked out and nervous as you are).

Wes will be her primary caregiver once I go back to work. He’ll, in a sense, be a stay-at-home-dad. His job is changing this fall. We will have help, and there are several people that have offered to help a couple of days a week, or if he needs to run somewhere he can. He won’t be tied down. But he will be the main one taking care of her. I must admit, I’m a little jealous. I wish we had our money in a little better order, because then I could just quit for a year or so. But we don’t, so hi-ho-hi-ho.

We are going to be fine. We are still a little freaked out. Who wouldn’t be. A doctor is going to give us a tiny person in about 8 weeks and tell us to keep her. She’s ours. No turning back. Not that we would. Its just a little intimidating. I’d much rather her be a teenager. I can deal with teens.

God handles it all. A lot of times He allows us to be the person in someones life to encourage them and keep them on track. He used lots of you yesterday. Again, thank you for serving God like you do. Keep it up.