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Marriage Monday: The biggest issue in marriages // Kayaking!

I know what you are thinking. “I know this one!”

But I bet you don’t.

Because I’m not looking at anything to tell you this. This is my personal opinion. Take it or leave it.

If you google marriage problems you’ll come up with a ka-trillion-bazillion things that people think will kill a marriage.

Financial stress. Money money money.

Family stress (the dreaded in-laws).

Children. Can be a blessing, but are expensive!

Non communication, miscommunication. Not understanding or even attempting to understand the other.

These can all be detrimental to a marriage. But they won’t end it.

Even if you have all of these- the marriage can still survive. And flourish!

Wes and I aren’t the best at communicating. We aren’t so rich we never worry about money. And having two little ones, we get it. That’s stressful.

But we are very happily married.

Why? How?

Because divorce is not an option for us.

And I think that is the biggest issue marriages face nowadays.

“Well, if it doesn’t work, we can always get divorced.”

“I can always leave.”

“I don’t have to stay in this.”

And it’s true, marriages are reversible…

But they shouldn’t be.

If you go into the marriage thinking, ‘we can always get divorced’ then you should not be getting married.

Now- I understand there are times when divorce is what has to happen, and even in cases of abuse, should happen. If you are being hurt by your spouse, get help.

If you are just bored, or even one who says, “we just don’t love each other like we used to…” You shouldn’t be getting divorced.

I heard a story once about a marriage counselor who ran into a guy whose marriage he counseled. The guy and his wife had gotten divorced and this guy now had lost a lot of weight, was dressing nicer and was keeping himself up. The marriage counselor stopped and talked with him. The guy said, “well, I figured if I wanted to get another wife I needed to do something with myself.”

The marriage counselor thinks to himself, “you might could have saved your marriage if you thought about doing this for your wife.”

The grass is greener on the other side.

The grass is greener where you water it.

Water your marriage and you will have a good marriage.

Don’t let divorce just be your first option. Don’t let it be an option.

1 Corinthians 7 tells us that a man should have his own wife and the wife her own husband.

Genesis tells us that man and wife become one flesh.

It’s telling us that once we marry, we should remain married.

If you have been divorced, I’m sorry you had to go through that. They aren’t easy. If you have remarried, pour into this marriage, and keep it.

God can help you with your marriage but you will have to work as well.

Life Blog

I had a good weekend. I know most of you are probably enjoying today off as well. Kinda funny… I tell people I’m either always off, or I never get a day off. Two ways to look at it b

Anyway! Wes has been wanting a kayak for about 2 years. He finally went and got one. So yesterday he and I took some kayaks out on the river and had a nice time.

It was the second time I have ever been in a kayak. I did alright. Took me some getting used too.

It wasn’t too hard. About 100 feet from where we got in at there was some tiny falls, about 5 feet, and so I was put to the test really quick. I got soaking wet. But, I didn’t fall out!




It was really nice. My kiddos went with uncle Paul and aunt Christy to Mawmaws to swim.




What cute kids!

Wes and I are going to get busy on our bedroom today. When we remodeled our house we never really loved our bedroom, and then we never really finished it. So now, we are going to do that. We are excited!
Ill show you before and after pics once we finish. We are doing some minor adjustments. Like adding plugs to the other side and getting creative with our fireplace. I’m super excited!!

Ok- y’all have a good Memorial Day!

Tell someone who has fought for our country”Thank you” today. You have a wonderful day off because of them.

Devotional: Psalm 139 // Catch up and Cute videos!

Point out anything in me that offends you, and lead me along the path of everlasting life. (Psalms 139:24 NLT)

A lot of times we come to God with requests, pleas, urgencies.

We have situations that come up, requests that we ask. And that’s okay- our God loves us enough to hear us out on them.

But when that’s all we do… It becomes not enough.

We come to God with praises. We praise him for his creation, for his authority, and his presence in our lives. And this too is well and good and Much needed- all glory should go to him anyway… But it still isn’t enough.

It never will be. Nothing we can do will ever be worthy. Thank goodness for Jesus.

But just because we are totally incapable, doesn’t mean we don’t have a job to do.

We should still strive for better. Today you should be better than you were yesterday. Tomorrow, better than today.

Best way to achieve that? Talk to God about it. He knows more about you than you do.

He can show you the things you need to weed out of your life. He can also help you do the weeding- but he won’t weed it for you. That’s on you.

You have to make that decision and follow through.

Life Blog

Life’s been going. Non stop. Had kinda a rough patch the past few nights. Judah, is actually sleeping really well.

Lucy? Has wet her bed 4 nights in a row. One night twice!

I’m running outta sheets.

And I have no clue why.

Definitely frustrating.

Anyway… Onto fun stuff!

Lucy has also been living up to the “terrible twos” nick name.

Found her playing in baby powder…


It’s in her hair. It was everywhere.

Then I found a stuffed elephant covered in Vaseline. She’s constantly eating my Chapstick. It’s always something. I gotta get on Pinterest and find some toddler crafts or something.

Judah looks cute in a towel.


Who am I kidding?! He’s always cute!



We had some friends over for dinner and Judah got a little play date! Look how cute they are!


And Lucy is getting prettier by the day.



Saturday we went to the zoo. Lucy loved it!



We then came home and swam. It was nice to spend the day just us four.

Ok.. Finally the cutest videos I’ve done in a while…

Judah eating sweet potatoes:

He was doing that all on his own. He does it a lot. It makes him sorta hard to feed – but it’s quite adorable!

And Judah “crawling”:

Hey.. get it done how you have to little man.

Hope your day is FAB!

Devotional: Hebrews 12 // 9 Months Old

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith, let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. (Hebrews 12:1 NLT)

A lot of time we blame the sins in our lives for the situations we encounter. We blame the sin for us not being able to move forward in our walk.

We don’t realize that it isn’t the sin that’s preventing us from moving forward.. it is our lack of getting rid of that sin.

It is ultimately our choice if we decide to keep living in sin or not. Christ gives us all the resources we need to stop doing those sins that keep ‘tripping us up’. And yet, we don’t tap into those resources, we just fall back into sin, again and again.

Some things you can try:

1. Flee from the sin. We’ve talked about this before. You see the temptation arise. Turn around a go the other way. Physically. You see a person that you know you tend to fall into that sin with (ie, gossip, drinking, sex?) Then don’t be around that person. That isn’t easy, but it will work.

2. Focus on Christ. When the temptation arises, start talking to Jesus. Tell him what you are thankful for, especially the ability and power to defeat the sins in your life.

3. Read the Word. Seriously, pick up your bible and read it.

You can stop those sins. The bible tells us to strip them off. It wouldn’t tell us that if we were unable to.

Life Blog

I have been a slacker these past few weeks. I just did Judah’s 9 Month pictures. And they turned out SO cute. So here ya go!

Judah 9 Months

Look at that big man!

Judah 9 Months

Judah 9 Months

And so sweet in the grass.
Judah 9 Months

And these BLUE EYES.
Judah 9 Months

Judah 9 Months

Judah 9 Months

And this one is my favorite. Such a sweet baby.
Judah 9 Months

Judah 9 Months

And one that shows you that he can take pictures that aren’t perfect, haha!
Judah 9 Months

That face! Haha!

Ok – Hope your day is fantastic!

Devotional: Romans 12 // Playing Catch-up

Love from the center of who you are; don’t fake it. Run for dear life from evil; hold on for dear life to good. (Romans 12:9MSG)

Ever meet someone who was just so fake they might as well had been plastic?

You know the folks who say exactly what you want to hear, not necessarily what they really feel?

You can spot them a mile away.

And when you are fake to someone, they can spot you a mile away too.

If you are helping someone, be genuine.

Secondly, and I love this part of this verse, run for dear life from evil.



I remember my grandma using that last one.

Joseph, is the best example I can give you here. He was second in command in Potiphar’s house. Potiphar’s wife came to Joseph and attempted to seduce him. He physically ran away. She tore his shirt off of him while he ran.

He ended up in jail because of her lies about him, but God knew the truth.

And God knows the truth about you.

He knows when you run from evil and he knows when you cling to good. And he knows when you are fake to others to seem better. He knows your heart.

And loves you anyway.

Run from evil, be genuine.

Life Blog

Catching up… Been quite a while.

Lucy and Judah are now sleeping in separate rooms. And for the most part both sleeping better. Last night wasn’t great… But he’s had more good nights than bad since he’s moved.

Saturday was the Okatoma Festival. Lucy got to ride in the parade. Grumpy self didn’t smile or wave or anything. She’s so reserved.



Until we’re at home. Then she does this:


Yup. Trampoline jumping in her Minnie Mouse panties.

What a kid.

And Judah? He’s AAALLLMOST crawling. And I’m not ready!

He’s also doing more big boy stuff, like digging in the toy box…


And tryin to steal sisters chocolate milk…


Well, that’s all I got today. Monday I was sickly, Tuesday was catch up and yesterday I worked a lot. Loving my job. It’s perfect for me.

Ok- y’all have a good day!