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Devotional: Galatians 5 // Kiddos

It is absolutely clear that God has called you to a free life. Just make sure that you don’t use this freedom as an excuse to do whatever you want to do and destroy your freedom. Rather, use your freedom to serve one another in love; that’s how freedom grows. Galatians 5:13 MSG

I will never forget a sermon I heard at youth camp on time, with this being the main verse.

I couldn’t tell you which camp, or camp pastor, but I do remember what he said.

When we take advantage of the freedom that Christ gives us, we are making the blood of Christ something cheap.

That hit me to my core.

When people have the mentality of, “well, Jesus will forgive me anyway, so it doesn’t matter if I keep doing it… I’m saved… He loves me regardless of the sins I’m committing…” thats when they are treating the blood that Jesus shed something that isn’t worth much at all.

When something isn’t worth a lot to you, you abuse it. For example, a VHS tape or a rental car.

We have some VHS tapes. Don’t even have a player. Not sure why we keep them. (Marking that on my to do list…) I saw some VHS tapes for sale at a consignment shop and I thought, “really? VHS?” My kids will never see those. Will never know that those were before DVD’s.

I remember when DVD’s came out. (Tells my age…) Anyway… back on to subject.

Have you ever been in a rental car?

No one, I repeat, NO ONE treats their rental car like their own. If they drop a french fry.. so what. If they spill a little coke in the cup holder.. no biggie. If they hit a pot hole going 45.. whoops.

I remember us getting a rental car when Wesley’s car had been in a wreck. Insurance was paying for it. Wesley popped the hubcaps off and literally pulled the parking break and slid down the driveway EVERY TIME we came home. Not kidding. Would he have done that in HIS car?

NO WAY. That was the car He had when we got married. He threatened people with their lives if they decorated it at our wedding. No one touched it.

Back on track… Sorry.. Must have some rabbits in my head this morning.

When something isn’t valuable, we treat it like it isn’t valuable.

So continuing to sin, and telling ourselves (or others!) that God’ll forgive you anyway is treating Jesus like he isn’t valuable to you.

And we all know that isn’t true.

And there is a difference between sinning like that, and the ones we wish we could stop doing. I’m always catching myself, after I’ve sinned, after I’ve had those thoughts, thinking, “Why did I do that? Why did I say that? What was I thinking?”

Those sins are different. I don’t think in my head, “Oh, He’ll forgive me, I’ll do it anyway…”

With Christ, the whole easier to ask forgiveness than permission thing doesn’t work. He knows what’s going on in your head.

Even if you don’t say “He’ll forgive me, etc.” and you do the sin after debating about doing it – you are treating him cheaply.

Remember His value. He set us free. He gave us power that is beyond anything we’ve ever known. He beat death and the grave. He freed us from sin, bondage, weakness, sickness, and eternity in hell.

He gave us his life. That wasn’t cheap, it wasn’t free. It was priceless. Lets remember to treat it as such.



Life Blog

We are AAAALLLLLmost done with our shop. Got a couple of things here, couple of things there, and we will be DONE. And I’m so glad. I’ll be happy to have Wesley back in the house and around if I need him. I’ll also be glad to not be helping him on it. We both get frustrated when I “help”.

I am also working on hand towels for a small craft show coming up Monday. I’m excited about selling some stuff. And I’m sure you’ve all seen the little commercial for ‘Square’ that lets you accept credit and debit cards on the go? Well, I’ve got one! So I’ll be able to accept credit transactions in case someone doesn’t have any cash (which is like… everyone..).

I’m hoping Lucy and Judah will be good for me that day… I know they will. I’ve been super blessed with good kids. Lucy obeys, and is (for the most part) polite. I’ll show you what I mean later. And Judah.. well… he just lays around and eats and poops. That’s about it.

So a quick recap? Last Friday night I met up with some friends at La Fiesta to eat. Lucy loved the guy playing guitar.

And Judah wears jeans sometimes. Hehehe! Look how big they are on him! Talk about wide leg… like baby jnco’s.

We’ve been doing a little bit of potty training with Lucy, but its been cold, so I try to keep her legs warm, but she’s gotta wear the panties or training pants.. it always ends up like her looking like a small bohemian hobo. A cute bohemian hobo.

Judah still sleeps most of the time. And.. anywhere he lands.

Lucy isn’t ticklish on her feet.

And I got another super cute picture of my two babies.

And finally.. what I meant by her being polite most of the time. Here’s a video of Lucy calling me. She was calling the dog the other day, and then she realized that I’m not the only one who can say “come here”. So.. pretty much randomly throughout my day I hear, “Mama! C’mere! Mama! C’mere!” It’s so adorable I always go… I know it will get old, but for now its just cute.


Devotional: Isaiah 26 // Babies

People with their minds set on you, you keep completely whole, Steady on their feet, because they keep at it and don’t quit. Isaiah 26:3 MSG

I did good today. Got up with Judah instead of trying to get “just one more hour!”… I feel great.

The absolute first thing I thought about when I read this verse this morning.. and I’m being completely honest with you… was my crazy hormones.

I mean… I’m currently a little bit nuts. We have so much going on right now in our lives, and it all requires extra money (that we don’t have…). We are building a shop. We’re about to refinance. We have Christmas and holidays coming up, kids are growing, diapers diapers diapers. Lord, all day long I wipe other peoples bootys. Seriously. All day.

I’m exhausted. And worn down. And irate at times. And then happy, and then back to those.

But I know I can’t just quit. I love my life. We aren’t the richest in terms of money – but we are so very rich.

God keeps us going. He, and He alone, is what fuels me. Not my grilled chicken and sweet potatoes. My God is what keeps me whole.

But the only way He can truly keep me going, is if I embed my life into His. If I try and live for Him, focused on Him, that’s when He can renew me.

If I go off in left field and shuffle my priorities, then He has a hard time talking to me. He can’t use His still small voice to comfort me. And shouting isn’t really comforting, so He can’t use that either. Sometimes He does yell, but He loves us.

I can relate to how God has to deal with me.

I have a daughter. Her name is Lucy. You all know Lucy. She’s quite lovable.

She also has the tenderest of hearts.

I can give her a mean look, and it brings her to tears. If she doesn’t understand something, she cries. She’s soft, and small and fragile. I can break her with my voice or my look.

But I try not to. When I yell at her – it gets her attention – but it also breaks her heart.

God knows this about us too.

Yesterday, Lucy threw Daddy’s phone across the room. Instead of spanking her and screaming at her, I just sternly looked at her and said, “You do not throw phones. You will get a spanking if you ever do that again. That is not what we do with those. Do you understand?”

She teared up and came to me and sat down in my lap.

Clearly, my disappointment in her was tragedy enough, I didn’t have to get loud.

God is the same way. Conviction hurts enough, we don’t need some bully God shouting at us. And He knows that! And he treats us in ways that show that. He uses a still small voice majority of the time. He wants us to be listening already, He doesn’t want to have to shout to get our attention.


Be focused on Him, and look to Him, and he will give you all the direction/rest/steadiness/grace/mercy you need.


Life Blog

Babies. Ahh… I look at my Lucy and I see her getting so big. But then I see her do little things, like the example I gave, and I see her sweet tender impressionable heart and I realize, I gotta step it up as a mom.

I want her to remember me as loving and patient, not snappy and rude. And I have been both snappy and rude to her on numerous occasions. (Don’t hate me y’all!) I feel bad about it for sure. I’ve yelled at her. I’ve even had to whip her a time or two. But overall – she’s really a GREAT 2 year old. I haven’t understood the fullness of “Terrible Two’s” because I’ve prayed against it.

I was thinking last night after Lucy and I got out of the shower: Lucy is a good toddler. Does this mean that she will be a bad teenager?

And I almost googled it. (Because.. I google everything.) But then I didn’t.


Because I’m not going to believe anything the world says about my daughter or my son. The world doesn’t know them.

My God knows them. I’m going to listen to what He tells me about them. And He told me that He was giving me a little girl so that I could be the mother I never had. That’s what He told me. I’m taking that as I’ll have a best friend in Lucy forever. We already argue (says Wes). He hasn’t seen us argue yet 😉

I’m not going to take the world’s view on how my children will turn out. They will be good toddlers, good kids, sweet teenagers, and wonderful people when they are adults. I’m saying it, claiming it (yeah… I said claiming!) and I believe with all my heart that will be exactly how it turns out. My God talks about this kind of stuff.
Ok – now to the cute stuff 🙂

I took these the day my Lucy was sick (last week or so?) So pitiful.

Then little miss exhausted finally fell asleep. On my stomach. Face down.

And Judah is finally getting a little personality. He’s such a SWEET GUY!!


Bathtub sink? Yes please!

and his “Bustin’ Out” face! He loves stretching after being swaddled all night.

Gah. We made a couple of cuties. I must admit. Ok – I’m off to get some house work done. I can’t change much, but I can keep my clothes clean ha!

Devotional: 2 Samuel // Trip, Home, Impromptu Photo Shoot

This is what makes you so great, Master god! There is none like you, no God but you, nothing to compare with what we’ve heard with our own ears… 2 Samuel 7:22A MSG

Today’s verse is more of a ‘for later’ type devotion. I want you to think about this verse all day.

None like you. Nothing to compare.

Last week I heard Francis Chan speak. And he got up right after Gungor (band). He said, “How’d you like Gungor?!” And the crowd cheered. “And what about Jesus?” The crowd cheered louder.

Then Francis, doing what he does best, got all emotional and real with us and realized that we tend to group Jesus in with things, and we shouldn’t. He’s not something to be compared with.

He is on a whole new level and our human minds keep trying to put him in with other things in our lives.

I was thinking the other day about my life. I’m 27 years old. I’ve done some fun stuff with my life. I’ve been a few places. Seen some neat things. But I wondered if there was anything I missed out on because I chose to get married at.. ahem… 19.

Yes. There are things that I missed out on.

But… If I hadn’t married at 19, I would have missed out on this:

and this…

And then I started thinking.. who am I? What am I most?

Christian? Mother? Sister? Friend? Wife? Woman? House keeper? Chef? Ha at that last one. Definitely not a chef. I do cook a lot though.

I need to be a Christian even before I’m a mom. That needs to be first, and needs to be on a whole different level than everything else I do. It should come before.

So.. Today – think about your life and (I did mine by time) rate yourself. Think about who you are, what all roles you play, and based on time.. what are you? Who are you? And if you need to change it.. then change it.

Mothering is probably what I am most. I do a lot of mothering these days. I have two small children and they need me more than I’d like most days. It makes all those other things much harder to accomplish. (Especially the house keeping one.. have mercy it’s like trying to rake with the leaves falling and wind blowing…).

But, that is no excuse. It is one, but all excuses are just that. Reasons to avoid.

My life is broken into parts, and it needs to not be. I need to just be a Christian. And then let everything else fall underneath.

There is nothing to compare with Him or the things He has done for us. Will you join me?

Life Blog

I was going to do this post yesterday, but time came up short (as always). So I ended up sleeping instead.

I also realized, my life runs a little smoother if I’m up before everyone else in the house. I can blog, get my mind right, get my focus steady, and have a little time to start getting the house in order.

Since Judah, it seems like I’ve been working REALLY hard to keep the house at least “walk-thru-able”. I’m just so tired still. He sleeps well, but any time sleep is broken, even 5 hours and 4 hours isn’t the same as 7 straight. But anyway.

Our Catalyst trip went really well. We had a lot of fun. It’s like.. fun time for adults ha!

It took us a little over 7 hours to get there (from all the stops) like.. Dreamland BBQ in Tuscaloosa. Oh my. That was good.

Little man was VERY happy to be out of his carseat. He did so well on the whole trip though.

They had a megaphone out, just hanging, and anyone could say anything they wanted.

Also, they had a pirate ship (you know, the ride from the fair?), Hammocks, beanbag toss, etc. Stuff like that all around.

There were like 13,000 people there, and we had pretty good seats. This is Gungor. The lights in that place were amazing.

I wore him pretty much the whole time, in my Moby.

So every night when we got home, he literally laid like this!

Stretched out!

I finally got to meet Tripp and Tyler from.. Tripp and Tyler.

We saw some cool stuff, like the Earth Harp from America’s Got Talent.
(The strings of the instrument start on stage, then go up to the rafters of the building.)

We ate at the ATL famous food trucks.
Mmmm.. Happy Belly is right.

Then we came home and everyone, especially Mr. Judah, was very happy.



And then Lucy and I had a little impromptu photo shoot Sunday afternoon. Daddy dressed her (and his justification was, it was all pink, so it matched). She looked adorable.

And this happened.








And my favorite from the day.

Really cute kid right there.

And this morning I was up before everyone. Got a pot of coffee brewing, and then wrote my blog. Halfway through, Lucy woke up, gagging in her bed. Then I held her over the sink to throw up. Then Daddy ate a piece of bacon and said he felt sick too.

So.. Glad I started this day off good. Seems as if I’ll be a mommy to three today.

Wouldn’t change it for anything. I love my family and love taking care of them.

Devotional: Galatians 1 // 2 and 27 Months

Do you think I speak this strongly in order to manipulate crowds? Or curry favor with God? Or get popular applause? If my goal was popularity, I wouldn’t bother being Christ’s slave. Galatians 1:10 MSG

Being a Christian isn’t a popular thing in this world.

We have schools that are full of people who would love to pray in them, and then we have one person who gets offended, and no more school prayer.

Everyone gets to have their say, their own opinion, but if we have one that lines up with the bible, it means we hate others (i.e. Chik fil a CEO? anyone).

Christians are not allowed to have a thought, especially that lines up with the Word.

It’s unpopular, it’s not politically correct.

But it’s also perfect.

I believe the bible. It is 100% true. Regardless if it is politically correct, it is true.

The bible tells us – as Christians we aren’t winning a popularity contest by any means. Why are we so surprised when people don’t like us and our opinions?

Don’t be surprised – but don’t give in. Be more concerned with God’s opinion of you than people around you.

They don’t hold your future in their hands. Our God does.

Life Blog

I took Judah’s 2 Month pictures! And Lucy wanted to take some too – so I dressed her up as well and took some of her. Here they are!

2 Month Old Judah

2 Month Old Judah

2 Month Old Judah

2 Month Old Judah

Lucy loves kissing him on the head. She’s starting to really warm up to him. She asks about him when he isn’t around, and likes telling him night night before bed. It’s really sweet.
2 Month Old Judah

And little miss Lucy. She’s always so fun to photograph!

My favorite from the day:
27 Month Old Lucy

And if you know Lucy – you’ll know this is totally her!
27 Month Old Lucy

Such a funny girl!
27 Month Old Lucy

27 Month Old Lucy

27 Month Old Lucy

She picked out this bow. She knew it matched.
27 Month Old Lucy

And one more of kissing her little brother.
27 Month Old Lucy

Ahh! Who knew my heart would wear a blue bow and overalls right?

Nothing is better than parenthood.

I’ll be busy the rest of the week – so I’ll post again on Monday. Hope the rest of your week is fantastic!

Devotional: James 3 // weekend recap

Real wisdom, God’s wisdom, begins with a holy life and is characterized by getting along with others. It is gentle and reasonable, overflowing with mercy and blessings, not hot one day and cold the next, not two-faced. You can develop a healthy, robust community that lives right with God and enjoy its results only if you do the hard work of getting along with each other, treating each other with dignity and honor. James 3:17 MSG

Short post today. This verse pretty much speaks for itself- as most of te verses I post on here do.

We have to treat each other right. We have to get past this meanness that we have.

Seems the internet has made it worse- because we aren’t face to face we don’t treat other people like they are even people.

Remember that your words can hurt, and do hurt, an try and treat people with dignity and honor.

Life Blog

This weekend seemed to fly by. We didn’t do much. I am going to attempt to take little man’s 2 month pictures either today or tomorrow. We’ll be out of town the end of the week, so I have to get that done before.

Lucy is getting better with Judah- I think she’s starting to like him more. When she’s not around him, she asks for him. That’s pretty sweet.


And Mr. Judah sure can pull off a pair of overalls!



Saturday Lucy drew on the slab.


She drew this- then looked at me an said, “whale?”


Sure thing baby doll! She didn’t mean to draw it… But it does kinda look like a whale!

And Saturday night daddy was gone, so Lucy an I ate McDonald’s.


And then Sundays are Sundays. Busy busy busy!

We’ve got a lot goin on this week- so I won’t be posting every day.

Hope you’re enjoying this fall weather!