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Devotional: Romans 8 // Our Little Mermaid

First off let me say this. I was overwhelmed all day Tuesday. To those of you who texted, messaged, and commented – you are not alone. It’s hard to fess up to the sins that we’ve been committing. It’s hard to be honest. But I got honest and a lot of you got honest as well.

Thank you.

I stopped and prayed several times both days – thinking about the people who asked for prayer.

Each time I wanted to snap – I prayed instead. I hope you felt it. I felt you praying for me for sure. And now this verse:

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. They are justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus. (Romans 3:23, 24 HCSB)

Even if no one had fessed up to losing their cool… I know I’m not the only sinner in the world.

I’m not alone and you aren’t either.

We all need grace.

We all need His grace.

None of us are above it and none of us can get through a single day without it.

And I want you to remember that when you slip up. Tuesday I did awesome. I felt good, I didn’t snap. I didn’t explode. I handled everything with grace. And then Yesterday I fell.

I snapped. I got mad at Lucy for not obeying. Then I asked her, “Do you know what ‘let go’ means?” And she just looked at me. I then apologized to her. I forget she’s three.

I need grace.

We all do.

Keep praying for me and I’ll keep praying for you.

Life Blog

This will be quick. I got tons of errands today!

Recap – Me, Christy and Lucy went to see Little Mermaid on stage at Laurel. Lucy liked it.. Christy and I? We were most excited.



The family all got donuts on National Donut Day. Lucy was most excited.




And we’ve been swimming at MawMaws a lot here lately. Mama and Daddy were most excited.

And this scared me.. Even though it was over water.


And she’s learning! Still freaks out every once in a while, but she’s doing good.


And this is why I LOVE my lifeproof cover.


Underwater! He he..

And Lucy loves riding around with her Daddy. (Daddy was most excited)

And Judah? He’s most excited about sleep.


Kid can fall asleep anywhere! Haha!

Hope you have a great Thursday!

MM: Women and (the lack of) Sex // Weekend Recap

Howdy ho there. Last time I posted the word ‘sex’ in my headline I had over double of my normal viewers… you dirty folks… So I figured I’d do it again and get my numbers up 😉 I kid, I kid. Again, today we are discussing sex, and in the context of a married man and wife. Not a dating couple.


Most men would agree that they do not get enough sex from their wives. Like we talked about a couple of weeks ago, it’s not just about frequency with me. It’s the want. Men need to know that their wife wants to be with them. And here’s the kicker – women are exactly the same. We just have a different way of needing that to be shown.


Here is a percentage for you guys from Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn’s book, ‘For Men Only” that I want you guys to read and then re-read.

96% of women agreed with this statement: “Just because I do not want sex as often as he does, I still love him deeply and find him very attractive.”

75% of women said that they wanted less sex than their husbands also said it had nothing to do with his desirability, sexual prowess or general studliness.


Just because women don’t normally need as much sex as men do, is no indicator of their feelings for their spouse!

Here’s something else they said – Most guys would be thinking this – “I can’t imagine finding my wife attractive, being in love with her and not wanting to have sex with her often.”


Newsflash. Women and men are different.

There will be a few of these blog posts because I know this is an issue in a lot of marriages. We will address a couple today.

#1. Women generally have a lower sex drive than men. Women have less sexually assertive hormones, unlike men. This means women are less likely to initiate sex and less likely to crave sex.  It also means that outside disturbances can be a lot more distracting. For example: a noise from the kids, a headache or exhaustion. One woman put it like this: “For guys, it seems, sex provides relief or escape from exhaustion. For women, we have to pull ourselves out of exhaustion in order to have sex.”

Then they asked a big question. If you could change your sex drive to meet your husbands, would you?

EIGHTY-TWO percent said yes.

Among happily married couples the desire was almost 100%.


So guys – Women aren’t making up the headache stories, they aren’t trying to avoid you because they think you’re getting too pudgy around the middle. It’s not that. It is a biological thing. But there are things you can do to HELP her.

Which brings me to #2…

#2. She needs to mentally prepare. Guys have sex on like a light switch. One glance at wifey out of the shower and you’re ready. For the most part, women aren’t like that. Movies portray women as sexual bimbos who are ready whenever and wherever, if only the guy is man enough. That’s not true for like 98% of the female population. Women need a heads up.

You remember we talked about all those windows open in a womans head? All the things going on and in and around our head? Well, when we are heading to bed, those thoughts are all still in there. And like the story in this book, the husband rolls over and says, “Whatcha doing over there?” It takes a little longer for us to close all those windows and open up a new one than it does for men.

It’s not wrong that we are like this – God made us this way – but for the vast majority of women out there, this applies. One woman put it this way, “It’s like trying to stop a cruise ship that’s going full steam ahead and making it turn on a dime. I can’t quite turn off the day and do an about-face in the blink of an eye like he can.”


I know that’s sex overload… Haha! We’ll continue this one next Monday.



Life Blog


Whew. Glad that’s over… aren’t we all blushing now?

We had a good weekend. Friday I took Lucy and Judah to the Zoo. She played in the splashpad with her 2nd cousins. She had fun.


The jaguar was moving! We’ve only ever seen him asleep.


We rode the train.


And splashpad fun. Took her a while to get in it. Little Miss Precautious.




And then we rode the carosel. Lucy chose the tiger.

And she was a little freaked out by it.


But then she had fun.


And then Lunch at Wendy’s!


Overall it was a fun day.

Saturday we worked on our house. And that’s our plan for today as well. Hoping to see some good results by the end of today. Yay!

Have a great Monday!

Focus Friday: Forgiveness – and letting go… // Our Bedroom Project

I’m sure you’ve heard this one before:

“I’ll forgive ’em… but I won’t forget it.”

Right? Said it before?

Yeah. We’ve all said it before.

“If they burn you once, they’ll do it again!”

“I learned my lesson with them. I’ll never trust them again.”

“If I’ve given you my trust before and you’ve broken it, I’ll never give it to you again. That’s just common sense!”

Heard those too?

Well… yeah. Hate to break it to you, that’s just plain out unforgiveness.

And really, not forgiving someone doesn’t hurt them. If you do me wrong, and I don’t forgive you – you can still go about your life just fine. But me?

Well, I’ll be over here all bitter because I can’t let go of some silly issue.

Now, I know there are times we are done wrong in life. And it is smart to know who you can and cannot trust. But the thing is, the unforgiveness in your heard destroys you, not the person you aren’t forgiving.

The bitterness and hatred start to build up and it eats away at your heart. It forms a callous. It gets rough and tough and ragged. So much to the point where you become so bitter and angry, you can’t even remember why you’re mad, or even if you do you’ve already made such a big deal about it, it would seem foolish to let it go now… RIGHT?

WRONG. Forgive and move on.

If you are constantly thinking about the person who did you wrong, or did this or that to you – you have not forgiven them yet. And it’s only holding YOU back.

All bitterness, anger and wrath, shouting and slander must be removed from you, along with all malice. Ephesians 4:31

The bitterness, anger, and wrath all go hand in hand with unforgiveness. You bad mouth someone who did you wrong and slander them. You build up these ideas on how you’re going to get them back. That’s wrong folks.

And like I’ve said before.. It hurts you more than them.

Be freed from that. It feels so good to not be angry or disappointed or vengeful. That’s no way to live your life.

Live it happy and carefree. Full of Joy. Not rage. I cannot imagine my Savior as a vengeful, full of wrath God. He got angry, but he did what he had to do then he moved on! Do the same. You will feel so much lighter. I promise.

Life Blog

Judah is 10 Months old today. Look how sweet he is!


And this sweet girl is so busy busy busy…


Last night she was so tired (she got up at 6:30 am) she came and got in her bed while I was rocking Judah. No g’night kisses, just wanted to sleep. Poor baby.

And y’all may have seen my status from yesterday.

Wes found out the hard way that our fridge was going out (a couple of sips of chunky milk). It was a 17 year old RCA. And we figured the price we’d pay to fix it, we could just put that toward a new one. So.. we got a new fridge!



Now, lets clarify. I wasn’t originally happy about the new fridge. I didn’t want to drop a grand on a fridge. But then I realized that I was complaining about having enough money to be able to afford a brand new machine that will keep all of my food fresh and my milk cold. How dare I not be happy. So what if that’s a little less in my savings account.

I needed a wake up call. And that was it. So now? I’m happy about my new fridge. It’s super nice too.

And Lucy and Judah have recently been playing so well together. She looks out for him. And sometimes makes him do what she wants him to do. She also sometimes gives him treats.



We are in the process of redoing our bedroom. I’ll show you more before and after pics, but here are a few of the things we’ve done. We’re mostly painting and moving it around, but it’s going to look SO different! I’m really excited. I’ve got a super great husband who crawled all up in the attic and even under the house to get me two new plug ins. He’s so great!

I found this at BCH. Currently for sale at Target for $130, I got it for $65. Happy happy happy! I’d been looking for something just like it. And Lucy loves it.



This is our room… I’m embarrassed to show you what it used to look like… We moved in and just got too busy to finish it.. then we had a kid. And then another kid.. and well.. we are just now getting around to making it how we want it.

This is the fireplace that was in our room.



We sealed it off when we did the roof on our house… But just left it thinking we might do gas logs one day. But that day never came. So.. we are going to make it our headboard!



Here it is all nice and sealed up. EEK! I’m so excited! I can’t wait to show you the finished product! I’m not going to post anymore progress pics. You’ll just have to wait. 🙂


Have a FANTASTIC weekend!

Marriage Monday: The biggest issue in marriages // Kayaking!

I know what you are thinking. “I know this one!”

But I bet you don’t.

Because I’m not looking at anything to tell you this. This is my personal opinion. Take it or leave it.

If you google marriage problems you’ll come up with a ka-trillion-bazillion things that people think will kill a marriage.

Financial stress. Money money money.

Family stress (the dreaded in-laws).

Children. Can be a blessing, but are expensive!

Non communication, miscommunication. Not understanding or even attempting to understand the other.

These can all be detrimental to a marriage. But they won’t end it.

Even if you have all of these- the marriage can still survive. And flourish!

Wes and I aren’t the best at communicating. We aren’t so rich we never worry about money. And having two little ones, we get it. That’s stressful.

But we are very happily married.

Why? How?

Because divorce is not an option for us.

And I think that is the biggest issue marriages face nowadays.

“Well, if it doesn’t work, we can always get divorced.”

“I can always leave.”

“I don’t have to stay in this.”

And it’s true, marriages are reversible…

But they shouldn’t be.

If you go into the marriage thinking, ‘we can always get divorced’ then you should not be getting married.

Now- I understand there are times when divorce is what has to happen, and even in cases of abuse, should happen. If you are being hurt by your spouse, get help.

If you are just bored, or even one who says, “we just don’t love each other like we used to…” You shouldn’t be getting divorced.

I heard a story once about a marriage counselor who ran into a guy whose marriage he counseled. The guy and his wife had gotten divorced and this guy now had lost a lot of weight, was dressing nicer and was keeping himself up. The marriage counselor stopped and talked with him. The guy said, “well, I figured if I wanted to get another wife I needed to do something with myself.”

The marriage counselor thinks to himself, “you might could have saved your marriage if you thought about doing this for your wife.”

The grass is greener on the other side.

The grass is greener where you water it.

Water your marriage and you will have a good marriage.

Don’t let divorce just be your first option. Don’t let it be an option.

1 Corinthians 7 tells us that a man should have his own wife and the wife her own husband.

Genesis tells us that man and wife become one flesh.

It’s telling us that once we marry, we should remain married.

If you have been divorced, I’m sorry you had to go through that. They aren’t easy. If you have remarried, pour into this marriage, and keep it.

God can help you with your marriage but you will have to work as well.

Life Blog

I had a good weekend. I know most of you are probably enjoying today off as well. Kinda funny… I tell people I’m either always off, or I never get a day off. Two ways to look at it b

Anyway! Wes has been wanting a kayak for about 2 years. He finally went and got one. So yesterday he and I took some kayaks out on the river and had a nice time.

It was the second time I have ever been in a kayak. I did alright. Took me some getting used too.

It wasn’t too hard. About 100 feet from where we got in at there was some tiny falls, about 5 feet, and so I was put to the test really quick. I got soaking wet. But, I didn’t fall out!




It was really nice. My kiddos went with uncle Paul and aunt Christy to Mawmaws to swim.




What cute kids!

Wes and I are going to get busy on our bedroom today. When we remodeled our house we never really loved our bedroom, and then we never really finished it. So now, we are going to do that. We are excited!
Ill show you before and after pics once we finish. We are doing some minor adjustments. Like adding plugs to the other side and getting creative with our fireplace. I’m super excited!!

Ok- y’all have a good Memorial Day!

Tell someone who has fought for our country”Thank you” today. You have a wonderful day off because of them.

Devotional: Psalm 139 // Catch up and Cute videos!

Point out anything in me that offends you, and lead me along the path of everlasting life. (Psalms 139:24 NLT)

A lot of times we come to God with requests, pleas, urgencies.

We have situations that come up, requests that we ask. And that’s okay- our God loves us enough to hear us out on them.

But when that’s all we do… It becomes not enough.

We come to God with praises. We praise him for his creation, for his authority, and his presence in our lives. And this too is well and good and Much needed- all glory should go to him anyway… But it still isn’t enough.

It never will be. Nothing we can do will ever be worthy. Thank goodness for Jesus.

But just because we are totally incapable, doesn’t mean we don’t have a job to do.

We should still strive for better. Today you should be better than you were yesterday. Tomorrow, better than today.

Best way to achieve that? Talk to God about it. He knows more about you than you do.

He can show you the things you need to weed out of your life. He can also help you do the weeding- but he won’t weed it for you. That’s on you.

You have to make that decision and follow through.

Life Blog

Life’s been going. Non stop. Had kinda a rough patch the past few nights. Judah, is actually sleeping really well.

Lucy? Has wet her bed 4 nights in a row. One night twice!

I’m running outta sheets.

And I have no clue why.

Definitely frustrating.

Anyway… Onto fun stuff!

Lucy has also been living up to the “terrible twos” nick name.

Found her playing in baby powder…


It’s in her hair. It was everywhere.

Then I found a stuffed elephant covered in Vaseline. She’s constantly eating my Chapstick. It’s always something. I gotta get on Pinterest and find some toddler crafts or something.

Judah looks cute in a towel.


Who am I kidding?! He’s always cute!



We had some friends over for dinner and Judah got a little play date! Look how cute they are!


And Lucy is getting prettier by the day.



Saturday we went to the zoo. Lucy loved it!



We then came home and swam. It was nice to spend the day just us four.

Ok.. Finally the cutest videos I’ve done in a while…

Judah eating sweet potatoes:

He was doing that all on his own. He does it a lot. It makes him sorta hard to feed – but it’s quite adorable!

And Judah “crawling”:

Hey.. get it done how you have to little man.

Hope your day is FAB!