Living Room, Play time, Red Bluff 3.7.17 – 3.20.17

Ok.. my posts are even fewer and farther between. I’ve sorta gone back to the old fashioned pen and paper life journaling and I truly missed it. This will be for the big stuff. So, what big stuff have you missed?

Our living room is done! 
We finished it and I’ve had a couple of weeks of sweeping and cleaning so most of the Sheetrock dust is gone. 

I paid full price for my rug, which killed me, every little piece of my insides… but I love it. 

And the kids do, too. They lay on it all the time. We also rearranged the living room and I like it better. 

We had a little play day in my back yard and I got out my selfie stick to snap some pictures. 

And also, I’ve lost 10lbs since January 15. I’ve also been running.. a lot. 15 miles in January, 18 miles in February. So far for March I’m at 17 miles. Looking to crush my February record. And I feel fantastic. I don’t always feel fantastic in the first mile, but I always feel better after my 2nd. 

Anyway- playing in the yard I made Lucy pose for me, so I made some funny “extra Lucy” pictures. 

She loved it. The posing, the end result. She was delighted. 

My favorite. The good and bad Lucy’s. Judah wasn’t in the mood, so he didn’t participate. 

After playing in the yard, we had dinner. The kids played the whole “raise your hand if you _____” game. Wes and I were over it. And then I realized… we’ve only got a year left of that game. So, we played it. 

Wes had a dream that night that we had come in from playing, Lucy in her fairy wings and everything, then she walked inside and she was 22. He said it was awful. 

So, Sunday we wanted to do something with them. We went with some friends of ours to Red Bluff and let all of the kids climb and jump and squish in clay and they all loved it. 

We all loved it too. 

I mean, look how growny she looks! This was on the way there. We went top down!

Our whole little team. 

We love doing stuff with this couple. They are great folks to have by your side, at church, out to eat, or getting your socks wet. 

A few of our climbing monkies. 

Up in the “Jungle.”

We made it to the tracks!

Rope swing chaos. 

We took up most of the tributary. 

We totally had fun though and will definitely be going again. 

I think the adults may have had as much fun as the kids. See Lucy’s lime green hat close to the bottom? 

So much fun. 

Alrighty, off to keep my days full!  

Catch up time 2.20.17 – 3.6.17

Whew. Been a minute huh? 

We’ve been busy. I’ve been skipping out on the internet when possible. 

We went camping. 

DeSoto was beautiful and empty. The kids had a blast and we are definitely planning another little excursion. 

We started cleaning our yard more. 

This is after. I know, I know… “that’s after?!” Yes. It was that messy. 

See how messy? We’ve been taking down scrubs and bushes and little trees. Mawmaws house sold, and so she’ll be our neighbor soon so we are taking down this old fence row that has been preventing our yard from growing. 

It looks so different around the house. 

Our chickens are working hard. Some harder than others. 

Yes, that’s a chicken egg. 

And then we decided to start on our living room. New windows!

Whoo hoo for no more drafts! We went with three the same size. I love it. And they open and close so easy. It’s beautiful  

And then we figured, why not really start on the house? So out comes the old paneling and in comes the Sheetrock. 

We even have the best little helpers around. 

Nail pulling champ. 
And so, we are in it and busy busy busy. If y’all wanna help- come on over. We’ll put you to work!

Hope your Monday was as productive as ours!

Flying by February 2.10.17 – 2.19.17

February is zipping by. Just like all of the rest of time, I guess. We’ve been adapting to a new schedule. School.

I’m teaching now, and I take my children. I have some apps that they use to do some lessons on.. and here, you see, my super obedient son was doing his school work… (not… he was taking pictures of his sister’s mermaid drawing.)

We spend a couple of days a week here and that’s been a little bit to get used to. I do enjoy it. I was always meant to be a teacher I believe.

The other day Judah was so tired he put himself to bed in our living room.

We all had a great Valentines Day, but I’m thinking Judah’s was the best.

He loved his book! It’s basically a catalog of all of the Hot Wheels they have. He runs up to me with the book flung open and a car in his hand all the time saying, “SEE! I HAVE THIS ONE!”

And I’ve been running again. Got my goal of 12 miles a month set – and I did good in January. I’m slacking this month so I need to get on the ball. I was proud of my second mile being shorter in time than my first.

I took Lucy with me to hattiesburg the other day, and we found some shoes for $4. When I find shoes for $4, I buy the shoes. I let Lucy pick hers out. She chose these rainbow wonders. Yes, because in case you can’t see them, they do – in fact- also light up.

She tried them on in the store – and she said, “Mom… That was the first time I had to try shoes on to make sure they fit me in the store!” And I’m thinking, how does she even know that this is a milestone?!

Ah, my girl is getting big.

And FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY our chickens are laying again. Aren’t the eggs so so pretty?

And that’s about it. We’ve been quite non-stop (as always, I guess) and so I’m blogging less. Sorry about that if you are far away family. We love and miss you all.

Y’all have a great President’s Day weekend!

“Winter” Days 2.1.17 – 2.9.17

This February has been jam packed so far. We made it home and then Wes pulled his new car into his shop. And then it sat. For days. He checked fuses, he checked sensors, he rented gadgets to test.. other stuff.. I don’t know. (Actually – he rented a fuel pressor gauge to test his fuel pump and fuel relay – but I’m sure most of my readers don’t care to know specifics. I know more about cars than I ever thought I would.) So after everything on the car tested as working… We started going back over it. We priced the parts. Fuel pump was about $150. Timing belt was about $75, but a LOT more work. The sensors we replaced were about $8 and $12. Not terrible, but.. Also not the fix. I suggested we go through the two fuse boxes with a fine tooth comb. Both of us looking, because what if it was a hairline blow? Second fuse we pulled out of the case… blown to bits. If you looked at it on one side – looked fine and dandy. Flip it around? Dead. Also – it was too small. So when the battery power was undone and then hooked back up, it probably zapped it.

$4 fix. And I’m SO glad that’s over. And I’m SO SO grateful that when stuff breaks down at my house or with my car, my amazing Hubs is able to fix it. We are super blessed. I grew up with my Dad being like that. Need to remodel, “lets do it!” And I’m really glad I married a guy who knows how to work with his hands. It’s awesome (and saves a ton of money.)

On to other things…

Lucy and I got dressy Sunday and both wore our heels.

I had to show her how to prop her leg up. She’ll learn…

And a close up of us because.. In the other one you can barely tell who we are. Her hair looks much bigger in the picture than it was. I promise I didn’t tease it. 

And my little monkey boy in his flannel. I love it.

He’s choosing Daddy over me most days now. He loves his Daddy. And he still loves me, but if he’s got a choice between the two, he almost always picks Daddy.

And he did just that Monday night. He went with daddy to the Men’s ministry meeting. I told him they weren’t eating kid food like I had made. He said, “It’s okay mom. I can eat that.” Like a big boy…

And so, Lucy and I had girls night. We ate chicken nuggets and mac and cheese and watched “3 Tails” a mermaid adventure movie. Which is based on some Youtube Sensation girls apparently? (I can only give the movie 1 star because… well… It was awful.) Lucy LOVED it.

And my baby boy, who like I said loves his daddy, wore himself out and fell asleep with Dad in the chair.

What a sweet guy.

And a random thing. We heard a loud pop early one morning, and knew lightning struck close. Well, it did. Real close. It struck a tree in Wes’ aunt’s back yard. And she lives across the woods from us. (Like.. .25 miles as the crow flies.) Yes, I just used that.

It’s hard to see, but in the tree is a long slinky strip of bark pulled clean off of it. It wrapped around the tree several times.

And Lucy made a chicken in our homeschool group the other day with sculpey. Sculpey is a low bake clay. I think she did pretty dang good for a 6 year old!!

And you are officially caught up.

Monster trucks and a Hot Red Car 1.28.17 – 1.31.17

So, we are all into monster trucks in our family, so we always try and go see them when they get close enough. Usually the New Orleans show is big enough for them to do tricks, so that’s where we go. 

I feel like I need to add- I use credit cards for everything- like, everything- and I collect points. I use those points for our trips like these. We didn’t pay for our hotel room. It was points. All we had to pay was parking. And we usually get some perks for being a card member- like upgraded rooms to the top floor. 

We were right by the Superdome, so we walked there. And I was able to squeeze our whole group in a picture!

And we were all rooting for somebody. Judah was for Grave Digger, Lucy for ScoobyDoo because a girl drives that truck, Wes was for MaxD and I was for El Toro Loco. 

This is me and Lucy trash talking. She loves the shows more than Judah at times I think. 

And the show wasn’t as good as last years show, but we all had fun. 

Then… we had our own little adventure. Wes found a car her wanted in Houston. So his plan was- hitch a ride to his Dad’s, let them watch the kids, we fly to Houston, pick up the car and head home. 

And so that’s what we did. 

It worked really well because we didn’t have to take 2 vehicles to New Orleans. Wes’ dad picked us up from New Orleans on Sunday, and brought us back to the air port on Monday. 

We’ve never flown anywhere together. This was our first flight. And- you remember our free hotel room? Yep. Free plane tickets too. 

And we were in Houston in about an hour. 

We got an Uber ride from the airport to south Houston, or Sugar Land. Met up with the guy about 5 minutes after we got out off the Uber ride. Test drove, signed the title, paid him, and we were out. 

With or very shiny, very RED, car. 

We were back in Thibodaux by 6:30 that night. We were gone 12 hours. Then we crashed because we were so exhausted, and headed home the next morning. 

Judah liked riding in style, don’t let him fool you. The kids love the car. It has color change lights and they love that. Judah loves that it’s red. 

And then we got back to normal life. 

I’ve started helping a dear friend with her work. She teaches other people’s kids, she homeschools them and I’m helping her with Art and Science. So that’s been an interesting change. I haven’t really had to “go to work” in a long time. But I get to bring my kids and I teach them there and she helps me with them too, so it works out really well. 

Well, we are off to start our day. Hopefully you’ve been enjoying this beautiful week! Thank you south Mississippi for your winters! Haha!

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