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Devotional: Psalm 32 // Weekend Update!

These things add up. Every one of us needs to pray; when all hell breaks loose and the dam bursts we’ll be on high ground, untouched.


The very first thing that God showed me in this verse- is the tense. When the dam breaks, we will be untouched.

As in, we will already be on the high ground. We won’t get pulled under the water, we will already be standing.

The second thing I saw? When it breaks.

It will break.

There are times that we go through, living here on earth, that aren’t easy. Plain tough you could say. A version of hell you could call it.

But being prayed up will prevent you from feeling like you are drowning and won’t make it out alive.

Prayer is a great way to prepare yourself for things to come. It isn’t just a thing you do after you are in over your head.

So many times we hear, “Well, all we can do is pray…”

ALL we can do is pray?

ALL we can do is pray?

The only thing left to do is talk to God and ask him, the Creator of the Universe, the Author of life, our Healer and Protector if he can do this or that?

What backward people we are.


We need to start utilizing the power of prayer, we need to start believing that it is powerful, and that it can change outcomes…

Because it can.

Life Blog

A quick recap of our weekend?

Friday I went to Hattiesburg and got te iPhone 5. I love it. I was in an out of AT&T in less than 20 minutes.

Saturday Wesley went an did a graffiti thing at his brothers new gym. It turned out great.


While he was in Ellisville, I was cleaning his office at the church. Then I went to a shower, and Lucy went with Mawmaw to a birthday party and spent the night.

Only having one kid (and the baby at that!) meant that I chose what to watch on TV. It was nice.

Church Sunday was busy as usual. Sundays are pretty hevtic.

I went through some old pictures of me and Wes, trying to see who our kids look like.

Look what I found.


That a 2 year old me and Lucy.

I think we favor just a little.

Here is Wesley and Lucy. She got his cute cheeks!


And Judah looks like me too.


I’ve had more people tell me that Judah looks like me than they ever did with Lucy.

Boy, at birth they both looked JUST like Wes!

Here is how cute me and Wes use to be!


That’s my 2nd grade picture and either Wesley’s 1st or 2nd. We were so sweet!

And then we grew up. Sorry, parents. But we had to grow up to give y’all this:


And this:


Lucy and I made some faces while we were waiting on church. She’s such a funny kid!!


An then we attempted to get a goo picture of her and Mary, but y’all know how that goes.






And that was our weekend!

Judah slept like a CHAMP last night. I got 7 hours and 15 minutes straight. It was lovely.

Babies are cuter the more sleep you get. That’s why grandparents always love their grand kids so much 😉

Ok, I’m lookin at this right now, so I guess I gotta go…


Such a girl!

Devotional: Romans 12 // Judah’s shots & Lucy’s teeth

Don’t become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking. Instead, fix your attention on God. You’ll be changed from the inside out. Readily recognize what he wants from you, and quickly respond to it. Unlike the culture around you, always dragging you down to its level of immaturity, God brings the best out of you, develops well-formed maturity in you. Romans 12:2 MSG

In the world, not of it. This is a popular verse, without being so popular.

People want to be of the world. The world is fun. The world is wild. The world is exactly whatever you want it to be. You make the rules. You choose how to live and what to do and why. You sit on the throne.

Who wouldn’t want that??

Well, frankly, anyone who wants to be the best they can be.

Anyone who wants to please God.

When we choose sin over living for God, as Christians, we become adulterers. God looks at us like his bride, and when we choose a different man (sin) we crush him. We cheat on Him.

We need to realize how much sin actually hurts God.

Living a worldly lifestyle isn’t at all what God planned for us. We have to realize that. He wants us all to himself, and the plans he has for us are good!

It’s not easy living in a world like we live in, without acting like it from time to time, but that’s what we strive for. That’s our goal.

Life Blog

So yesterday Judah got his first set of shots. He cried real tears. But then he got over it. I’d rather hear him cry for 20 seconds now, than wait until he’s older and hear him whine for hours after.

He’s doing better with the zantac too. His reflux is pretty much under control.

Lucy has been doing better… I guess. Still working on her teeth, so we have moments.

Since I realized that she missed me, I’ve been paying her a little more attention, and I think thats helped a lot.

She was really cute with Mr. Judah yesterday. And I got proof!




Ain’t that the sweetest!?

Oh it makes my heart so happy to see her love on him. She’s my doll, and he’s my lil man and I love them both so very much.

In other news- Wesley and I have started a new diet.. Well, a lifestyle change really… We are “paleo”. It’s a Paleo diet- also known a the “caveman diet”. You only eat what a caveman would eat. Meat, fruits, vegetables.

It actually calls for no dairy at all, but we aren’t following 100%. We like milk too much. And cheese. We don’t eat dairy at every meal though.

No bread, no rice, no wheat, no sugars, no starches. Bye bye French fries.

We started (technically) on Monday. So 3 days with no bread hasn’t been hard, but I definitely have missed it.

I haven’t been hungry though. Just eating different foods. And me being little miss picky eater it hasn’t been so easy. We eat a lot of green beans.

And in final news- iPhone 5 comes out Friday. I’ll be getting that either this weekend or next week. I’m excited, but not stand-in-line-for-hours excited. I’ll get it eventually. It’ll probably be busy for 2 weeks so I’ll have to wait in line at some point. I’m going to sell my current iPhone on eBay. I sold my last iPhone on there to pay for this one, and I’ll do the same again this time. Yay for thrifty!

Ok- that’s all I’ve got. Hope your hump day goes by quick!

Devotional: Ephesians 2 // Solutions

Saving is all his idea, and all his work. All we do is trust him enough to let him do it. It’s God’s gift from start to finish!We don’t play the major role. If we did, we’d probably go around bragging that we’d done the whole thing! Ephesians 28:-9 MSG

This is the verse you all know and have heard before: “It is by grace you have been saved, through faith, not of yourselves, but is a gift…”

I love this verse. It was one of the first verse that I memorized. I think I had to memorize it for bible drill. Bible drill wasn’t the most fun thing ever, but I learned a lot. It helps you learn where the books are in the bible, and helps you memorize verses. Anyway- proceeding.

I believe that God not only saves us from eternity in hell, but also from life’s catastrophes. And I believe it was all his idea in the first place.

All we have to do is trust him. That’s it.

We have to trust that he is bigger than the things in life we are going through, and that he is still in control.

He is, by the way.

He always is.

Even if we don’t think so, or even feel like he is.

Trust him with these things.

Life Blog

That was short, I know. But all I can do is tell you to trust him. The rest of that is on you.

As I’m sure I said in the last post, Lucy has been quite the fussy toddler as of recent. I blamed teething and specifically her eye teeth.

Then I started being a good mom and I watched her a little closer.

I realized, in her meltdowns (I’m not exaggerating) it wasn’t that she didn’t want me, it that she did.

I finally, after her screaming for about 15 minutes one day- squatted down, and said, “come here,” and she ran to me.

Then I realized- when Judah cries, I pick him up, and hold him and kiss him. When Lucy cries (like that) I get onto her and tell her to stop.

She misses me.

So, yesterday I woke up (late I might add, hence no blog) and I paid her more attention than usual. I played with her a little more, I didn’t run to Judah the first time he made a peep.

And it worked. We had some fussy times, but no meltdowns.

And today Lucy and I are going to the theater to watch Finding Nemo!it’s re-releasing as 3D, but we’re gonna watch the non 3D one. (Pretty sure she wouldn’t do the glasses.)

I figured me holding her for an hour and a half, with Memo (Nemo) and popcorn and a coke, that’s the best day she could pick right now.

She gets in free too.

Aunt Christy is going to watch lil man, since we are doing a matinee. Probably gonna try for the 12:40 or 1 show- that’s around her nap time, so se should be still and watch ha!

And last night was a first for Judah man! He didn’t need an extra bottle! Hurray! Usually I feed him, and then give him a bottle too (maybe like 2 ounces of my pumped liquid gold). But last night he nursed and then fell asleep.

Get this…

At 9:58pm.



A week ago Judah wouldn’t go to sleep til 1.

So today- after 5.5 hours straight, followed by almost 3 hours- I feel great!

I hope your weekend is long and slow (at least feels that way)!

Ps. I think Judah is happy too 🙂





And I put Judah in his first cloth diaper. LOOK HOW ADORABLE!


Devotional: Proverbs 18 // Our sweet toddler

Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit—you choose. Proverbs 18:21

I know I’ve used this verse before- but I think we forget it all too often. We have to remember that there is more power in the things that we say than we are aware of. Good and bad.

If your life is filled with negativity- it might be because you always speak negative things.

I ran into a guy I went to high school with a few days back. I haven’t seen this guy in over 3 years easy, and it was the second time I’ve seen him since graduation.

He came up to me and called me by my maiden name, which I haven’t heard in 8 years. I asked him how he was, and his response? “You know, eat, ****, work.”

I haven’t seen this guy but twice in a decade and that’s what he leads with. He continued with his uber negativity, while I (sadly) admit I tried to get away. Finally I managed to squeeze in, “well, I gotta get back home to my kids..” and even that got a “You’ve got a kid?” instead of “Congrats”.

This guy has a miserable life, and I can’t help but think it may have something to do with his attitude.

I thought once I left, how blessed this guy was- he has a job during (practically) a depression. He is able to work. He can walk and see. Even that is a blessing! But he had rather focus on the few things in his life that aren’t 100% how he’d want them.

Don’t be like this. Focus on the good. Then speak about it, thank God for it. Realize that your life is not terrible even if it’s not exactly what you thought you’d have.

God is good, an he’s good enough to help you be a happier person just by saying it (even before you feel it)!

Life Blog

Going to the dr this am. Hopefully we can find out the problem Mr. Judah has been having. You know, the late night shrieks. Monday and tuesday nights he vomited, then ate again, then slept good. He’s been sleeping relatively good- considering he sounds like he’s in pain before he falls asleep.

Literally he’ll be just as happy a can be, then he’ll cry a loud burst, and writhe around, and then he’ll calm down. He’s done it more frequently during the day, but it’s still the worst at night.

He’s a cute lil guy though, I don’t want him to hurt!


Oh yeah! This cute lil guy smiled at me today- TWICE! Oh, my. Melted my heart!


Lucy has been warming up to him. She asks to hold him from time to time. She’s such a sweet girl. Goodness I love her.

Today I rocked her before her nap for a few. She always wants me to rub her nose, just up and down her nose. So I rubbed it for a few. Then she, because she’s so sweet, rubbed mine. She liked it so assumed I would too.

And then I cried a little.

Later today Daddy was painting the hallway, and he dropped some paint on his toe. She was standing under him, walked off to the kitchen, mumbled some stuff, came back to him with a napkin and wiped his toe off. How cute is that?

She’s quite particular about stuff. It’s very cute.

We went outside and played today too.





Brother was much less impressed.


And in case you were wondering- here’s out freshly painted bathroom! With trim and all!



I love it! It looks so good being finished.

Okay- I’m off! Hope the rest of your week is great!