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Devotional: Isaiah 1 // 12 Month Pictures… finally.

“Come. Sit down. Let’s argue this out.” This is God ’s Message: “If your sins are blood-red, they’ll be snow-white. If they’re red like crimson, they’ll be like wool. (Isaiah 1:18 MSG)

God likes playing opposites. Or, clean up rather.

Something from blood-red to snow-white. I mean.. strong bleach? Not quite.

I cleaned my bathroom with bleach the other day. Straight undiluted bleach. Needless to say, my bathrooms still smell like straight bleach.

Which is good, because bleach is clean, but it’s also bad because its still quite strong. It’s just about as strong as you can get when it comes to cleaners.

But it can’t do much for our sins. It can’t clean those.

But Jesus’ blood… it can.

Our sins are dirty and ugly and covered in mold. And Jesus’ blood is like bleach on a white countertop. It can erase them completely.

We have to let go of our sins in order to allow God to let us be clean. His son is strong enough to clean our dirtiness… but we have to let go when he starts the cleaning. Don’t hold onto the remnants of the sin. Don’t let them come up and fog your freedom.

Once you’re forgiven, you’re forgiven. Let it go. Move on. Be forgiven.

Life Blog

It’s taken me a while. I’m sorry. 😉

1 Year Old Judah

This little guy…
1 Year Old Judah

1 Year Old Judah

1 Year Old Judah

1 Year Old Judah

His hair! What a mess.
1 Year Old Judah

1 Year Old Judah

I looked back on some blogs I wrote when I was only first finding out I was pregnant with him. I wasn’t too excited.

Now? Wouldn’t change a thing.

I love that little guy so much. He makes me so very very happy.

Last night at church I did a little lesson with the 4 and unders. It turned out to be just Lucy and Mary, and of course Judah. Here’s what they learned. SO cute.

Judah had to make sure he got to say his too.

Hope your day is great!

Wed Wisdom: Preachin’ // Getting Caught Up

My dear children, let’s not just talk about love; let’s practice real love. (1 John 3:18 MSG)

Wisdom is defined as having experience, knowledge and good judgement.

Talk is cheap.

You gotta walk the talk.

Practice what you preach.

Where did these come from?

Possibly this verse. The thing is- its wise to do these. You show good judgement when you talk about how to live, and then carry that out with your lifestyle.

No one likes a hypocrite. No one is going to listen to someone who says, “Cussing is bad! Cussing is awful! You shouldn’t cuss!” and then cusses when they stub their toe. Right?

Be honest with people. That’s wise. If you aren’t to a place where you can practice what you preach, then don’t preach. It’s one thing to slip every now and then, but if you are consistently in sin, don’t tell others not to be.



Life Blog

So I did my first day at my new job yesterday. I’m not officially in that position yet (meaning, I’m not getting my new pay – CHA CHING – *rolls eyes*) but I am starting to ease over into it.

I’m still making my necklaces.

I added the little heart charm to mine. It clinks when I work out. But I like it.


These are all for sale. They aren’t sterling. But I do have these:

The quarter is for reference 🙂 They are sterling. Just need a necklace to go one. Let me know if you want one. I can mail them or meet you to deliver.


And my lazy bones kiddos…



These kids got it MADE.



Last night I came in from working out – Wes was so good to watch the kids all day and then while I went to work out.. got my house cleaned then they sat at the table and ate the dinner I fixed like two well behaved sweet children. These moments… they are rare.




And our internet has been fishy the past few days. So some nights Wes and I just look at each other after the kids go to bed. Instead of watching TV… We just stare… at each other.. and… well that’s boring so then we dig out our dvds and watch a little Seinfeld.



And with all these starting school pics! I thought I’d share Lucys.. We are planning on homeschooling our kids, but she’s still getting there. She’s doing PreK 3 stuff this year.


My big girl!



And that catches you up!


I still have to take Judah’s 1 year pics… I let that slide and now we’re late on it…. So… I’m gonna do it as soon as it stops raining. Which may be next week. It’ll get done though. I PROMISE!!

Devotional: Psalm 112 // Catch up

Better late than never huh? Sorry…

The good person is generous and lends lavishly; No shuffling or stumbling around for this one, But a sterling and solid and lasting reputation. (Psalm 112:5 MSG)

Honesty is hard, but it is definitely always the best choice. If you are dishonest, you will get found out.

You hear about people having the IRS going through all their financial business.

You hear about people getting fired because of lies.

People divorce because of lies.

People lose their lives because of lies.

If you do lie, you have to constantly cover up, constantly re-think, re-plan, re-lie to cover your steps. You are stumbling around.

And that’s just plain out exhausting.

That’s not the kind of life God wants for us. He wants no shuffling. He wants no stumbling. He wants clarity. Openness. Honestly. Lasting reputations.

Don’t get caught up. It’s not worth it.

Life Blog

I have been going going going this week.

Until Wed night. I got halted. The stomach bug is no joke y’all. I threw up like 6 times between 9pm and 4am. Then still felt bad all day Thursday.

After a good nights sleep last night I’m feeling like myself. Now I have a days worth of stuff to catch up on. I didn’t do anything but watch TV yesterday.

I got a super cute picture of Lucy and her 3rd cousin while we were in Louisiana.

And if I’ve already shown you all these pics, just smile and scroll on through.

Judah officially has is own room. And the kids keep it a mess.

When Judah gets tired, I know pretty quick.


Lucy knows how to use lipstick.

Wes posted this on Instagram the other day. I laughed and laughed because I’ve had to scroll through all the pics that were on his ipad of the corner of Lucy’s head and the ceiling.

And while I had a day to do nothing (while we were in Louisiana) I went through the photos on my computer and I found the only before pic of the kitchen that we redid for Lucy. So – here is it’s full transformation!




I love it SO MUCH! She plays with it all the time. Ok – I’m off. Been trying to catch up. It’s amazing how behind your house can get with one day off.

Also – anyone know how to fix a dishwasher? Mine has decided to stop cleaning the dishes… quite aggravating.

Have a good weekend!

Devotional: My ‘Sermon’ // Lucy’s Birthday

Sunday, July 23, I had a strange privilege. I got to preach!

It’s… a lot harder than it looks.

I’m not even scared to speak in public. Doesn’t bother me really. I got to speak to the women at both of our campuses. It was fun. Here’s what I talked about!

Being a Godly woman and 3 things your husband needs from you. This is a brief summary of what I spoke about:

To be a more godly woman – you must be hard working. A hardworking woman is prepared and ready for things to come. She’s aware of what’s going on in her life and in other’s lives. She’s more concerned with the word than a tv show. She’s focused, and on the good things. She plans for the upcoming season, not just a couple of days ahead. She’s ready for whatever.

When it snows, she has no fear for her household;
for all of them are clothed in scarlet. Proverbs 31:21

To be a more godly woman – you must be a life giver. Eve means “to live, or to breathe”. She was considered the mother of all. We are life bearers, as mothers, but I feel as though our job is also to bring life and life more abundant. Jesus told us that he can give us life more abundant and I feel as if we have a hand in that as well. The whole “If mama ain’t happy.. Ain’t no body happy thing?” We can sap a room of it’s joy in a minute. We have to be encouragers and warm and friendly. A godly woman would be.

To be a more godly woman – you must be fully trusting in your Savior. You plan, and you work, and do what you feel called to do, and know that Jesus will take up the slack. He’s got plans to prosper us.

And then 3 things your husband needs from you.

He needs your respect: No teasing in public, no husband bashing. Give him a chance to fix things, notice when he does. Don’t belittle him. Husbands instinctively respect their wives. They never tease us for gaining weight in public, and we women do it all the time. I read an interesting tidbit – men judge each other and feel judged based on the respect of their wives. That’s us ladies. Our husbands can feel better or worse about themselves because of us. That’s huge.

He needs you to want him: Sexually and in life in general. Men who were asked, “If your wife only slept with you because of her wifely duty and didn’t seem interested, would you be satisfied?” 90% answered No. They want to know that we choose them and continue to choose them. Ladies, we need the “I love you’s”, and the “you’re pretty’s” but men need to know that we want them to be with. Even playing! Guys like to spend time doing things they like, with their wives. For example – Wes told me the other day he only wants to go kayaking with me. I’m not a great kayaker.. (Shocker!) but he wants me to go with him.

And finally – He needs your support: 25% of men said they didn’t feel appreciated at home. That is our fault as women. We have to step up and let them know that we appreciate what they do. Even the little things. Taking out the trash so we don’t have to deal with it. Mowing. Helping with the kids. Working. A husband let’s his guard down most with is wife, and we have the unique opportunity to build him up like no one else, or cut him down like no one else. Use that opportunity wisely.

Life Blog

So you all know that I’ve been trying to get Judah to sleep through the night.. and that has been going.. poorly. Until.. Friday night when Lucy stayed with her Mawmaw. Judah slept so good. Like 6 hours straight. Which, isn’t really a long time, but considering I was getting up every 2.5 hours, that’s great! And once Lucy came home and was back in bed… back to waking up all hours of the night.

So… last night we put Lucy in the big bed up front.


And JUDAH SLEPT! So that’s what it was. Lucy, in her flopping around in her little bed, has been waking up my little light sleeper! So now.. We will let our toddler sleep in the big bed up front so that we can all sleep at night.

Front room has a TV. That’s the main way I coaxed her into sleeping in the big bed by herself. Last night right before she went to sleep she yelled for me. She wanted to sleep “In the little bed”. It was hard to tell her no… We may end up moving the big bed out and setting them up in different rooms. If it lets me sleep good.. you can bet that’s gonna happen.

Friday was Lucy’s birthday. Here’s what we did – nothing huge – just a couple of gifts and some cake. Their party will be this weekend. We’ll see how Lucy likes to share the gifts…

She turned three.

I can’t believe she’s this big!

And as requested – strawberry cake.




We gave her a kitchen set. This was made by my grandpa back in 1989. He and my mom built it and decorated it. Wes and I took it and refinished it. We painted, updated knobs, Papa J made a window in the oven, we painted the hinges. And I must say – it is stinking adorable. She got lots of food and pots and pans to go with it. She’s been ‘cooking’ for us a lot lately. There’s plastic food all over my house. Judah doesn’t like the plastic food.



Here’s me with the kitchen and my mom, brand new in 1989.

And Lucy and me with the kitchen, freshly remodeled in 2013.

I’ve had a few folks tell me that comparing Lucy to me in this picture that she looks like me. I see some likeness. She’s still super daddy, and super daddy’s girl too.


I love her serious wink.

And this little dude.

Now that I think I’ve figured out how to get him to sleep.. I guess I’m back to keeping him. It was touch and go for a few days there 😉

Hope your week goes by fast! (And given most people are off Thursday and Friday, I’m sure it will!)

Lucy is Three

Don’t you see that children are God’s best gift?
the fruit of the womb his generous legacy?
Psalm 127:3

This day, 3 years ago, I had made plans. I was pregnant. I went to Sams and Walmart. Took my dog to the vet. Came home and was cooking, and then my life changed FOREVER.

Lucy Bea

I had a baby girl. We named her Lucy Bea. And she changed my heart completely and forever.

Here she is at one!

And two!
Lucy Bea's 2nd Birthday

And as you can see – parties are scary.

She knows her alphabet, she’s as bossy as they come, she love her little brother, she sings all the time, she poses for the camera (finally!)




And she still make the best faces around.

And today she’s THREE!

I love you Lucy Bea. You are so special to me. You were my first child and you made me a mother. I cannot wait until you and I get to gossip about boys and do your nails (for real) and I cannot wait to see you graduate and walk down the aisle.

I hate that my mother’s have missed some of those events in my life. I hate most that they missed meeting you. You are truly a bringer of light.

And one day, you’ll be married and you’ll have a baby of your own. And you will start to see what you were to me.

I love you.