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2014 Beach Vacation

Hi everyone! I’m blogging again. I enjoyed my little 2 weeks off. That’s for sure. But I can’t leave y’all for too long. I know you’ve missed the kiddos. Here’s a little bit of catch up. We went on our family vacation! We went to Perdido Beach in Florida (right next door to Pensacola and Gulf Shores). We had a blast. Here’s some pictures from our trip.

We did lots of walking.

And lots of hand holding.

Be still my heart. They had fun with each other for sure.

We got to see the alligator this time!

We’ve seen the sign every year, but this was the first time we’ve seen the gator himself.

We did a little close-to-shore kayaking.

And quite a bit of playing in the sand.

And a little bit of playing in the water too.

We also played on playgrounds.

And played in some planes at the Naval Aviation Museum. We always stop by here.

We also got to watch the Blue Angels practice. It was a lot of fun!

Judah decided he was tired of the sun, so we got up from our front row seats about 2 minutes before they took off. Thanks Judah. He wasn’t the happiest of campers. We didn’t miss much at all though, and we had a nice BIG plane that gave us some really good shade.

They were also loud.

And we napped HARD.

We did some hiking…

Saw a snake on our hike.

this is how Lucy “hikes”.

She was not a fan.

We did some bike riding…

And we ate ice cream as often as we could.

But mostly, we just enjoyed being with each other.

Halleluyar I’m blogging! 19/20 Months, SleepyYouey

It’s been a minute huh? Sorry about that. I’ve been scheduling my devotional blogs for days in advance, and been just flat out busy so I haven’t had a lot of spare time to just blog about my kiddies. To start… what have I been busy doing? Besides chasing around two little ones? Working on our church app! And our new logo. :):):) I’m excited about it. All of it. It’s gonna be awesome. What else?

Been working on my jeep.

The Heater core went out. Which sits directly in front of the passenger, but behind the engine. So it’s REAL easy to get to. (Did you see that sarcasm dripping off?)

So I got to see all the guts of my car.

My kids were with Mawmaw most of the weekend, but when they were home, they did so well while we worked.

And I must stop and PRAISE JESUS. We cleaned Wesley’s shop (about 3 hours), started taking apart the jeep around 2pm, finally saw the box we had to get off (around 7), ate dinner, continued working til about 9:30 Saturday. Sunday Wes got home from meetings and what not at 3pm. We started working. Got the part replaced, and the main box put back in by 6, at 6:30 the kids came home we started putting back together about then. at 7:30 we came in to eat dinner and put kids to bed. Then worked tip 9. At this point, everything was together, but the car wouldn’t crank, and the wipers controlled the radio. Weird right? Ok, so we came in Sunday night and prayed like crazy.

Monday morning comes around, we get the pack’n’play going, toys, iPads, books etc for the kids. They played so well for like 2 hours in a pack’n’play. We found what made the car not crank and fixed the radio too, within 30 minutes. It still took us a while to get everything back together, but that was because I was vacuuming like crazy. I mean, when else will I be able to freely vacuum under my seats? And then we replaced my radiator, but didn’t need much help with that. In all, he spent at least 17 hours on it. And saved us probably 1000+ dollars. He is my hero, in the most grand sense.

Besides that, I took my kiddos to the park. They had a blast.

And then especially a bath after!

Lucy wore a crown out to eat.

Judah forgot how to stroller.

I got my hair did!



I love it too. I didn’t realize how many looks pink hair would get you at walmart, but it’s like kids don’t care if they stare and its like adults try their hardest not too. So weird.

Lucy made Judah and herself a pallet on the floor. Judah doesn’t know how to pallet.

And SOMEHOW I managed to forget to post Judah’s 19 month pictures! So here are his 19 months and 20 months pictures!

19 Months:

He reminds me of Linus from Charlie Brown here!

What a sweet guy!!

And then 20 Months:

Look at the difference in the yard! One month. And it looks like summer. (and I LOVE it!)

So focused.

These are some of my favorites.

Not sure why he’s started doing this, but he sticks his hands in his diaper. And just walks around. Weird baby.

That SWEET boy.

And Ms. Lucy Bea said she wanted to go take some pictures too. Shocker. She loves performing, but usually not for a camera. She’s more of a live action kinda gal. So I took her up on it. And.. here she is.. Wearing Sleeping Beauty (or as Lucy calls her – Sleepy Youey)

When I ask her to smile, she does this.

or this.

But even with her crazy faces, I was able to catch a few really cute pictures of her. It’s easy when she asked to have her picture taken. There were no tears at all.

The only real smile I got all day 🙂

And my favorites:

And the one that makes me laugh… Sleeping Beauty would have NEVER done this. She sang to the animals… but Lucy? Well.. Lucy doesn’t.

HAHAHAHAHA Shoo chickens!

Well, I hope your day is awesome! Sorry about the long blog!

Zoo day/Sick day and Blog announcement

Last week we took the kiddos to the zoo and aquarium in NOLA. They had a blast!

On the way down to the zoo we got a little surprise. Judah threw up in the car. And like.. it was everywhere. Like.. all over his clothes, all in the carseat. Even leaked out of the carseat. So when we got to the zoo he was already in his 2nd outfit.


Lucy ALMOST touched an alligator.

The orangutans performed for us.

So did the gorillas

The kids all climbed a tree.

Of course, Mawmaw was a hit with the kids 🙂

The cutest kiddos ever! Love these two.

Lucy in the “jungle”

And a jaguar. This thing was taller than Lucy.

Then we had lunch there and made our way to the aquarium.

Judah spilled his drink on himself in the car, so he was now on his 3rd outfit.

They were both VERY impressed with the aquarium.

Baby jellyfish.

In the Amazon…

In a speedboat…

Then Judah got all fussy, so I put him in his moby.

This picture was taken about 3 minutes before he vomited again. This time, all over me. You lose a lot of your modesty when you’re covered in puke. I got shirtless in a public restroom. I had to scoop throw up outta my bra. That was… unpleasant.

So then, I was wearing a zip up hoodie and Judah got to his 4th outfit… his sister’s jacket.

He didn’t mind because the penguins were so cute!



Then in the gift shop, he threw up again. So I carried a half naked baby out to the car. And he got into his 5th and final outfit. PJ’s!

The next day he was fine – and we cleaned up his carseat!

What a cutie!

Overall the day was great. After he’d throw-up he’d smile and play and run around. So… he still enjoyed the day. I bought a shirt because I was burning up and the last little vomit got me again. So I got a little souvenir too.

Overall our day was wonderful.

Now for the blog announcement. I started blogging a daily devotional April 16, 2012. That was 2 years ago this April. I’ve taken a few breaks (once when I had a baby…) but overall not a lot of time off from daily devotions. I’m going to stop doing daily devotions April 18, 2014. I’ll still blog about the kiddos and I’ll probably still do devotions from time to time when I have good stuff to share; but I’m not going to daily blog anymore. At least until I feel like God wants me to. I feel like he’s drawing me into a different time in my life and I’m going to start pouring in to me, instead of into others for a while.

I hope you understand. I have over 450 devotional blogs (When I stop blogging I’ll have over 500), so if you just started reading them in the past year – I still have quite a few that you haven’t read. So if you want to continue reading, I’ve got a few I can share with you. I know I have a lot of folks who read pretty regularly, and I’m sorry that I’m stopping. It’s hard for me to stop. They don’t do for me what they once did and I feel like that’s God telling me to stop. I still really enjoy my Marriage Monday blogs and will probably continue those after a short break (maybe a week or so). Thanks for understanding and being so supportive!

I love when people come up to me and say things like, “Your blog just hit the right spot today!” or things like that. Those help. I just need some me focus. Again – I’ll probably still do some devotions, just not every day.

Thanks for reading and growing with me for the past two years!

And don’t forget about the giveaway – still have til the end of today to get in on that!

Judah’s haircut, Lucy’s shopping

Good day! I’m here to catch you up on all things Kirkley kids! They’ve been doing good- minus Judah’s teething spells.
Speaking of Judah- little man got his first haircut! And I did it! And I didn’t gap it up!

Yes- I strapped him in the high chair. He was watching Sesame Street so he was quite entertained.

Lucy and I went shopping.


She got bored a little ways into the trip.


Judah looks like a little boy when he gets all dressed up for church!


Lucy and her BFF Mary get into all sorta of shenanigans at church together.


My kids LOVE my ipad.


Lucy loves my rain chicken-coop boots.


And this sweet girl plays with her princesses every night before bed. She’s getting so big.


Sometimes I laugh so hard at the things she comes up with. She says such funny things. Mostly because she sounds like either me or Wes.

Well- that catches you up. I’m in training all day today, and tomorrow. I was training yesterday too. Made me appreciate my part time/10 hours a week job. Thank goodness this was a 1 time thing!

I’ll be glad to be back home with diapers and crying fits and laundry and Elmo songs. And my two precious babies. I miss them so.

Snow-pocalypse and 18 Month Pics

I’ve decided to not do combined blogs anymore. My grandma would say, “the VERY-idee” (The very idea)

It will help me more to have them separate. No biggie, just in my cataloging. Gahh, I am such a dork.

Anyway – if you haven’t been on social media in the past 2 days, you may not know – but… It SNOWED!

Us southerners sure do like to make a big deal about the snow. I guess we should since we only see real snow like once every few years. I remember my first snow. It was… not real snow, but it was white and looked like snow, but didn’t stick. I was so excited. And then I remember my first REAL snow – I was probably in middle school. It snowed like 3 feet at my house. (That might be my pre-teen imagination exaggerating). I swear that’s what I remember. I also remember playing in it for like 5 hours straight.

So, I was excited about the “real snow” that was coming yesterday. I call it real snow when it sticks and doesn’t turn into slushy mud. I will also say – I predicted slushy mud – and I was wrong. Man I’m glad I was wrong. Slushy mud isn’t fun. Snow is.

My kids were not quite as enthused. Judah pretty much hated it because he had to be so bundled up, and Lucy was moody all day anyway so she cried because she wanted to go play and then cried to come in and then cried because we brought her in. It was.. a fun day. Still – with my toddlers bipolar mood swings and my baby’s inability to move because of his layers – I got some good pics. AND – I took Judah’s 18 Month pictures – yep – EARLY! Because.. well… I’ve NEVER had a monthly picture in the snow. I couldn’t miss that opportunity!

I don’t know if everyone feels this way.. but I do believe I have a very handsome little man.

And yes. That is socks on his hands. He didn’t have any gloves or mittens and… So.. that happened.

That little tongue!

The first few minutes outside he spent just staring like this.

He was very confused about all the white stuff.

Then he started to kinda like it.

Suited up!

And Lucy – her happy mood swing.

What a weird kid! Haha!

Luc, Cookie, and Aiden

Good ole Cookie. If you could guarantee that a dog would act just like her – I’d own a thousand.

And then it began. I tried to get a pic of me and her and I had to tickler and “You-better-not-smile” her to get a grin.

And then full on tears.

We came in for a while once both kids were good and upset and then went back out later to attempt a snowman.

That’s as far as it got.. The snow was so powdery it wouldn’t stick together.

Then I brought Judah out for 2 minutes to get a picture of the kids together on the first snow. Classic picture.

Ha! Well that was our snow fun. Hope you had fun and stayed safe! Back to reality tomorrow I guess!